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The Official Publication of PUC/AUPAlumni of Western North America

Summer-Fall 2014


August 29-31, 2014 at Hilton Lake Las Vegas, Henderson, Nevada

Unite and

PUC/AUP Alumni


Western North America

Elmer Bangloy,DMD- President
Lita Laoyan, RN- Vice President

Volume 45 Issue 2


Summer-Fall 2014

Finding Inspiration From the Manalo family. The well-rounded
family now comprises a Pastor-educator father, a musician-English
major mom, a financial executive daughter, lawyer and doctor sons.
We praise God for such an inspiration coming from this wonderful
family! 5

Eppie Manalo,PhD - Secretary

Ella Alcaide - Treasurer
Rene Donato- Auditor
Edwin Araba,MD- PRO
Spiritual Advisers
Pastor VicLouis Arreola,III,PhD
Pastor Dale Barizo,
Pastor Jose Manalo, Ed.D
Pastor Simeon Rosete, Jr.,DBS
Roger Rodriguez Alberta,Canada
Rachel Pedernal Cascadia,BC

A QUANTUM Leap for AWESNA . God is the Creator of the

universe and He should be the center of our lives ...Those who will put
on the whole armor of God and devote some time every day to meditation and prayer and to the study of the Scriptures will be connected
with heaven and will have a saving, transforming influence upon those
around them. 6
AWARDS. Praise God and congratulations to Ben Siapco, Jr. and Willa
Hedrick, PUC alumnus and former Medical Technology head, respectively, who received distinguished awards from Loma Linda University
during the June 15, 2014 commencement exercises of the School of Allied
Health Professions. 10

Ephraim Roxas Pacific Northwest

Emily N. Garcia-Greater Northern CA
Noli Poblacion-Greater Central CA
Loida Miguel-Greater Los Angeles
Letty Banaag-Glendale,CA
Marjorie Reyno Loma Linda,CA

In Retrospect: AWESNA at a Glance: Promoting AWESNAs

theme, UNITE and IGNITE, the organization has endeavored to plan
and has resolved to commit to implement programs aimed at achieving
its goals..Within the ten months after the new set of AWESNA Officers assumed office, the organization has witnessed positive signs
indicating renewed and continued interest in AWESNA affairs. 12

Miguelito Fernando, MD La Sierra

Cristuto Genobaga-Las Vegas, Nevada
Ric Calla-Hawaii
Cris Anunciado,PhD- San Diego,CA

Chronicles from Cascadia: The Cascadia Alumni Chapter at

Vancouver, British Columbia has been greatly blessed last June 2729, 2014 with the visit of our AWESNA president, Dr. Elmer
Bangloy with his wife Lorie and with their team . 18

Pastor Geoffrey Tio-Young Alumni


George Atiga, DMin. +

AWESNA Convention Speaker Pastor Mike Tucker is the speaker/

Celedonio Fernando,M.D. +

director for the Faith For Today telecast, is frequently heard on Voice of

Romulo Valdez,M.D.
Eliseo Bautista,M.D. +

Prophecy broadcasts. Until early 2009, he was senior pastor of the 1900member, Arlington Seventh-day Adventist Church in Arlington, Texas. 20

John Tulio, Esq.

Honesto Pascual,Jr., M.D.
Ulysses M. Carbajal,M.D.
Alfonso Miguel,Jr., M.D.
Alberto Bagingito, CPA
+ Deceased


AWESNA AWARDEES 2014 . Ottis C. Edwards, Ed.D. and

Rene U. Donato. Dr. Ottis C. Edwards ministry embodies the life
of a disciple of Christ, unselfishly serving where God has called
him. Rene U. Donato has exemplified servant-leadership in all his
multi-faceted roles in alumni, church, and community affairs. 22

Message From the President:

Unite and Ignite

Dr. Elmer Bangloy, D.M.D. ,D.Hum

At the board of officers meeting on

November 16, 2013, shortly after the
Las Vegas Chapter rally, one of the
items considered from the Agenda was
the theme for the forthcoming Mega
Convention. Pastor Arreola, one of our
spiritual advisers, proposed the theme
Unite and Ignite, which was met with
much enthusiasm and ratified unanimously. Thus, I present to you the inspiration for this theme.
Our organization AWESNA PUC/AUP
Alumni of Western North America has
embarked into a new era. It is an era of
Oneness; a spirit of unity amongst the
alumni of Adventist University of the
Philippines. This spirit was exemplified, deliberated, and focused as a
theme during our First International
PUC/AUP Alumni Association Convention in Tagaytay, Philippines in
2013. There was no doubt that on that
day that we , and to this day, are ONE!
Today, we start our journey as leaders
of AWESNA with a new theme: "Unite
and Ignite." It is a motto that will remind us that, with unity fired with dedication, we can make a real difference
on our journey to keep our organization
alive with determined success. It will
remind us of the prayer of Jesus before
He ascended to heaven, that his disciples and followers will be ONE as His
Father and the Son are ONE.
During the birth of the Christian
Church, when the disciples of old gathered in Jerusalem, the Bible clearly
narrated to them to gather together in
Unity while awaiting the Holy Spirit to
come into their lives, to be made bolder
in their witness as they spread forth the
message of hope from Jerusalem
around the world. As they forgave one

another, and as the spirit of love and

unity began to bind them, tongues of fire
visibly appeared on the tops of their
heads. These flames were Ignited by
God, representing how the Holy Spirit
had entered them, to give them power as
started their journey of leadership in
birth of the Christian Church.
AWESNA can use this example of the
early Church in its own organization as a
call for unity, which can be best exemplified in these truths:
Unity is founded in relationships.
God places the highest value in
In the Bible, there is complete unity
in the Godhead as our example.
When AWESNA comes together in
unity behind a common vision,
it is a beautiful and powerful
Being one, combining into one, as
something that is whole will
bring harmony to stand together
for success!
As an AWESNA organization: We need
the fire to ignite a passion for a powerful
To ignite the spirit of commitment.

AWESNA President

So how do we, as leaders, find a way to

inspire others? I believe that we must
begin first by searching within, to discover how we inspire ourselves. What
drives us? What ignites our passions
and fans the flames of our hearts? What
gives our lives meaning and purpose? And as each of us stands in introspection, I believe that we will find a
commonality at the core of each of our
passions: God.
God Himself came to Moses, not as a
small flame, but a burning bush. And
even though Moses was resistant to following God at first, he let the Holy Spirit
spark inside of him. And God used
Moses gifts to accomplish His will. It
is only through God that we can ignite
the engines of our abilities to do good
and to do Gods will. I am reminded of
this fact every time my son and daughter
sing in the La Sierra University Octet,
when they sing the song Moses. The
last words of this powerful song always
stir me to emotion. The last verse is
What do you hold in your hand today?
To what or to whom are you bound?

To ignite the spirit of volunteerism.

Are you willing to give it To God right


To ignite the value of service.

Give it up. Let it Go. Throw it down.

To ignite the passion in return, how

generously we can contribute
to the needs of our alma mater!
To ignite the need of Jesus and the
Holy Spirit in our lives that will
ignite another Pentecost in all
of us, AUP alumni of Western
America. With this our reasons
to serve will not be in vain.

And I think that verse simply summarizes the key to finding that flame
within. We must first give ourselves,
our very lives, over to our Savior, to
whom we owe everything. Only then
can we influence the actions of others. Just as a tiny spark can result in a
roaring fire, so too can we create passion
and creativity via the inspiration that is
God, and then pass it on to others.

THE LINK / Summer-Fall 2014

Each of you possesses gifts that God
can use to serve AWESNA. I know
that there is a spark inside each and
every one of you! It is a spark that only
God could have granted you. Do not
deny it! It is so easy in these cynical
times to resist the call to action; to ignore and hide our passion for God from
others. But I implore you to let your
light shine! To lead others you must be
unafraid to display that unbridled love
of God. And from positive attitude
causes an explosion; a chain reaction of
positive thoughts, events, and outcomes
that will inevitably inspire others to
follow your lead.
Yet, there is one more element that can
truly catalyze ones actions. When
people of like-minded goals join together, it can truly be a powerful
force. Henry Ford, a man who literally
drove us toward the future, once said,
Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success. We have
completed the first step today by coming together, yet our work is still ahead
of us and will require harnessing our
individual flames into one collective
fire. And with that fire we can provide
the light that guides the way for the
future of AWESNA. I have no illusions about this process, as it will take
time and endurance to see it
through. But as an Indian proverb
states, It takes one thread at a time to
make a blanket. We should keep this
in mind to help us endure the difficult


Dr. Mel Valenzuela, M.D., Premed PUC 57 and Amy
Baloyo-Valenzuela, RN, BSN PUC 60 celebrated their
Golden Wedding Anniversary on August 10, 2014 at the
John P. Eliopulos Center in Lancaster, California.
Mel and Amy were married on Aug. 9, 1964 in Newark, NJ
at the Newark Seventh-day Adventist Church, Newark, NJ.
Dr. Valenzuela took a year internship and 2 years general
practice residency. They moved to California in 1967 and
went thru another residency at the Long Beach VA Hospital
and at the UC Irvine Medical Center, Irvine, CA.
In 1979 they moved to Lancaster, CA where Dr. Mel joined
a medical group where he practiced his specialty Internal
Medicine. Here they also busied themselves in community
services specially at the local Adventist church where they
became active members.
Dr. and Mrs. Valenzuela retired in December, 2013. They
live in one of Californias high desert communities: Lancaster, about 65 miles northeast of Metro Los Angeles. They
have a son and a daughter and 2 grandchildren. Happy Anniversary, Dr. and Mrs. Valenzuela!

