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This agreement is effective on __________________________


________________________________ Author of


Sue Briskey agent of SJ Briskey Enterprise literary agency,
a sole trading service organized and existing under the laws and terms of
small businesses in the state of Queensland. Full business address is: PO
Box 502, Margate Beach. Queensland. 4019 Australia.
Literary Agent represents the author for the term of this
agreement: the author hereby retains the Literary Agent:

To represent the Author for the sale of the above mentioned work,
written or to be written by the Author and not covered by a prior
agented sale or prior agency agreement.
Subject to the Author's approval, to negotiate represented sales of (1)
Represented Works in Australia ("Domestic Sales"), (2) Represented
Works in non-domestic markets ("Foreign Sales"), and (3) derivative or
secondary rights in the Represented Works (such as film, TV, recording
or other dramatic media) anywhere in the world ("Subsidiary Sales").
To receive commission percentages on payments and royalties from all
Represented Sales for the legal life of the Work on all agreements
pertaining to the Agent.

Author attests that, during the term of this Contract, the Author will employ
no other Literary Agent to represent the Author for the Author's Represented
Works. It is acknowledged that some of the Author's backlog will be
excluded from this contract because it is covered by a prior agreement with
another agency.
Contracts. SJ Briskey Enterprise shall use best efforts to promote the
Author's Represented Works. No proposed Represented Sale shall be binding
unless approved by the Author in a signed contract. Author may, in writing,
authorise Literary Agent to sign contracts on her behalf.

Agent's Commission. The Literary Agent shall be entitled to a commission

equal to 15 % of all Domestic Sales, 20 % of all Subsidiary Sales and 20 % of
all Foreign Sales.
Expenses borne by SJ Briskey Enterprise. From the Literary Agent's
commission, the Literary Agent shall pay costs as may incur in promoting or
selling the Author's Represented Works. The Literary Agent shall not be
reimbursed for such expenses and need not account for them to the Author,
except that the Author shall reimburse the Literary Agent for unusual
expenses, incurred by the Literary Agent with the Author's prior consent, for
the Represented Works.
Receipt and disbursal of funds. On the Author's behalf, the Literary
Agent shall collect all payments due the Author under any Represented
Contract and shall disburse the amount of such payments directly to the
Author, less any Literary Agent's commission and any other mutually
approved expense charges.
Correspondence and Notices. The Literary Agent and Author shall
promptly send each other copies of (1) any legal notice under any
Represented Contract, (2) any important communication from any publisher
under any Represented Contract, and any material correspondence.
Mail sent to the Author in care of the Literary Agent may be opened by the
Literary Agent and dealt with, unless it is obviously personal, in which case
the Literary Agent shall promptly forward it to the Author. When the Author
is approached directly by any party interested in the Author's Represented
Works, the Author shall inform the Literary Agent immediately and refer the
party to the Literary Agent.
General Terms. This agreement may be terminated voluntarily for any
reason by either party upon thirty days' prior written notice to the other,
detailing causes for termination, sent via certified mail, return receipt
requested to such address as either party may designate in writing to the
After termination, the Literary Agent shall continue to administer
Represented Contracts which the Literary Agent negotiated while this
Agreement was in force, and retain Literary Agent's Commission on those
Represented Contracts. The Literary Agent may make no further sales of the
Represented Works.
This agreement can not be cancelled, altered or amended except in writing
and signed by both parties.

In the event that the Literary Agent dies or commits a substantial breach of
this agreement, the Author or his heirs may revoke all rights granted to the
Literary Agent hereunder.

In witness where of both parties executed this agreement as of

____________________day of
________________ in the year 2015.


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