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1. What is the place value of 5 in 465 879?

2. What is the value of 4 in 348 679?
3. What is the largest digit that can be placed in the blank in
4. Write 6 X 10,000 + 7 X 1000 + 8 X 100 + 9 as one number.
5. Round 67 479 to the nearest thousand.
6. What number is midway between 721 and 727?
7. Write sixty-eight in symbols.
8. Write CCLXVII in Hindu-Arabic.
9. An airplane flew 1234 km in 2 hours. What is its speed per hour to
the nearest hundred kilometers?
10.Add 19 to the differences of 45 and 28.
11.Write { <, =, or > } in the blank to make 36+16 [ ] 19 + 33 a true
12.There are 28 girls and 27 boys in a class. How many pupils are in
the class?
13.What is the sum of the first three odd numbers?
14.Add 42 to the difference of 48 and 16.
15.What is N in [ N ] -- +7 -- [ ] ----12--- [ ] --- +16 --- [ ] --- -8 --- [
32 ]
16.Anna has P 42 and Rose has P37. How much more do they need to
buy a bag worth P 98.50 for their mother?
17.Father bought 52 balloons for Nick's birthday party. If 25 of the
balloons are red, how many are not red?
18.There are 45 pupils in a class. If 18 wear white shoes, 14 wear
brown shoes and the rest wear black shoes, how many wear black
19.Tito bought 2 ballpens at P 6.50 each and 1 pad paper for P 14.
How much change did he get from a P 50-bill he gave to the
20.You have a P 100-bill. Apples cost P 9 each. How many apples can
you buy?
21.Josie sold 78 tickets for their school play. Kristine sold 105 tickets.
How many more tickets did Kristine sell?
22.The product of two numbers is 24 and their sum is 11. What are
the two numbers?
23. If 55 + 38 = 43 + N, what is N?
24.In C O M M U N I C A T I O N, which is the 9th letter?

25.How many twelves are there in in 96?

26.What is teh average of 22, 34, and 49?
27.Nita baked 54 cookies and Rose baked 45. They put the cookies, 6
to a plastic bag. How many bags did they use?
28.What is the remainder when 134 is divided by 7?
29.What is the perimeter of the figure?
30.What is the area of the figure?
31.What fraction of the figure is shaded?

32. In how many ways can you divide the figure into two matching
33. 4/7 is equal to how many 56ths?
34. How many more is 2/3 of 96 than 1/4 of 84?
35. Roy has 48 marbles. If 1/4 are red, 1/3 are blue and the rest are green,
how many green marbles has Roy?
36. Mother bought 3 dozen eggs. She used 20 for leche flan. How many
eggs remained?
37. Sally can read 65 words a minute. In 5 minutes, how many words can
she read?
38. A farmer can walk 5 kilometers an hour. How many kilometers can
he walk in 2 hours?
39. Which of the following fractions is nearest to 2? { 18/7, 19/7, 15/7,
16/7 }
40. Write two hundred forty-six pesos and forty-five centavos, using the
peso sign.
41. Mother changed 1/2 of a P 200-bill into P 10-coins and the other half
into P 5-c0ins. How many coins did she get?
42. A hiking group began climbing a mountain at 4:30 a.m. and reached
the top at 10:30 a.m.. How long did the climb take?
43. What time is it if the big hand is at 6 and the short hand is between 2
and 3?
44. Liza work at a canteen at P42 an hour. How much does she earn a
week if she works 5 hours everyday except on Sundays?
45. In a box, for every 5 are oranges, there are 6 apples. How many
apples are in the box if there are 15 oranges?
46. Fely is making 4 handkerchiefs. Each side is 25 cm long. How much
lace does she need to put around all the handkershiefs?

47. Mother bought 1 3/4 kilos of pechay and 1 1/2 kilos of cabbage. How
many kilos of vegetables did she buy?
48. If March 1 is a Tuesday, what day is March 21?
49. Tito has a piece of string 10 meters long. He cut it into two pieces. If
one piece is 2 meters longer than the other how long is the longer
50. I am a 3-digit number. My ones is 2 less than my hundreds and my
tens is 3 more than my ones. The sum of my digits is 20. What
number am I.
51. What is the value of the underlined 5 in 25,542?
52. What is the remainder when 25,445 is divided by 1?
53. What is of 10?
54. What is 75% of 100?
55. What is the largest 2-digit number?
56. What is the value of N in N+24=29?
57. Write in number: Twenty five thousand six hundred thirty five.
58. Write in number: Ten dollars and six cents
59. What will you get if you multiply 10 by 240?
60. What is the sum if you round 256 and 631 to nearest ten and add
them up?
The elimination round of MTAP math challenge is usually being held around
January of each year. Focus your child in arithmetic. It is important that they
master the four common operations. Giving your child to trainers/tutors is nothing
if in the first place he/she didnt know to how multiply and divide.
That sounds silly but that is true. It starts with you. A common grade one student
in a public school didnt understand English well yet hence they wont be able to
solve the most basic problem solving. So you need to do your part.
Fraction is also a part of the challenge in grade 1. Multiplying factions to whole
number will be easy for them if they knew how to multiply and divide.
There are two kinds of geniuses, the inborn and those who are made. Everyone has
the ability to be good in Math but not everyone has the proper discipline. Before
this page become full about my words, here are some questions that you can use as
reviewer to your cute little kids.