Today, Let me remind you again what

the letters of AWESNA stand
for: Alumni Who Enriches Someone
Now and Always!
Today is the beginning. Im looking
forward to the progress. And I am excited to work together and all the success that AWESNA can do by us,
Yes, I challenge you to "Unite and
Ignite!" Let us be One and Shine, On
Dear AUP!

In Loving Memory,
Victoria Basit Salvador
Victoria Basit Salvador, B.S.C. 67 PUC passed away
on August 5, 2014 at her home in Los Angeles, CA.
She was 70 years old. Right after graduation from
Philippine Union College she was hired as an
accountant at the Cagayan Valley Sanitarium and
Hospital in Santiago, Isabela, Philippines. She
worked there for five years where she met her husband, Jeremias Salvador. They were married on July
16, 1972. They migrated to California where she
worked at the California Adventist Federal Credit
Union for 30 years. While working at the Credit Union she also taught basic accounting at the Glendale
Adventist Academy on a part time basis. The couple
have 2 children and 2 grandchildren.
(Reported by Philip Trilles, philiuptrilles@yahoo.com )

4 THE LINK / Summer-Fall 2014

Alumni of Western
North America
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Alumni Family Profile


from the

Manalo Family
By Edwin Araba

uring the early days of the Adventist churchs history

young people were leading out- Ellen and James White
were young when God called them to do His work. In
this day and age we need role models for our younger
generation. Ben Carson was a young, gifted pediatric
neurosurgeon when he started at the world-famous Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. We dont even have to go
any further to find inspiration. The Manalo family is living up to
its name and we can find inspiration from them. Manalo in English means to win. They are indeed sure winners for God!

Pastor Jose Manalo, current senior pastor of Loma Linda Filipino Church and president of FAMMANA (Filipino Adventist
Ministers and Members Association of North America), is a
gifted educator and minister. He teaches and preaches with clarity. It was easy for me to choose him as one of the best Bible
teachers in college at PUC. I was privileged to be one of his
students. He earned his M.A.in Religion from PUCs Far East
Theological Seminary, now called AIIAS and his M.Ed. and Ed.
D. (Educational Administration) from the University of the Philippines. Maam Eppie, as I usually call her, is a multi-talented
musician who also taught English and Music classes at PUC/
AUP. She received her Ph.D. from the University of the Philippines. Currently, she is associate director at the LLU Office of
Academic Publications. Both served not only as faculty but also
vice presidents of AUP.
Two genetically-gifted parents produced three wonderfully talented prodigies- Pong, Angela and Carlo. Jose Pong Manalo,
Jr., AUP B.S. Accountancy 1998 and Angela Manalo Lalas,
B.S. Accountancy 2001, were senior class presidents at AUP
when they graduated. They both worked at Deloitte and Touche
before working in Loma Linda University. Prior to coming to
the United States to take his M.B.A.in 2005, Pong served as
faculty in the AUP College of Business, then worked at Philippine National Bank and later was auditor at the General Conference Auditing Services based in the Southern Asia Pacific Division (SSD). Pong , a former compliance manager at Loma Linda
University Medical Center, is a Certified Public Accountant
(C.P.A.) and earned his M.B.A.in 2007 at University of Califor-

nia, Irvine. He graduated with a degree of Juris Doctor (J.D.)

on March 22, 2014 from one of the US top law schools, Columbia University College of Law, New York. Pong recently
took the bar exam and will be working as a Corporate Lawyer at the Manhattan office of Akerman LLP starting in September 2014.
Angela Manalo Lalas is a Certified Public Accountant (C.P.A.)
and earned her Executive M.B.A with highest honors from the
Peter F. Drucker and Masatoshi Ito School of Management,
Claremont University. She currently serves as Vice President
for Finance at Loma Linda University Adventist Health Sciences Center (LLUAHSC).
Angelas husband, Dr. Serafin Lalas, graduated last June 22,
2014 from his Fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
at University of Southern California, Los Angeles. He is back
to Loma Linda University Behavioral Medicine and Behavioral
Health Institute as faculty and attending physician. The couple
is blessed with an equally gifted seven-year-old child, Anna
Sophia, a second grader at Loma Linda Academy.
Not to be outwitted by his older siblings, Carlo Manalo, M.D.,
LLU School of Medicine class 2011 the youngest of the Manalo children, is a Radiology resident physician at Loma Linda
University Medical Center. A member of PUC Academy class
1999, he was AUP Student Association president in 20022003. He earned his B.S. Biomedical Sciences from La Sierra
University in 2007. Recently, he was awarded by the Radiology Department as the 2014 Rookie of the Year. His wife
Domilyn (nee Gonzales), R.N., is an AUP B.S.N. 2004 alumna,
and currently serves as a nurse at the LLU Behavioral Health
Institute. All three siblings are likewise gifted with music
The well-rounded family now comprises a Pastor-educator
father, a musician-English major mom, a financial executive
daughter, lawyer and doctor sons. We praise God for such
an inspiration coming from this wonderful family!

THE LINK / Summer-Fall 2014

A Quantum Leap for AWESNA

By Edwin Araba, MD

God is the Creator of the universe and He should be the center of our lives ...Those who will put on the whole armor of God and devote
some time every day to meditation and prayer and to the study of the Scriptures will be connected with heaven and will have a saving,
transforming influence upon those around them.

he amazing universe has always been a fascination to a

thoughtful mind and just the mere sight of the heavenly
stars is a thrilling and moving experience. All the
treasures of the universe will be open to the study of Gods redeemed , according to Ellen G. White. The vastness of the universe is mind-boggling. The God of a universe so vast we can
hardly begin to comprehend. When I consider thy heavens, the
work of thy fingers, the moon and the stars which thou hast
ordained; what is man that thou art mindful of him?, and the son
of man that thou visitest him? Psalm 8;3-4 . If the universe is too
big to measure then the love of our Creator God for us is truly
beyond our imagination. Unfettered by mortality, they wing
their tireless flight to worlds afarworlds that thrilled with sorrow at the spectacle of human woe and rang with songs of gladness at the tidings of a ransomed soul With undimmed vision
they gaze upon the glory of creationsuns and stars and systems, all their appointed order circling the throne of Deity.
(From Gods Amazing Grace, Page 368).

God is the Creator of the universe and He should be the center

of our lives. And the years of eternity, as they roll, will bring
richer and still more glorious revelations of God and of Christ.
As knowledge is progressive, so will love, reverence, and happiness increase. The more men learn of God, the greater will be
their admiration of His character... Those who will put on the
whole armor of God and devote some time every day to meditation and prayer and to the study of the Scriptures will be connected with heaven and will have a saving, transforming influence upon those around them. E.G. White , Pr 22.
Our godly influences have rippling effect upon others to follow.
A quantum leap for AWESNA is a quantum leap for God. Service , volunteerism, Unite and Ignite is the theme and battle cry
to every chapter rally attended. Through the leadership of
AWESNA President, Dr. Elmer Bangloy, he made a big, giant
leap in reaching the goals that were set at the beginning of his
term. He stated, Let us all therefore work together in unity as a

6 THE LINK / Summer-Fall


team for this is the glue that will keep our endeavors solid and
bring to accomplish. Actions speak louder than words. His
first year term itineraries evidently surpassed beyond expectations. With more than seventeen chapter rallies and events
attended in a shorter period of time, it is unprecedented. It
shows his commitment, strong leadership, dedication, and determination to achieve the goals. The immediate goals are support for AUP College of Medicine, AUP Working Student
Project, Fundraising Events to finance AWESNA Projects. The
long-term goals are- Endowment Funds, Medical-Dental Mission to the Philippines, Reaching out non-active members, and
local chapters enrichment and development. A summary report
is outlined in his report , In Retrospect: AWESNA at a Glance.
As your leader, it is my vision and conviction that these goals
and dreams can and will be realized, said Dr. Bangloy.
Let us have faith with determined mind set in realizing the elusive dream of having AUP College of Medicine thru the leadership of Dr. Francisco Gayoba and Dr. Doris Mendoza. We ,
the alumni, can work together with them for the advancement
of AUP. Let us continue to strive for excellence - for Gods
glory. A quantum leap for AWESNA is a quantum leap for
God, who fueled us by His grace and mercy. The leadership
of this alumni organization is strong ...because the God of the
universe is the center of this organization. Although some may
say that AWESNA is not solely a religious organization majority, if not all of us, are religious and deeply rooted upon the
school of the prophets, the school that trains for service. We
are a service- oriented alumni organization. The new theme:
"Unite and Ignite" is a motto that will
remind us that, with unity and dedication, we can make a real difference on
our journey to keep our organization
alive with determined success. With
UNITY we can be ONE that can
IGNITE the burning desire to SERVE
upon those who are around us.

