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Product: PSA Radio Spot

Length: : 1 minute
Writer: Fatima Abdullah Al-Ali (H00271667)
Medium: Radio

Music : The sims_3 Amazing faces simile.

Fatima : According to the annual Arab work organization the rate the
rate of unemployment retches by 70%

REEM : This Is a large proportion and that cause many problem for
people how want stability in their lives like me I didnt have a
job at the moment , and try try to find a job but at the moment
I do not have a job

Fatima: I think that the main reasons for unemployment is the

population increase around the world ,so everyone fight to get a job

sound:New x7 SMS

Reem : ooooh , Finally I accepted in new job ..

Fatima : really congratulations reem !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reem : Thank you I am very happy ..

Annotated Bibliography

DR AHMAD, I. M. A.(2005, Sep 29). Unemployment (I). Yemen Times Retrieved from

The population is biggest challenge that face the Arab at the moment because the population
recued jobs, and that gives a bad effect on development so its very hard to achieve the
comprehensive development while it turned in these countries to prompting force. Although
of the stronger economic potentials that available in the Arab world these institution failed
to create news labor market that may change the unskilled worker to be productive force. To
solve the population problem they should put systems to increase in funds for the basic
service like education, health and training and other services to deal with population
problem. Unemployment cause to risk threaten stability of the Arab world in general and
Yemen in particular . I chose theses newspaper because it talk about the unemployment in
Arab world and that's what attracted me to choses these newspaper article.

DR AHMAD, I. M. (2005, Oct 03). Unemployment (2-2). Yemen Times Retrieved from

There is many risks of the unemployment in Arab world the reasons is that the education is
weak as well as short age of technological and economic requirement. Most of the Arab
countries don't have a creative workers to daily with development .It exceeds 60,000 a year is
big industrialized communication while up to 800 for the Arab worker. One of the a few
countries that have highest population growth is Yemen by 3.7% every year .According to

official scores it is the group of people elderly between 15-30 years,and that show the
increasing that had a bad impact ,the resons increasing pressure on the labor market everybody
need job to have a better life . Also the second part of the newspaper articlefor author

The sims 3 soundtrack:Amazing Facsimile. (2009, May 21). Retrieved from

These soundtrack is form Sony 3 games and the game name is the Sims 3 I listen to these sound track
when I was playing the game and downloaded from YouTube. I chose these soundtrack for my Radio
spot because it complete and match with my subject that is about the unemployment and I love
these soundtrack.
Ringtone New x7 sms. (n.d.). Retrieved from freetone.org/board/sms/new_x7_sms/3-1-0-1687
These is a sound effect for SMS sound effect and I use it at the end of the conversation between
Fatima and Reem when reem so a message that tell her that she accepted in a new job so that I use it


What did you find challenging about this assignment? Why do you think this was? If you
were to do this assignment again, what would you change to divert this issue?

What are some techniques that you used in creating your broadcast? Did you find them
useful? Why or why not?

Do you feel that this broadcast could be used on a local radio station within the UAE?
Why or why not?

How does this project relate to the language and vocabulary of the media?

First, the challenging that I find it is the time of the recording because there is a lot
of information that I must say it to clarify my ideas about the unemployment .It
possible because the short of time .If I had a chance to do the radio spot again I
would like to add more sound I mean more sound character and more idea and
long conversations also I will try to make my voice louder and clear my voice as
much as possible. playing with my original voice ,really I enjoy using these
techniques because t will do not need any person to help me so that why I love
these techniques. Yes, I found it very useful because I can do many character with
only one voice. Honestly ,it cannot used in radio spot UAE the reasons is not the
same level that used in radio station in UAE . I think my radio spot need to develop
and change through the clear of the language and sound. It relate to the language
because with the sound we can send our message and we can advice and educate
people from the radio, and also the radio listen to the different programs .