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Name of film



The Purge

Screen Grab

How is the clip

suitable for
certificate 15?

How does the

clip apply to

How does the

clip apply to

How is the clip

suitable to apply
to John Harleys

What are the

s explored?

Nudity is shown,
however not in a
sexual context
therefore there's
no constraints
towards it. Gory
images are not
dwelled on as we
only see the
movement of the
characters and

This may apply to

the negotional part
of the theory as the
audience may
come to an
agreement as to
why there is
violence caused
towards women.
This is only because
it was a norm for
men to be
dominant over
women back then.

Seeing as it's a wellknown clip, the

reason for using a
media text may be
for personal
relationships. It
may also be used as
surveillanceteaching people
how they shouldn't
behave, therefore
teaching social
norms and values.

I think in regards to
John Hartley's
theory, the social
gender group for
this clip would be
targetted towards
males, because if
females were to
watch it they would

It explores the
ideology of men
being the more
dominant sex,
although this isn't the
case anymore, it was
during the time the
film was made.
Women are usually
victimised by being
protrayed as
vulnerable and

There's frequent
use of strong
language, whereas
strongest terms
aren't used. In my
opinion, the images
shown aren't the
strongest gory

This may apply to

the Reception
theory because of
opposition, the
audience may think
it's not right to
inflict such pain
towards the
character because
of the mental state
he's in.

It may apply to the

personal identity
part as the
audience may learn
about how
vulnerable people
with psychological
issues are, and also
change their
viewpoints towards

The audience for

this scene would
probably be those
who have thinking
skills and are able
to analyse well, as
this film has a huge
concept to it.

The ideology of
discrimination is
being explored as
people with
psychological issues
are always put out
to be victimised.

There's strong
violence within the
clip using a shotgun
and an axe,
however it does
not dwell on the
infliction of
pain/injury as the
camera movements

Stuart Hall may

have explained it
using the preferred
reading, the
director may have
wanted the
audience to see the
film in the same
way they do. This

Blumler & Katz may

have explained this
film using
diversion. The
audience may
watch this film to
get away from
everyday issues, as
it may bring them a

You can tell this

film isn't for the
faint-hearted as
there's strong
violence scenes.
Probably think it's
targetted towards
the lower class
because of the

I do not think there

are any particular
being explored.