2014 AWESNA House of Delegates Representatives & AWESNA Officers

Hilton Lake Las Vegas Resort, Nevada, August 29-31, 2014
1. ELmer Bangloy
2. Carmelita Laoyan
3. Eppie Manalo
4. Elenita Espiritu
5. Ella Alcaide
6. Rene Donato
7. Edwin Araba
1. Crisamar Anunciado
2. Letty Banaag
3. Ric Calla, Jr.
4. Miguelito Fernando
5. Emily Garcia
6. Cristuto Genobaga
7. Loida Miguel
8. Noli Poblacion
9. Marjorie Reyno
Alberto Bagingito
1. Bangele Alsaybar, Jr.
2. Wilma Dauglash
3. Annie Madigan
4. Roy Mananquil
5. Oscar Pablo
6. OctaviusQuijada
7. Eduardo Gonzaga
8. Ernie Banaag
9. Ben Cuizon
10. ElfrieCuizon
11. Ruth Ranchez
12. Gorden Farinas
13. Jethrone Role
14. ImmeldoAfenir

1. Lily Bascon
2. Pat Bascon
3. Alfonso Miguel
4. Felcar Morada
5. Mely Morada
6. Marina Sapigao
7. Samuel Sapigao
8. Ruth Suban
9. Raymond Suban
10. Luz Ulanday
11. Manny Ulanday
12. Ceres Gurango
1. Myrna Malqued
2. Bernard Malqued
3. Esther Tan
1. Fil Alcaide
2. Robert Arguelles
3. Arlene Ferrolino
4. Aida Ordas
5. Raquel Maranan
6. Don Ferrolino
1. Mike Mariano
2. Coty Mariano
3. Joe Esposo
4. Carel Esposo
5. Judie Osena
6. Letty Lachica
7. Rene Lachica
8. Jubi Gaje
9. Ben Abriol
10. Emmie Abriol

1. Miriam de la Cruz
2. Noel Abuel
3. Belle Abuel
4. Nelson Decena
5. Lorna Decena

1. John Acang
2. Edie Sandro
3. Susan Acang
4. Arlene Gayares
5. Richard Barruga
6. Norma Barruga



1. Lucy Fernando

2. Teresa Sajid
3. Nap Alinsod
4. Ralph Tigno
5. Erlinda Alinsod
6. Betty Tigno
7. Romeo Torres
8. Tita Torres
1. Gloria Luib
2. Wences Luib
1. Cynthia Fuchs
2. Elvira Camilon
3. Nemy Imperio
4. Rose Imperio
5. Cecille Cabanada
6. Yolanda Bagwell
7. Miriam Ico
8. Pastor Jose Manalo
9. Meljorie Castelo
10.Amy Galang
11. Jocelyn Belonio
12.Ben Cuizon
13.Elfrie Cuizon
14. Sarfraz Inderias
15, Glenna Sabalboro
1. Ardina Wang
2. Remy Scott
1. Al Quesada
2. Connie Mirasol
3. Dagohoy Anunciado
4. Fem Ramirez
5. Ernest Pablo
6. Evelyn Pablo
7. Gemma Banaag
8. Josie Apilado
9. Lina Quesada
10. Nelly Alamo
1. Liberty Olive Macias
2. Armand Fabella, Jr.
3. Gladys Roman

THE LINK / Summer-Fall 2014

AWESNA 2014 Mission

to Benguet and La Union

By Edna Domingo, PhD

The Link is published by the

Adventist University of the Philippines
Alumni of Western North America.
Please send news articles, photos
and comments to: The Editor,
9600 Flame Tokay Way,
Elk Grove, CA 95624.
Ella Alcaide
Elmer Bangloy, DMD
Edwin Araba,MD
Copyright 2014
All rights reserved


Editor- in- Chief
Edwin Araba,MD
Editorial Assistants
Emily N. Garcia
Kathy Laberinto
Jean Samaniego
All Chapter PROs
Arlene Ferrolino
Fem Ramirez
Myrna Dial
Josie Nicolas Sta. Ana
Tessie Sajid
Ralph Tigno
Layout & Design
E.Dale Araba
Circulation Manager
Ruth Ranchez
Roditha Pablo
Rene Donato
Eppie Manalo, PhD
Alfonso Miguel, Jr. MD


n his address to the General Confer-

share the good news of the gospel in those

ence session attended by church lead-

places. Others who could not join gave their

ers worldwide on October 22, 2012, Presi-

donations so that the mission can achieve its

dent Ted Wilson called for the congregation


to consider the health and unity messages as

two important inter-related burdens of
Christ and burdens of mine, and I hope

The journey started with a symposium in

Nursing, Dentistry, and Medicine at Adventist
Medical Center of Manila( former MAMC) .
Dr. Abdul Rajagukguk (AMCM) and Edna B.

He quoted from the book of Matthew, as well

Domingo (USA) coordinated this professional

as the writings of church co-founder Ellen G.


White, to state that medical missionary work

Dr. Elmer Bangloy and Dr. Jean Bautista from

and health reform are an integral part of


mission to the cities, and that there is a

dental symposium with the participation

great need for selfless unity in Christ to


proclaim the Three Angels messages.

Dr. Tota Shimizu, a professor at the Dental

In response to this call, the AWESNA/LLFC

medical team launched a two-week medical
missionary journey to the Northern Philippines particularly in Itogon, Benguet and
Bangar, La Union on March 18-30, 2014.
Congratulations to all participants who
sacrificed their time, money, and effort to

8 THE LINK / Summer-Fall 2014











Department at UCLA, Dr. Elmer Bangloys

friend, presented a topic on Microscopic Endodontics. He also joined the medical mission in
Itogon, Benguet. On the other hand, the nursing symposium was coordinated by Edna B.
Domingo (USA) with Adventist Medical Center, Manila through Dr. Abdul Rajagukguk and
Evanette Batista, vice president for


leaders and nurse educators at AMC. Bella

yellow sweet potatoes that were nicely

Tabo was also the speaker at Pines City

Almario, nurse manager at Portland Medical

peeled and ready to eat.

The mayor of

Church while Edna Domingo was the speaker

Center shared her wealth of experiences in

Itogon welcomed the team. USA team was

at Bokawkan Seventh-day Adventist church,

nursing management to the nursing leaders.

blessed with the cooperative help from the

the mother church in Baguio City. That church

Likewise, Carmelita Laoyan, AWESNA vice

Benguet Dental Association through the

was where her husband and she were married.

president and nurse manager at Arrowhead

coordination of Dr. Elmer Bangloy, the

She found many of the old members still wor-

Regional Medical Center also shared her

NGO, and the local RHU team.

shiping in that church. It was a great reunion!

Two days medical services were conducted

Sunday was a tour to the Cannon Road, Philip-

in Itogon, Benguet and the last day (Friday)

pine Military Academy, Camp John Hay, and

was in Tublay, Benguet, and a more remote

Mines View Park. After the tour, the team

place that gave the team a better worldview

must have missed shopping so everyone went

of service. Mr. Ralph Laoyan was the best

to SM Shoe Mart, the building used to be

interpreter for his people. Total number of

Pines Hotel on top of the hill in the City of

patients seen that included, dental, surgical,

Baguio. Monday was swimming day! The

circumcisions, medical check-up including

team went to Asin Hot Spring. Awesome

blood sugar & optical were 1, 750.

views! Beautiful landscapes along the hot &

knowledge and experience in nursing management. Edna Domingo, who also was a
nurse manager at Loma Linda University
before settling in academics, also shared her
wealth of experiences in nursing management, as well as critical thinking components
of management.
Gemma Banaag, CNO at Paradise Valley
Hospital was greatly missed. She contributed
much to the content of the presentations. Drs.
Eduardo and Alma Gonzaga were contribu-

It was amazing to work with the team who

tors that enriched and added more concepts to

came from different places in the USA. On

the nursing symposium from physicians

Friday vespers at the Pines City church, Dr.

perspectives. The medical luncheon sympo-

Quion, a practicing physician in California

sium on Medical Ophthalmology was pre-

was asked to speak. He related his experi-

sented by Dr. Eduardo Gonzaga to members

ence with his health that seemed to be the

of the medical team including the physicians

end of his life. He survived and saw Gods

at AMCM.

hand telling him to serve God with the tal-

The attendees and outreach team were treated

by AMCM to a sumptuous meal that prepared them for their trek to Baguio City.
Pastor Levi Payoyo, president of Mountain
Provinces Mission arranged for an airconditioned bus which took the team to their
destination. Accommodation and nutritious
meals were arranged and provided by the
mission coordinated by MPM first lady, Josephine Payoyo.
Nancy de los Reyes, MPM nurse made sure
that the venue and other needs were ready
prior to the 3-day services. Meals were well
prepared with snacks prepared by the community, which included freshly cooked

cold swimming pools with scenic mountain

views surrounded by tropical fruits, and plants.
We were treated with very cheap young coconuts. These two days were Sabbath and relaxation days that prepared the team for the second
missionary journey.
March 25, 2014 was the trip to the next missionary journey to Bangar, La Union, and the

ent the Lord had given him. That was the

hometown of Edna Vacate Domingo. Pastor

impetus for his joining this medical mission.

Levi Paolo of Mt. Provinces Mission together

His experience was a witness of how great

with his team extended their support to bring

God is! He decided to bring his wife along

the team to La Union, an hour drive from Ba-

with him next time. Clarita Siapco, a retired

guio City. Through the contact of Dr. Elmer

nurse, shared her husband and family ex-

Bangloy to his former classmate in Dental

periences being missionaries. No money,

School, Dr. Nice, a dentist practicing in San

but did not ever go wanting. Gods wondrous mercies had always been their stronghold.

Fernando La Union and the sister-in-law of the

Vice Governor, the team was very much welcomed in La Union. She treated the team with

Sabbath morning, the members of the team

a warm welcome at her beach home for dinner

were divided to join the different churches

with hearty generous meals and at her restau-

around Baguio City. Frans Santos gave the

message to the congregation at La Trinidad
church while Efren Domingo conducted the
Sabbath School lesson study. Dr. Romulo

rant operated by her twin sons for lunch. She

took the team for a tour to the Capitol Hill

THE LINK / Summer-Fall 2014 9

AWESNA Clinical Laboratory Scientists News

PUC Alumnus, Med Tech Department Pioneer

Receive Loma Linda University Awards
Praise God and congratulations to Ben Siapco
and Willa Hedrick, PUC alumnus and former
Medical Technology head, respectively, who
received distinguished awards from Loma
Linda University during the June 15, 2014
commencement exercises of the School of
Allied Health Professions.
(The following bios were reprinted with permission from the Loma Linda University Office of Academic Publications.-Eppie Manalo)

Benjamin J. Siapco, Jr.

