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Juana Murillo
1249 4th.St.
Norco C.a.92860

Summary: I'm able to work with customers,in the fast food industry plus skilled to work with
my co workers such management.
or as a regular employee,and my side skills are in the warehouse industry such as
and cleanleness and with safety firsf berry cautious with product handling on both industries.

Job Objectives:

Management on the fast food industry in crew leading wich contains cash handling,custamer
running the floor,and making sure that is 100% satisfaction for my business and yet of course my
ployees& my side skills are in the warhouse industry such as a packer,labeling,machine operater.

Job titles:Crew leading on the fast food industry,plus Warehouse ind.as a packer
labeling,machine oper.
Employer: Jack in the Box on Miliken,in Ontario Mills
Dates:11/06 to 12/08
Duties:Responsible on my customers,such as my employees/co workers cash handling,and last
but not
least on my cleanliness on my business,such as my food quality and my cust.satisfaction,speed
of serv.

Job title:fast food cook

Employer Mc donald's on sixth.st.on Norco c.a Dates:
Dates:10/08 to 12/09
Duties: was in charge of my meat cooking,cleanliness,assembling sanwiches such as making the
prep and in charge of all my exp.dates plus the restaurant presentation to welcome our
customers to a clean
and nice and cunfterable visitation.

Education: Mountain View High El Monte c.a 2years in typing,1year in art,and 1yeaar in
home economics.
Comments:I'm a verry responsble employee do to my punctuality to my job,responsabilities, an
out going,friendly and a verry good team worker loves to teamwork with no problenms with
fallows the management/store/co worker polocies with no problem and verry good with customers
and food quality,last but not least work with safety in mind at all times with my food handlers,
management Certification.

References: Upon request.

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