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Business Plan Title:

Team Name:
Team email & Phone number:

1. The Big Idea (Tell us about your idea and the main problem the proposed idea is attempting to
2. Your approach (Give us a brief description of your approach towards the problem and how are you
planning to implement it?)
3. Market landscape (Describe the existing market scenario? Who are the existing & potential
competitors and what is the proposed plans competitive advantage?)
4. Growth Plan (Give us a 2-5 year long staging plan describing the envisioned growth track for the
start-up: cover domains like marketing, operations, and HR etc.)
5. Revenue Model (What is your revenue model? Sources of revenue; brief revenue projections and
initial investment required)
6. Pilot project (If any) (Describe the work that you have done as part of pilot studies and describe
about the learnings from the pilot)
7. Team brief (2-line description of each team member)
Formatting Guidelines: Answers to the questions should be inline. Data tables/ Charts can be used to
support statements. Font: Times New Roman, Size: 11, Line Spacing 1.5, Max pages 3
Executive summary (PDF format) should be mailed to enspirit@iimraipur.ac.in with subject as Udyam
B-Plan 2014 and the document should be named as TeamName_B-PlanTitle_Round1.pdf
For any queries please write to enspirit @iimraipur.ac.in or call 07024120034