Distinguished Service Award
Laboratory Technical Consultant, Adventist
Health International
B.S. Philippine Union College (Adventist
University of the Philippines) 1965
M.S. Loma Linda University AH 1971
Medical technologist certification, American
Society for Clinical Pathology (MT-ASCP)
Specialist in Microbiology, American Academy of Microbiology (SM-AAM)
Best Cytology Research Award, Los Angeles
County-University of Southern California
Medical Center
Most Outstanding Alumni Award, Adventist
University of the Philippines 2003
Benjamin J. Siapco, Jr., was born in Manila to
Adventist parents. The eldest of seven siblings, he struggled as a self-supporting student
at Philippine Union College (PUC), now Adventist University of the Philippines (AUP), to
meet the financial obligations of his undergraduate education. Following graduation, he
joined the staff of Manila Sanitarium and Hospital (MSH), now Manila Adventist Medical
Center (MAMC), as a medical technologist
where approximately a year later, he was appointed laboratory manager. He was also recruited after graduation to the faculty of PUC
School of Medical Technology, where he
taught courses in clinical microbiology, clinical chemistry, and parasitology.
Sponsored by his employers, Mr. Siapco
enrolled in 1969 as a student at Loma Linda

University. Upon completion of the masters

degree program in microbiology, he returned
to the Philippines to resume his responsibilities at the hospital and the college. In addition, he provided consultant services to five
Adventist hospital-based clinical laboratories
scattered throughout the country.
In 1980, Mr. Siapco accepted a call to serve
as clinical laboratory manager of Taiwan
Adventist Hospital and as director of the
School of Medical Technology in Taiwan. He
held that post until 1986. During this time,in
addition to learning to speak Mandarin Chinese, he also became professionally involved
in several non-Adventist mission projects on
the islandserving as director of the Clinical
Laboratory Enhancement Program for the
Taiwan Christian Hospital Association, and
as consultant for the Mennonite Christian
Hospital at Hualein and for Kaoshiung Medical Clinic.
In 1984, Mr. Siapco continued his training in
the field of cytotechnology at Los Angeles
County-University of California Medical
Center. He relocated in 1986 to the Inland
Empire, where he worked in various positions, including senior clinical laboratory
scientist, generalist, and senior cytotechnologist. He joined the Microbiology Department
of Loma Linda University Medical Center in
1999, serving concurrently on the faculty of
the Department of Medical Technology in the
School of Allied Health Professions.
Throughout his career, Mr. Siapco has been
involved in international endeavors: Hangzhou, China, where as Loma Linda University consultant to Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital, he developed the microbiology laboratory
of this 700-bed facility; Kabul, Afghanistan,
where as Loma Linda University consultant
to Kabul Medical Institute and to
Wazir Akhbar Khan Hospital, where he
helped develop a pathology laboratory and a
microbiology laboratory, respectively; University of East Africa at Baraton in Kenya,
where he established the School of Medical
Technology and in collaboration with Mrs.
Willa H. Hedrick, developed a curriculum
leading to the B.S. degree in medical technology using Malamulo Hospital as the base for
clinical training; Port-au-Prince, Haiti, where
he served as an Adventist Health International consultant to Hopital AdventistedHaiti
(HAH) to help clear a citation issued by the
Centers for Disease Control to the clinical
laboratory; Manila, Philippines as consultant
to the PUC/AUP School of Medical Technology (CLS) upgrading project, and to MSH/
MAMC as coordinator for a cytotechnology

10 THE LINK / Summer-Fall 2014

workshop that hosted technologists, educators, residents, and pathologists nationwide;

consultant to an international array of SDA
hospitals in the Philippines,Venezuela,
Belize, Sierra Leone, and Liberia.
Mr. Siapco holds a number of professional
licenses, is a member of several professional
organizations, and is a contributing researcher and author.
Since his retirement in 2012 from Loma
Linda University Medical Center, Mr. Siapco
has served as laboratory technical consultant
for Adventist Health International. In this
capacity, he visits and helps establish or develop laboratories in Adventist hospitals. His
travels take him to approximately twentythree countries annually.
As a committed Seventh-day Adventist, Mr.
Siapco places the values of God and family
above all others. He has been happily married
for forty-five years to Clarita (Espelita), a
retired nurse. They are blessed with three
children who have followed in their fathers
footstepsall alumni of Loma Linda University and all involved in medical missions,using their own resources.
For his exemplary service and invaluable
contribution to global health and the practice
of cytotechnology in particular, the School of
Allied Health Professions is pleased to present the SCHOOL DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARD to Ben Siapco. This award
will be presented at the Conferring of Degrees for the School of Allied Health Professions.

Willa Hedrick
Alumna of the Year Award
B.S. College of Medical Evangelists (CME),
now Loma Linda University 1946
Wright State University M.A. 1973
Medical technologist certification, American
Society for Clinical Pathology (MT-ASCP)
Brynes Scholarship 1968
Registry of Medical Technology Education
Award 1968
Warner-Lambert Graduate Scholarship
Award 1971

Willa Hilgert Hedrick had an outstanding andcolorful professional career as an innovator and
leader in medical technology (CLS) education
that spanned more than three decades. She is
widely recognized as the founder of the School
of Medical Technology at Philippine Union
College (PUC)now Adventist College of the
Philippines (AUP)the pioneer school of its
kind in the country when it was established in

in her life and she gives Him the credit for all of her accomplishments. Reflecting on her life
journey, she says: The Lord worked so many miracles that became the real foundation of my
In recognition of her indelible contribution towards pioneering medical technology work in the
Philippines -- translated into excellent academic programs, which have been recognized locally
and internationally, the School of Allied Health Professions is pleased to name Willa Hedrick
ALUMNA OF THE YEAR. This award will be presented to her at the Conferring of Degrees
for the School of Allied Health Professions.

Willa was born in Portland, Oregon, to Pastor

William and Cathy Hilgert. Her father was assigned to the Pacific-Northwest (Washington
and Oregon) of the United States. She attended
Walla Walla College (now Walla Walla University) prior to transferring to the College of
Medical Evangelists (CME, now Loma Linda
University) to complete her undergraduate education in medical technology. She served for
one year after graduation as a supervisor in the
Hematology Department at White Memorial
Hospital (now White Memorial Medical Center)
and as an instructor in hematology in CMEs
medical technology program.
In 1952, Willas husband, the late Dr. Elvin
Hedricka medical internist and alumnus of
CME was called to serve as a missionary in
the Philippines at Manila Sanitarium Hospital.
Willa and her husband, along with their two
young childrenMeredith and Priscilla
relocated to the Philippines. James, her youngest child, was born there.
Elder Merritt Warrenthen president of North
Philippine Union Missionalong with Dr.
Ruben Manalaysaypresident of PUC and
undisclosed director of the Philippine government's Bureau of Private Schoolsformally
requested that Willa start a School of Medical
Technology in the Philippines. So just a year
after our arrival in Manila, she recalls, the
approved school opened with its first student,
Jesse Umali, in the fall of 1953. For ten years
(1953-1963), Willa served as supervisor of
instruction at the school.
In 1964, a year after returning to the United
States, Willa was appointed supervisor of instruction (1964-73). She next served as program
director at Kettering Medical Center School of
Medical Technology in Dayton, Ohio (197377). From 1972 to 1977, she directed the NIHsupported research project for laboratory task
analysis and developmental ladder curriculum
for medical laboratory careers.
She was also director of the W.K. Kellogg national pilot demonstration ladder curriculum
project (1975-77).
Willa often comments on the epidemic in her
family, which refers to the careers chosen by
her children and their families that are very
different from her own: Her older daughter,
Meredith, is an attorney in a corporate estate
company; and Priscilla, her younger daughter,
is married to a lawyer. James, her son and now
a grandfather himself, is also a practicing attorney working in a real estate company.
Willa praises God for all the wonderful things

THE LINK / Summer-Fall 2014


In Retrospect : AWESNA at a Glance

By Dr. Elmer Bangloy, D.M.D., D.HUM
President, AWESNA




UNITE and IGNITE, the organization has endeavored to plan and has

resolved to commit to implement programs

aimed at achieving its goals. Within the
TEN (10) MONTHS after the new set of

President Majorie Reyno
Vice President Armand Zabala
Secretary Clarita Siapco
Treasurer Fenina Garaza
Auditor Mar Velasco

AWESNA Officers assumed office, the

indicating renewed and continued interest
in AWESNA affairs.
CHAPTER RALLIES: AWESNA Leadership has likewise been responding to invitations to rallies from different chapters,
and encouraging active participation in the
organizations programs and projects.
1) October 5, 2013, Saturday, 5:45 p.m.,
Loma Linda Filipino SDA Church


Devotional and Prayer by Pastor Nepthali
Manez, AUP Board Chair Remarks and
Induction of Officers by Dr. Elmer

12 THE LINK / Summer-Fall 2014

Morning Service Speaker
Dr. Vic Louis Arreola
Afternoon Service Speaker
Dr. Elmer Bangloy
Induction of Officers Dr. Elmer Bangloy

organization has witnessed positive signs

which aim at reviving interest of members




Morning Service Speaker
Pastor Jym Tayag
Afternoon Service Speaker
Dr. Elmer Bangloy
Coordinated by Gladys Roman and Liberty
Olive Bautista (Young Alumni Chapter
President Elmer and Lorie Bangloy
Fil and Ella Alcaide, Treasurer
Edwin Araba, PRO
Odette and Oscar Pablo, Chair Finance &
Projects (members, Northern CA Chapter)
Pete and Cherry Dela Cruz (LA Chapter)
Ernie and Emily Garcia, President Northern
CA Chapter, Jose and Carol Esposo
(members, Central CA Chapter) and San
Jose SDA Churchs Pastor Dan Botabara.

