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By: Mr.Rokin,Mr.Cohen,Mr.Hoffman,


What is a hacker?
What is a hackers purpose?
Inside the mind of a hacker (Video)
How to know if youre being hacked.
Famous Viruses
History of hackers
World Famous Hackers
Why do people Hack?
How to prevent being hacked
Famous sites that were hacked
Types of hackers
Hacker Culture: Swatting
Ethical / Legal consequences

What is a hacker?
A hacker is a person who uses computers to gain
unauthorized access to data.
A hacker can work for companies to get information
from competitors.
Hacking is illegal hacking a source that you do not have
authorization in can get you life in prison depending on
what source is being hacked.

What is a hackers purpose?

A hackers purpose is to overtake someones
information or personal information.
Personal information is something that
belongs to you.
You can share personal information with
someone you trust or if keeping information
is someones work

Inside the mind of a hacker

How to know if you are being hacked

1. Your computer restarts itself on a regular

2. you lose all your contacts.
3. Finally your computer or whatever device
you're using stops working.

Famous Viruses
If you guys remember we had a
presentation about hackers not long ago.
You may recognize some of the famous
viruses that we are about to list.

Famous Viruses
Nimda ( backwards admin) hit the internet in 2001 and caused many
networks to crash. Within 25 minutes of its release it had become the
internets most widespread worm.
Slammer was a computer worm that caused a denial of service on Internet
hosts and it dramatically slowed down internet speed, infecting most of its
75,000 victims within ten minutes. $1 billion to fix.
I love You was another classic example of social engineering and this
particular digital deviant that required your username and passwords to
find your love. $15 billion to remove the worm.

History of hackers

In 1903, Magician and inventor Nevil Maskelyne disrupts John Ambrose Fleming public
demonstration of Guglielmo Marconi's purportedly secure wireless telegraphy technology,
sending insulting Morse code messages through an auditorium's projector

In 2001, Microsoft becomes the prominent victim of a new type of hack that attacks the domain
name server. In these denial-of-service attacks, the DNS paths that take users to Microsoft's
Web sites are corrupted.

In 2014, The Bitcoin exchange Mt.Gox filed for bankruptcy after $460 million was apparently
stolen by hackers due to "weaknesses in their system" and another $27.4 million went missing
from its bank accounts.

World Famous Hackers

Kevin David Mitnick is one of the most notorious hackers of the 20th century.

Raphael Gray.

How to prevent being hacked

Update your computer frequently

Make a secure password
Delete unknown emails
Download antivirus/anti spyware softwares
Install firewall
Change password frequently

Famous sites that were hacked

There are some famous sites that were
hacked like facebook,nbc, and new york
Some people think the chinese
government are behind these attacks.

Types of hackers
Black hat is a hacker who "violates computer security
for little reason beyond maliciousness or for
personal gain
Blue hat is someone outside computer security
consulting firms who is used to bug-test a
system prior to its launch
Elite hackers are the type of hackers that are
able to breach the highest security level and
obtain confidential information. These hackers
are really intelligent and know what they are

Hacker Culture: Swatting

Ethical / legal consequences

There are two main types of hackers,
legal and illegal.
Illegal hackers are imprisoned if they are
caught. They try to breach the security
Legal hackers that work for the
government, set the security system to
prevent hackers.

We personally think that hackers
are a double edged sword
conversation. They can be good
and can be bad. Our answer in
general is that they suck!

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