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Sample Thank You Letter

100 ranch market
Strathmore AB T1P 0A8
December 2, 2014
Natasha Allary
Bakery Manager
Dear Mrs. Allary:
I thank you very much for the time that you took for interviewing me. I
appreciate the discussion we had about the days that fit appropriately to my
schedule and yours. I am truly excited to begin.
I believe that this interview has introduced me and interested me into Sobeys
work force. I am confident that my experience and education in baking,
handling food and excellent customer service may fit nicely with the job
requirements, and I am positive that I can provide an outstanding contribution
to the company in time.
I would like to reiterate my strong interest in the position and in working with
you. I am super friendly, dependent and cooperative; I am pleasured to work
for the bakery involving interaction with coworkers and customers. This is the
ideal opportunity I seek.
Again, thank you for the interview and your consideration.
Natalie Wilks

Your name
204 - 307 3rd Avenue
Strathmore, AB
T1P 1E6
April 30, 2008

Sunnyside Greenhouses Ltd.

Pet store
3439 - 69 Street N.W.
Calgary, Alberta
T3B 2J8
Dear Mr. Jones,
Thank the employee in this paragraph and mention the position.
Now highlight your skills for the position you applied for. Discuss your
experience and why you would be the best candidate.
Thank the person for the interview and their time. Provide your contact
Your signature
Printed name

Your name
1509 Strathcona close
Strathmore, Alberta T1P 1T2
April 22, 2008
Aussie Rules Piano Bar
1002 - 37 St SW
Calgary, Alberta T3C 1S1
Dear Mr. Smith:
I would like to give you a big thinks for taking you time and interviewing me. It
was very nice meeting you and getting to know and learn more about the
position I applied for. This job sounds like a place where I can learn a loot of
new things and where I can have fun.
From what you told me about being a hostess at Aussie's, I think I would be able
to meet all the expectations. Knowing the restaurant business already, I know
I'll be able to fit right in. I have a very outgoing and positive attitude I will do
my best.
Thanks again for taking your time to interview me and read this letter. I hope
to be hearing from you soon. You may reach me at 934-3135 from 4pm to 9 pm.
Your signature
Printed name

Assessment Rubric for Thank-You Letter

The Thank-You letter
is creatively
designed with easily
read text.

The Thank-You letter

is easy to read.

Business format
and overall
quality of writing

This letter uses

business format with
date and addresses at
the top, and a
signature at the
bottom. This letter
is clear, concise
and grammatically
correct. There are no
spelling errors.

Section 1:

In this section you

thank the interviewer
for meeting with you
and identify the
position for which
you were
applying for.

This letter uses

correct business
format with date and
addresses at the top,
and a signature at
the bottom. There are
minimal spelling and
grammatical errors.
While its content is
appropriate, this
letter does not
compel an employer to
In this section you
identify the position
you are seeking. You
mention meeting for
an interview but do
not thank the

Section 2:
Identification of
skills and
experiences as
related to

This letter
identifies one or
two of your strongest
qualifications and
relates how these
skills apply to the
job at hand. This
letter explains
specifically why you
are interested in the
and this type of job,
company, and/or

This letter
identifies one of
your qualifications,
but it is not related
to the position at
hand. This letter
restates what is on
your resume with
minimal additional
information. You
explain why you are
in the position but
are too

This letter does not

discuss any relevant
qualifications. You
have not related your
skills to the
position for which
you are applying.
This letter does not
state why you are
interested in the
position, company,
and/or location.

Section 3:

This letter thanks

the interviewer for
meeting with you.
You provide your
contact information
and indicate that you
are very interested
in the position.
Excellent job on word
choice, grammar, and

You thank the reader

for taking time to
read this letter. You
do not provide your
contact information
so that the
interviewer can
follow up with you.
Grammar and
punctuation mostly
correct for a thank
you letter.

This letter does not

thank the reader for
taking time to meet
you for an interview.
There is no reference
to your contact

Grammar, Punctuation,
and choice of words
for the letter

Thank-You letter
and would be
Business formatting
is not used in this
letter. There is no
address or date at
the top. This letter
is not signed. There
are multiple spelling
and grammatical
errors. The content
of this letter does
not make sense to the
This section does not
clearly identify what
position you were

Grammar, punctuation,
and choice of words
poor for a thank you

Did you remember to?

Express your sincere appreciation.
Reemphasize your strongest qualifications. Draw attention to
the good match between your qualifications and the job
Reiterate your interest in the position. Use the opportunity
to provide or offer supplemental information not previously
Restate your appreciation.