Las Vegas Chapter, led by Cris Genobaga ,

began the series of chapter gatherings on
November 16, 2013. The AWESNA leadership team participated in the church services. It was also during this time that a
new choral group was born: the AWESNA
Officers Choir, which had their debut
performance during the afternoon service.
Elected Las Vegas Chapter officers are:
Cris Genobaga, President; Johnny AcangVice President; Edie Sandro-Secretary;
Susan Acang- Treasurer; Arlene GayaresPRO; Oscar Fauni- Auditor; Pastor
Villamor-Meriales, Advisor.
IN ATTENDANCE: Elmer and Lorie Bangloy, Alfonso and Loida Miguel, Rene and
Imelda Donato,
Octavius and Cely
Quijada, Bert and Violy Bagingito, Annie
Madigan, Meldie Ward, Lita Laoyan,
Eppie Manalo, Edwin Araba, Fern Kintanar, Fe Asuncionmaking a total of 16
from Los Angeles and Loma Linda. Emphasizing AWESNAs theme, Unite and
Ignite, the President encouraged the
alumni to unite and volunteer for His service and for our alma mater .

4) NOVEMBER 24, 2013, SUNDAY,

5) JANUARY 5, 2014, SUNDAY,
This meeting was led by Roy Mananquil,
Chair , Commission on Constitution.
Proposed amendments were discussed and
voted on by the Commission on Constitution to be presented to the House of Delegates for approval and ratification.
An overwhelming positive response from
members translated into more than SRO
(standing room only) attendance from Vespers to the afternoon service. About 250
attended the weekend event.
Also noteworthy is the participation of all
age groupsYoung Alumni to Seniors, in
both spiritual and social activities. Above
all, attendees were treated to a feast of
Gods Word from all four (4) of the organizations spiritual advisers.
Sabbath School Promotion Dr. Elmer
Bangloy presented the AWESNA LOGO
which encapsulates the organization theme

Friday Vesper
Pastor Vic Arreola
Sabbath School Lesson Study
Pastor Jose Manalo
Hour of Worship Pastor Dale Barizo
Afternoon Devotional Pastor Simeon
Rosete, Jr.
Proposed Amendments to the AWESNA
Constitution from the January 5 COMCON
were voted on and ratified on February 23,
2014 by 56 House of Delegates representatives. Such amendments will enable the
organization to function efficiently and
ensure better interaction and participation
among the members. Commendation goes
to the Chair of the Commission of Constitution, Roy Mananquil.


19-21) BANGAR, LA UNION March 2628)
2014; 3:00 p.m. AUP, Silang, Cavite
Central Valley Chapter, led by Noli Poblacion held their Chapter Rally in the afternoon during their church anniversary celebration.
In his devotional message,
AWESNA President Elmer Bangloy, commended the Chapter for active involvement
and underscored the value of volunteerism
and unity towards achieving the goals of
the organization and eventually contributing significantly to Gods work through the
training ministry of AUP. Election was
held and the Chapter Officers are:
PresidentVice Presidents:


MEDICAL CENTER: Dental-Medical
-Nursing Symposium. This years outreach program to the Philippines reeled off
with a symposium led by
Several members of the outreach team
served as resource persons:
Elmer Bangloy, Eduardo Gonzaga, Edna
Domingo, Lita Laoyan, Bella Litvin and a
guest lecturer, Dr. Tota Shimizu, a Japanese
endodontist specializing in microscopic
Endodontics at Glendale, California.
Speakers shared their expertise to the doctors, nurses, dentists and medical professionals at the Adventist Medical CenterManila (AMCM), formerly Manila Adventist Medical Center (MAMC).
The team then proceeded to the following
venues and served about
4,000 patients:

Asso. SecretaryTreasurer
Asso. TreasurerPRO

Noli Poblacion
Fresno-Joe Esposo;
Bakersfield- Juvy Gaje;
Visalia-Clarita Dalida
Merilyn Pimentel
Andy Tuazon
Geminiano Sulit
Edgar Federico
Judy Osena
Julith Batulayan
Pastor Abel Pangan
Mike Mariano


Elmer and Lorie Bangloy; 2) Alfonso and
Loida Miguel; 3) Rene and Imelda Donato;
4) Bert Bagingito; 5) Lita and Ralph Laoyan; 6) Ed and Alma Gonzaga; 7) Ernesto
and Miriam Banaag; 8) Fern Kintanar; 9)
Fe Asuncion, (10) Eppie Manalo. Total
AWESNA Attendees from Los
Angeles,Glendale, and Loma Linda-16.

THE LINK / Summer-Fall 2014 13

11) MAY 2 - 3 , 2014 HAWAII Honolulu

Fil-Am SDA Church
Fulfilling Life of Service

16) JUNE 27-29, 2014 CAMP HOPE,



Speaker- Dr. Elmer Bangloy
Volunteerism, Unite and Ignite
Ric Calla
Vice President
Melba Arreola
Brenda Cababa
Moises Medrano
Elmy Ann Cordova
Romy Villoso
Vic Arreola
David Madrid
Alfred Reyno
Gilbert Agir
AWESNA OFFICERS IN ATTENDANCE: Elmer and Lorie Bangloy; Lita
and Raffy Laoyan
12) MAY 18, 2014 Rose Bowl Park,
Pasadena, CA 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
Hosted by LA Chapter President, Loida
Miguel, attended by about 50-75 members
and officers including surrounding Glendale, Temple City, White Memorial and
Pasadena SDA church members.
13) MAY 24, 2014 Bakersfield, CAYOUNG ALUMNI RALLY and
IN ATTENDANCE: Lita and Raffy Laoyan
MAY 24, 2014 -Reche Canyon, Colton,
Organized and coordinated by Dr. Alfonso
Miguel, the meeting was held at Drs. Wilson and Mariclen Laos residence. Present
at the meeting were: Dr. and Mrs. Alfonso
Miguel, Dr. and Mrs. Elmer Bangloy, Dr.
and Mrs. Felcar Morada, Dr. and Mrs. Tavy
Quijada, Drs. Ed and Alma Gonzaga, Dr.
Benny Banaag, Dr. and Mrs. Miguelito
Fernando, Dr. and Mrs. RomuloTabo, Don
and Gladys Roman, Fe Asuncion and two

14 THE LINK / Summer-Fall 2014

other doctors from the Philippines. A

sumptuous dinner was served, and a sundown devotional preceded the two- hour
meeting on updates on the AUP proposed
14) MAY 31, 2014 SAN DIEGO
Organized by Crisamar Anunciado,
SD Chapter President
Hour of Worship Speaker
Pastor Limuel Liwanag
Afternoon Rally SpeakerDr. Elmer Bangloy
Topic: Unite and Ignite
Present were: Elmer and Lorie Bangloy,
Lita and Raffy Laoyan, Ella and Fil Alcaide, Rene and Imelda Donato, Bert and
Violy Bagingito, Annie Madigan, Ruth and
Danny Ranchez, Fern Kintanar, and Fe
- Emily Garcia, Chapter President
Hour Of Worship Speaker
Dr. Ed Gonzaga
Walk Across The Room
Greetings on behalf of AWESNA
Dr. Elmer Bangloy
Afternoon Rally Speaker
Dr. Elmer Bangloy
Volunteerism-- Unite and Ignite
AWESNA Mission Report Lita Laoyan
Emily Garcia pointed out that the Chapters main focus is helping the working
students of AUP, especially the majority
who are financially-challenged, and made
an emotional appeal for help.
AWESNA officers present were: Elmer and
Lorie Bangloy, Lita and Raffy Laoyan,
Ed Gonzaga Special Projects committee
member, Edwin Araba, Oscar Pablo, and
all Greater Northern California Chapter

(Rachel Ching Pedernal, Chapter President) Present were: Elmer and Lorie Bangloy, Alfonso and Loida Miguel, Marjorie
Reyno, Fe Asuncion, Fern Kintanar, Richard and Wilma Dauglash.
Morning Manna Speaker
Dr. Alfonso Miguel
Reaching Together in His Service
Afternoon Health Lecture
Dr. Alfonso Miguel
Afternoon AWESNA Promotion
Dr. Elmer Bangloy
4th Joint Convention;
Volunteerism, Unite and Ignite
Sunday Afternoon Dinner given by
the Cascadia Chapter. It was not only a treat
to meet with the Cascadia Chapter; extra
treat was eating very rare fruits: lanzones,
jackfruit, atis, guyabano, santol, etc. As
chapter President Rachel (Ching) Pedernal
summed it up, Our togetherness may seem
quick and hasty, but the memories created
has rekindled in us the desire to unite and

17) AUGUST 29-31, 2014HILTON

This convention culminates the first year of
this term and ushers in future, challenging
years of productive service for AWESNA,
Alma Mater, and our LeaderGOD!

A Minute Meditation:
By Dr. VicLouis Arreola,III

The study of Biblical spirituality has

flooded the Christian world during this last
decade. The focus is on how to live a

band Rafael attended and participated during their Hour of

Worship and afternoon program. Lorie Bangloy was the
pianist, Carmelita Laoyan gave Children's Story and
health lecture, and Dr. Elmer Bangloy gave the Message
"The Fulfilling Life of Service" and presented the association's theme "Unite and Ignite". To end the afternoon program, the alumni elected their new set of officers followed
by an Oath Taking conducted by Dr. Elmer Bangloy.

sanctified life. Many have failed in their

journey because it has become a ritual, a
spiritual exercise rather than a faith experience. We can begin today by
having the mind of Jesus in our lives and experience salvation from the
power of sin. The Scripture says: And do not be conformed to this
world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, and that you
may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of
God. (Romans 12:16).
With this thought:
Quit magnifying your problems.
Quit exaggerating the power of the devil.
Plan for victories with Jesus.
Start emphasizing the power of God.


