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What films I have watched this

Most films I watch either link with
my interest with books or are films
that interest and excited me. These
are usually action films or musicals.
Book Adaptations Harry Potter,
Hunger Games, Lord of the Rings,
Hobbit, Divergent

How I find out about Film


Action 21+22 Jump Streets,

Mission Impossible, Xmen, Avengers

Trailers at the cinema

TV adverts
Word of mouth
Social Media

Musicals Bugsy Malone, Chicago,

Who I watch films with


How do I decide what films to

Depending on the type of film it
is depends on if I watch it. Most
films I decide to watch are
because of the following reasons.
Director Tim Burton
Interests book adaptations,
Reviews from friends and family

What technology I use to
consume films
I mainly use hardware to
consume films such as DVDs
and Blue-rays.
I also occasionally go to the
cinema to see new releases
that interest me.


Where I consume films

Home either on TV or DVD