Start testifying about the greatness of God.

Start planning tomorrows victories.
If we plan to cultivate the mind of Jesus in us.... let us daily look
unto Jesus as the Lords messenger penned: When the mind dwells
upon self, it is turned away from Christ, the source of strength and life.
Hence, it is Satans constant effort to keep the attention diverted from
the Savior and thus prevent the union and communion of the soul with

Vice President:

Christ.Commit the keeping of your soul to God, and trust in Him.

Talk and think of Jesus. Let self be lost in Him!Steps toChrist, pp. 71-

Ricardo Calla II
Melva (Arreola) Manzano
Brenda (Cababat) Dolormente
Moises Medrano
Elmy Ann (Cordova) Peralta
Romy Villosos
Victor Arreola
David Madrid
Alfred Reyno
Gilbert Agir

72. We need to look constantly to Jesus, realizing that it is His power

which does the work. . we must also take time for meditation, for
prayer, and for the study of the Word of God. Only the work accomplished with much prayer and sanctified by the merit of Christ will in
the end prove to have been efficient for good. Desire of Ages, p. 362.
In our spiritual journey, let us have the mind of Christ.(I Corinthians

In response to the call for Hawaii Chapter to reorganize,
Ric Calla called for a rally on May 3, 2014 held at the
Honolulu Fil-Am SDA Church, Honolulu, Hawaii.
AWESNA President Dr. Elmer Bangloy with wife Lorie
and AWESNA Vice President Carmelita Laoyan with hus-


By Fem A. Ramirez, RN,PHN, MA
t age 13, I became an orphan and there were 5 other
after me, the youngest was
just 2 years old. This was the beginning
of my challenges in life. When I was introduced to Jesus, I accepted Him, and got
baptized through the influence of my
favorite Elementary teacher, Ms. Maria
Tumangday. I was determined to overcome many lifes challenges by Gods help.

A siblings


THE LINK / Summer-Fall 2014


16 THE LINK / Summer-Fall 2014

THE LINK / Summer-Fall 2014 17

Vancouver and BC

Chronicles of Cascadia:
By Rachel Varona-Pedernal
President, AWESNA Cascadia Chapter
Vancouver and B.C.

Significant Event
he Cascadia Alumni Chapter at Vancouver, British Columbia has been greatly blessed last June 27-29, 2014 with the
visit of our AWESNA president, Dr. Elmer Bangloy with
his wife Lorie and with their team including our former AWESNA
president Dr. Alfonso Miguel, Jr. and his wife Loida who is serving president of the Los Angeles Alumni Chapter, Marjorie Reyno,
president of the Loma Linda Chapter, Fe Asuncion, Fern Kintanar
and the ever faithful Alumni Roster-in charge, Wilma Dauglash
and her husband Dick. It was our first time to see some of them
personally and made our meeting more meaningful, creating
stronger bond of friendship and ties developed during the 31st
Filipino Camp Meeting at Hope, BC.
Participation and Purpose
Dr. Alfonso Miguel, Jr. was given the privilege to be the speaker
of the Sabbath morning manna and to share his knowledge about
osteoporosis during the afternoon seminar workshop. Dr. Elmer
Bangloy was also privileged to present and promote the AUP

AWESNA vision, gatherings and projects. He emphasized the

soon-coming mega convention theme To Unite and Ignite
and the importance of volunteerism. He felt that the chosen
theme was not coincidental but truly providential synergizing
with the theme at the camp meeting, Reaching Out Together.
Some great lessons learned developed into a lovely creed that
when we contribute and serve, we can stay younger and
healthier preventing osteoporosis, and when we volunteer, we
can stay energized and happier.
We were able to distribute invitational brochures for the Las
Vegas joint convention this coming August 29-31, 2014. Representing our Cascadia Chapter for the said rally will be Mirriam dela Cruz, Noel Abuel and his wife Belle, Nelson and
Lorna Decena.

For Sundays dinner, we organized a small gathering of family, friends and alumni, and served fresh lanzones, halo-halo
and other delicacies. We shared some fun, laughter and few
poses for photo shots. We were fortunate to be covered by an
alumnus, Noel Abuel, for his media business. Our togetherness may seem quick and hasty, but the memories created has
rekindled in us to Unite, Ignite and Volunteer.
We love you all.

18 THE LINK / Summer-Fall 2014


Emily Nimo Garcia,

The Greater Northern California ( GNCC) had a chapter rally at the

Stockton Fil-Am Church on June 7, 2014 with delegates from
AWESNA . The Hour of Worship speaker was Dr. Ed Gonzaga,
presenting his theme on health topic, Walk Across the Room.
AWESNA President, Dr. Elmer Bangloy, delivered the welcome
remarks on behalf of AWESNA
and set the tone for the rally
which was readily received by
the congregation with warm
enthusiasm. Special music rendition from the San Jose choir
and String duet by Dale and
Stanley Araba. The chapter
rally continued in the afternoon with mini concert, a message from
AWESNA President, Dr. Elmer Bangloy on Volunteerism, Unite
and Ignite. AWESNA Vice President, Lita Laoyan reported the

AWESNA Medical Mission. GNCC president, Emily Garcia emphasized that , Our main project is to assist financially working
students at AUP who have financial difficulty. The officers
members responded with monthly pledges in support to this project.

In Memoriam
Date of Death
August 14, 2013
October 29, 2013
October 30,2013
November 6, 2013
December 21, 2013
January 30, 2014
February 3, 2014
February 14, 2014
March 9, 2014
March 12, 2014
April 9, 2014
April 13, 2014
April 25, 2014
May 4, 2014
June 18, 2014
June 25, 2014
June 30, 2014
July 4, 2014
July 8, 2014
July 15, 2014

Dr. Celedonio A. Fernando

Lydia Vigilia
Annie Cristobal Stubblefield
Rachel Gayoba Polston
Angelina Jimenez Flores
Dr. Rolando Valdez Arafiles
Esther Miguel Peralta
Evelyn Domingo Teh
Pastor Crisanto Alcaide
Pastor Victor Cabansag
Julio Tabiolo
Oscar Fauni
Priscilla Atiga Catalon
Avelino Oliva
Edwin Vidal Arafiles
Rhody Santos Dalusong
Pastor Florencio Arrogante
Agnes Montiel Paragas
Dr. Valerie Lenette M. Reyes
Bernardina M. Loyola at 106 years

THE LINK / Summer-Fall 2014


AWESNA 2014 Mission ,From Page 9

and in to the beautiful sceneries in San Fernando, La Union. Praise God
for beautiful people with kindred spirit that even if NOT Seventh-day
Adventists, showed no discrimination, and poured their support to this
noble cause. The team finally arrived at the medical mission site in the
evening. It was quite difficult to distribute housing as the streets were not
well lit and streets were narrow for Van to pass through. Everyone was
distributed to relatives of Edna Domingo (uncles, aunties, niece, and
mayor). The medical team in Banger La Union was coordinated through
the Governor and mayors of two towns with the help of the provincial
health officer and the municipal doctors of Banger and Sudeten, La Un-

the Glory! Balaoan, La Union church prepared a farewell program to

the medical team on their way back to Manila. It was prepared by the
La Union District coordinated by Pastor Steve Sencio, district pastor
assisted by church members and elders. It was a grand hearty dinner!
Praise God from whom all blessings flow. We pray that Gods glory
and the gospel truth were magnified as we mingled with the people.
This was what Jesus did in His ministry. He did more healing than
preaching. His way of sharing His Gospel of love and mercy was
more openly received when those healed witnessed and proclaimed
the message of the gospel truth. Sharing the gospel through the healing ministry is the joy of service. +

ion. The weather in La Union was quite different from Baguio City that
has the cool breeze although it is along the coast of China Sea. In spite of
the heat and humidity, the team continued working. The medical section
was swamped with patients attended by
Drs. Gonzaga, Dr. Tabo, and Dr. Catherine Catolico of Condon who also came
to help. Members of the team did their
job and found joy serving and learning
about the people in the community. Mr.
Lachica mingled with patients and parents while Mr. Sabalboro learned
to become a surgical assistant as Dr. Quion did non-stop doing minor
surgeries. The Dental team was also graced with the dental group in La
Union. On the last two days of medical mission, many children came for
circumcision after school ended. Three tables served circumcisions, Dr.
Olpindo, Mr. Vigilia, Dr. Liongco, and Edna Domingo while Mrs.
Vigilia assisted and served as the pharmacist. Mr. Domingo and Glenna
Sabalboro did blood sugar checks. Carmelita did optical while Fely,
Arlegie, Letty, Erlinda took charge of main pharmacy. The local doctors
also helped with patient consultations as well as workers of the RHU.
The NLM mission nurse, district pastor, and the local pastor gave their
assistance and support to this three day medical mission. Meals served
were authentic native cooking from produce of the local area. The two
mayors of Bangar and Sudipen provided some of the meals and snacks
as their gesture of support to this noble
cause of serving the health care needs of
their people in the community. We
praise God that the mission was successful. The total number of patients seen
was approximately 2, 010. To God be

20 THE LINK / Summer-Fall 2014

About the Speaker:

Pastor Mike Tucker, AWESNA convention speaker, is the
speaker/director for the Faith For Today telecast, and is
frequently heard on Voice of Prophecy broadcasts. Until early
2009, he was senior pastor of the 1900-member, Arlington
Seventh-day Adventist Church in Arlington, Texas. He has
previously served as a Christian High School Bible teacher,
youth pastor, and chaplain for medical and psychiatric facilities. He holds a masters degree in counseling and has served
as a Pastors Pastor for ministers in his denomination.
Pastor Tucker has authored several books, including Journal
of a Lonely God; Jesus, Hes All Youll Ever Need; Every
Good Thing; A Time for You; The Irrefutable, Irrevocable,
Unalterable Laws of Dating; Ten Keys to a Happy Marriage;
and Meeting Jesus in the Book of Revelation. Pastor Tucker
was the speaker for NET 2007, HeartQuest: Finding the One
Who Has Loved You All Along.
Mike hosts Faith For Todays flagship program, Lifestyle
Magazine, the most recognized Adventist broadcast in America. Mike lives in the Dallas area with his wife Gayle.

Glendale Chapter

AWESNA Glendale Chapter

Letty Banaag
Chapter President


August 31, 2014, Henderson, Nevada

lendale Chapter is an active chapter especially in its participation in church activities.

The Chapter joined efforts with the Glendale
Filipino Church at the latest medical-evangelism mission work that was held in the beautiful island of
Romblon, Philippines.
Together, the members of the Chapter and the
Church continue to do annual Christmas visits, present a program and distribute quilts to the residents of
the Walter Hoving Home.

most recent additions to our membership - Raquel and Windell

Maranan. In addition, the Glendale Chapter gave its support to
the publication of AWESNA's 2014 Convention souvenir program by subitting many greetings and advertisements to the
AWESNA Convention Souvenir Program.
It is a joy, and with praises to the Lord, that as alumni and
frinds of PUC/AUP, we have been blessed and fortunate to
have been educated and trained in a school known to be "the
school that trains for service" - service to God and mankind.
Long live AUP, and the different alumni chapters that comprise AWESNA and EASNAC.
Submitted by: Letty Banaag, President, Glendale Chapter

Foremost in the activities where the Chapter members are active are participations in most, if not all,
church activities, such as - assisting and being a
strong support to the Pastors; leadership in the different church departments; leadership in church programs, actively participating in the singing band visitations at the different nearby convalescent homes
and hospitals, which are almost every Saturday afternoon; participation in literature distributions; assisting and giving generously where financial help is
needed; helping out in the different spiritual and social activities of the church, and many others as the
needs arise.
At the most recent gathering of the world-famous
AUP Ambassadors alumni at White Memorial
Church last June, it was joined by the Glendale Chapter Ambassador alumni and other voices from other
churches - in a spiritual concert that was directed by
Ray Puen and a special performance by the Ambassadors directed by their own Bojo Limjuaco.
It is a pleasure to report that four of our Chapter
members (Ernie, Ella, Gorden, and Wilma) are active
officers of the Mother Chapter. We are also happy to
report that Raquel Maranan, ("welcome Raquel")
formerly from the Florida Chapter, is now our new
Secretary, taking the place of Ella Alcaide, who had
been, for many years, a very active and dependable
Secretary ('thank you Ella"). We welcome the two

THE LINK / Summer-Fall 2014



Summer 2013 19

Administrator, educator, missionaryDr.
Ottis C. Edwards ministry embodies the life
of a disciple of Christ, unselfishly serving
where God has called him.
His passion for mission work began when he
was six years oldwatching his church pastor accepting a call to Borneo and reading a
poster from the General Conference showing
Jesus with outstretched arms, as if He was
directly speaking to Him to go into all the world. Since then, he
resolved to follow where His Master leads him.
Born in 1929 (the year of the stock market crash in the United
States) in Wenatchee, Washington, Ottis childhood years were
marked by constant struggles. At eight, his father died of cancer,
leaving his mother to raise eight children on her own. However, no
obstacle could deter him from pursuing his goal. With Gods help
and his unflinching determination, he paid his school bills doing
odd jobsworking on the farm, caring for chickens, serving as
dormitory monitor in the evenings, assisting with food preparation
in the cafeteria. During the summer after graduating from Upper
Columbia Academy, he worked on the construction of the new
boys dormitory. It was late in summer that year that he met Dottie
Womack, whom he married during their college years at Walla
Walla College (now Walla Walla University).
With unwavering determination Ottis completed his Bachelor of
Theology with minors in Education and English in 1952; earned his
Master of Education from Walla Walla College/University in 1960;
and later his Doctor of Education from University of Southern California, Los Angeles in 1968.
Prior to his engagement in the field of education, Dr. Edwards
served in the United States Armyan assignment he considered
strenuous. As a conscientious objector who did not participate in
rifle practice, he spent innumerable hours doing KP (kitchen
preparation). Anticipating his deployment to Korea, he enrolled in
medical training courses. However, teaching beckoned him, two
weeks before the end of his medical training, as he was asked to
teach medic classes for the next group of new recruits. This was
followed by more intensive involvement in educational leadership
and classroom teaching: Principal, Toledo SDA Church School,
Oregon(1952-53); Instructor, United States Army Basic Training
Facility, Corpus Christi, Texas (1953-55); Principal, Roseburg Junior Academy, Roseburg, Oregon (1955-57); Principal Eugene Junior Academy, Eugene, Oregon (1957-59); English Instructor, Walla
Walla College Academy, College Place, Washington (1959-60).
While busy serving as administrator and teacher in the United
States, his dream for missions was realized when on October 22,
1960, he, Dottie, and adopted daughter, Londa, flew to the Philippines after accepting a call from the General Conference to teach at
Philippine Union College. The warm welcome from then PUC
President Ruben Manalaysay and the faculty signaled an enjoyable
episode and lasting relationship with Philippine Union College,


THE LINK / Summer-Fall 2014

where he first served as chair of the English Department

and advisor for the College Voice (1960-64). This four-year
rendezvous with PUC, however, was temporarily halted
when the Far Eastern Division called him to serve as academic dean at Mountain View College in the South Philippines. There he was also English Department chair and Acting President (1964-65). Although establishing relationships
and adjusting to the new assignment posed a big challenge,
Dr. Ottis and his family gained lasting relationships to form
part of fond memories of the School of the Light.
It was during Dr. Edwards furlough that he had the opportunity for postgraduate studies at University of Southern
California. This however, was the time when Dottie had
developed rheumatoid arthritis. Would we be able to return
to the Philippines? ran through his uncertain mind. After
his dissertation defense, several options presented themselvesaccept the call to be academic dean at Southeast
Asia Union College; or request the GC for him to be allowed to return to Philippine Union College. Shortly after,
the last option crystallized, but the specifics were not clear.
Still, without hesitation, he answeredYes we will go to


Multi-talented, active, with a good
sense of humoryet unassuming and
more of the behind-the scene
leader, Rene U. Donato has exemplified servant-leadership in all his
multi-faceted roles in alumni, church,
and community affairs. A staunch
and loyal AWESNA member, he has served AWESNA as
board member for six years before being elected auditor in
2010; thereafter serving as auditor (first term under Mr.
Alberto Bagingitos administration) and currently in the
same capacity; alumni souvenir program coordinator, promotions director, layout editor; audio-visual technician, and
handymanyou name it, he performs it. In 2004, as
AWESNA board member and co-chair of the Budget and
Finance Committee, Rene was a key player in realizing the
first joint AWESNA-EASNAC Convention in Houston,
Texas. Rene likewise led Mountain View College Alumni
Association as vice president and later, president (an office
he performed for the longest term). Multi-

talented, active, with a good sense of humoryet unassuming

pital in Baird, Texas. It was there where their daughter Aimee

and more of the behind-the scene leader, Rene U. Donato has

Lou was born.

exemplified servant-leadership in all his multi-faceted roles in

alumni, church, and community affairs. A staunch and loyal
AWESNA member, he has served AWESNA as board member
for six years before being elected auditor in 2010; thereafter
serving as auditor (first term under Mr. Alberto Bagingitos
administration) and currently in the same capacity; alumni souvenir program coordinator, promotions director, layout editor;
audio-visual technician, and handymanyou name it, he per-

Equipped with the needed experience in his field, he and his

family returned to sunny California where he worked as Accounting Supervisor for the City of Corona; and his wife served
at the Loma Linda University Medical Center. After his 18year stint in City of Corona, he took an early retirement from
government employment to pursue other opportunities in the
private sector.

forms it. In 2004, as AWESNA board member and co-chair of

A member of the Loma Linda Filipino SDA Church in Loma

the Budget and Finance Committee, Rene was a key player in

Linda, California, the largest Filipino congregation outside of

realizing the first joint AWESNA-EASNAC Convention in

the Philippines, Rene has served as Sabbath School superinten-

Houston, Texas.

dent, associate treasurer, and treasurer till 2009, and continues

Rene likewise led Mountain View College Alumni Association

to assist in church treasury work.

as vice president and later, president (an office he performed

Generous with his services, Rene willingly shares his knowl-

for the longest term).

edge, talents, and skills and does so with a positive counte-

A product of Seventh-day Adventist Christian education, Rene

completed his secondary schooling in Mountain View College.
Later, in 1967, he graduated from Philippine Union College,
now Adventist University of the Philippines, and was treasurer
of the Golden Anniversary Graduating Class of that year.
During his undergraduate years, he participated in various cocurricular activities and held positions as business manager of
Balintawak Memoirs and College Voice, the school annual and
newsletter respectively; and later served as Student Association

nance. As an organization team player, Rene has exhibited the

values that contribute towards AWESNAs philosophyUnite
and Ignite, and is a living testimony to the fulfillment of the
ideals of AUP, the School that Trains for Service.
Congratulations to a new lawyer, Jose Pong Manalo, Jr.! for receiving his Juris Doctor degree after he graduated from
Columbia University College of Law on March 22, 2014. We
will continue to pray for his success and may God bless him
more for years to come !

treasurer during the first half of 1967. In addition, he was president of the Business Students Club and led out in many student
functions. Recognizing his exemplary leadership and outstanding academic performance, PUC offered him a teaching
position in the School of Business right after graduation. After
passing the CPA exams with flying colors after one take, he
continued teaching accounting, auditing, and business math
subjects at PUC until 1972.
Following the Biblical injunction that it is not good for man to
be alone, Rene married the love of his lifeformer Imelda
Miguel, a PUC alumna. In 1975, the couple and their son, Rick,
immigrated to the United States, and settled for a while in Chicago, Illinois. Early in 1976, he received a call to work for the
General Conference as accountant for the Institutional Services/Esda Sales, based in Riverside, Californiawhere he


photo ) Jose Pong Ma-

nalo, Jr. with his parents, Pastor

and Mrs. Jose Manalo. (Left
photo.) Jose Pong Manalo ,Jr.
with Edwin Araba , taken during
Washington, DC 2011 convention.

served until he was offered a Controllers job in 1979 by a hos-

THE LINK / Summer-Fall 2014



An Exorcising Experience
By Dr. Herman Reyes

Against My Better Judgement

heavens. I told them to stop and let go of the lady because I

recognized her.

"Please come and exorcise an evil spirit from one of our students at Sampaguita Hall (Women's dormitory)," Dr. Delfe
Alsaybar said. He, with three lady faculty members of Philippine Union College, came to our quarters one Friday evening.
It was the school year 1979-1980 when the whole PUC population at the Baesa campus had just transferred to the new campus at Puting Kahoy, Silang, Cavite. The faculty and students
of the Seventh-Day Adventist Theological Seminary, Far East
were among them.

A Wrong Diagnosis

"But I never had the experience of exorcising the devil!" I told

the group. I remembered a demon-possession incident when I
was a student at PUC. A demon-possessed dormitory mate of
mine displayed super-human strength. There were six of us but
we could not hold him or pin him down.
Much to my chagrin, my wife retorted, "But how can you have
an experience if you don't try?" Then she followed Delfe's
group to his van. Although very much against my better judgement I could not follow, too. Sampaguita Hall was up in a hill
(The Lanbingan bridge had not been built at the time. Delfe let
us out of his car at the bottom of the hill, closed the van's door,
and drove away with the three teachers. He told me
later:"Pasensiya ka na, Meniong , takot din ako!" (Pardon me,
Meniong, I also was afraid!).

Preparing for the Encounter

I made slow and small steps as we climbed the hill. I was trying to prepare myself for the encounter. I remembered the
counsels of the Apostle James. "Submit yourselves, then to
God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you... wash your
hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts..." (James 4:7,8). I
tried to recollect all my recent sins, confess them, and sought
forgiveness. I wanted nothing that would block or hinder the
flow of Almighty Power to me.

Exorcism in Action
We knocked and entered the room of the afflicted student. We
saw exorcism in action - a male student was holding the feet of
the lady; another male student, her two hands; a lady student
was pressing an open Bible on her face, and the dormitory dean
was saying her prayers in a loud shrill voice. The student was
struggling to free herself and cursing her tormentors to high

24 THE LINK / Summer-Fall 2014

A week before, I was on a passenger jeep on my way to visit

the Baesa campus of PUC. A lady by my side said to me: "Sir,
bayad na po kayo."(Sir, I already paid your fare). This was a
Filipino practice - a less favored person doing a favor for a
much favored person. I thanked her for her kindness. THAT
LADY WAS THIS STUDENT! When she saw me, she smiled
in recognition.
We visited. I learned that she was from Baler, Quezon, that she
was an only child, that this was her first time to be away from
home, and that she was not only homesick and lonely but
frightened to be in the company of strangers. Her strange and
sometimes violent behavior was interpreted to be devil possession.
I requested the dean to bring her some food. the student ate
with gusto, not only because she was probably famished but
because the atmosphere had turned to be cordial and caring.
She talked and smiled all throughout her meal and gave other
evidences that she was normal and okay.

The church at the time met at the cafeteria down below the
Sampaguita Hall. The vesper meeting apparently had come to a
close. We heard an announcement - "All ordained ministers
please remain. We will do some exorcising!"
A few minutes later we heard the rumble of many feet. I
opened the door and saw 30 or more ministers, all equipped
with Bibles and ready to do battle. I gently told them to go
home as the battle had already been won.
Disappointed? A few insisted to see the lady. they saw her sitting on her bed with a smile and resting well. Did I have an exorcising
experience? Probably not! But thanks
to God and to my brave wife, since
then I lost my fear to meet the devil
face to face!
Author, Dr. Herman Reyes

n 1953, forty seven ambitious

students in their teens graduated
from High School at Philippine
Union College, now Adventist
University of the Philippines. Fifty
years later, in the year 2003, eighteen
class members attended their very first
reunion in Covina, California. On this
60th Anniversary of our graduation, we
thought of having a reunion one more
time. Contacting classmates after 60
years was a real challenge and for some
various reasons, they could not make it
and thats understandable. However,
twelve class members with their respective spouses were able to attend the 42nd
Annual AUP/AWESNA Convention in
San Diego, La Jolla Marriott Hotel from
August 30- September 1, 2013.


By Loida M. Miguel

Most of us attended the week-end activities. The speaker for the Friday Vespers
program was a young Pastor Vic Louis
Arreola IV, and the Sabbath Services by
Pastor George Johnson. We were inspired and blessed by the messages laced
with beautiful musical renditions by different individuals and singing groups.
The mass Choir accompanied by the
orchestra was spiritually uplifting. The
Saturday evening Banquet was entertaining with music and magic. Being in an
honor class, each one was presented a
colorful badge direct from AUP.
Early Sunday morning, September 1, the
group had breakfast in one of the conference room of the hotel. The room was
spacious enough for us to move around
to socialize and laughed to our hearts
content. As one could imagine, a lot of
picture-taking took place. You see, we
were trying hard to have the camera capture a better, younger-looking class!
Sixty years is a long, long time but
problem seeing, theres the bifocal; and
amazingly, we all look great!
hard of hearing? We just talked louder
and stayed closer to each other.
Experiences during high school days
On the lighter side, Mariano Nabong led
brought a lot of nostalgic memories. A the group in a moment of silence, to reclassmate we have not seen nor heard
member some classmates who have
from since graduation was not recogpassed away. A prayer was offered in
nized till her name was mentioned.
thankfulness to God for bringing us toDespite our advancing years, its a sur- gether and sustaining us all these years.
prise that nobody talked about their arClassmates in attendance were: Napthali
thritic pains. In such gatherings, trouAlinsod, Lilia Velasco Bascon, Merla
bles seem to disappear. In fact, a class- Realin Conopio, Rachel Parago Cox,
mate still goes dancing as a form of ex- Rosita Kintanar Imperio, Marcelina
ercise-so she said. If anybody had a
Mina Kintanar, Loida Moya Miguel,

Lolita Bautista Nabong, Mariano Nabong,

Lydia Rodriguez Bruan, Daniel Santos and
Beulah Campomanes Session. Three
classmates in high school who joined the
reunion were Francisco Enriquez, Aida
Dahunan Llopis and Rosie Genova Mondejar.
It was a glorious reunion and everybody
had a great time. We all parted with the
hope of another reunion. Will there be
another one? Maybe yes or no. But one
thing is sure- we are all anticipating for
that Grand Reunion in the Earth made new.
Let us all strive to be there.


Summer-Fall 2014 25

THE LINK / Summer 2013


The Anchor

AWESNA San DiegoChapter Report

By Crisasamar Anunciado,PhD
San Diego Chapter President

n November 17, 2013

we had a wrap-up chapter meeting on participation and coordination of the
AWESNA convention in San
Diego. During the celebratory meeting we thank all members participation for their hard work. Some chapter
members participated in and had fellowship with
AWESNA officers during the Retreat at Oxnard, California. During the chapter meeting in March 2014 we discussed renewal of projects such as textbook donations for
AUP College of Nursing, SD chapter officers to find out
more about working student scholarship program, rice program and the progress of the College of Medicine.
San Diego Rally last May 2014 promoted camaraderie
and fellowship among SD chapter members and
AWESNA as a whole. Reported awareness on the COM
project and increase participation in fund raising. Reported and raised awareness of the working student program and renew interests in scholarships, rice program and
collected cash donations for the rice program.
We collected more cash for the working student rice program; collected monies to be wired by October 2014. We
received list of working students and will select students
to be sponsored for the next semester . Coordinated CEU/
Health education event for AWESNA convention to help
increase awareness of better health practices. It is our goal
to help improve the health of our fellow alumni and also
provide tools to help alumni share health message to others. We will send relatively new textbooks to the College
of Nursing to provide new tools for nursing faculty and
current information to nursing students.

San Diego Chapter Officers

President- Crisamar Anunciado,PhD, Vice President-Religious
- Pastor Lemuel Liwanag, VP Socials- Jorilyn dela Cruz, VP
Membership Nellie P. Alamo, VP Young Alumni Gemma
Banaag, VP North County- Glory Maravilla, Secretary Connie
Mirasol, Treasurer Ellen Esmillo, Auditor Paz Agustines,

26 THE LINK / Summer-Fall 2014

PRO Fem Ramirez, Project/Scholarship Flory Vasquez,

COMELEC Rufino Magpayo, Advisers Pastor Willie Ombao,
Pastor Dale Barizo, Rufino Magpayo, Auxillary Head Evelyn

AWESNA Greater Los Angeles Chapter Report

Reported by
Loida M. Miguel ,
Chapter President


unday, May 18, 2014, was a beautiful day for a picnic at the
iconic Rose Bowl Park in Pasadena. After enduring a heat
wave the week before, it was a relief that on the day of the
picnic, the temperature was mild with a sunny sky. About 70
alumni came and enjoyed a day of socializing, exercise, games, and
of course feasting in the various food delicacies brought by the attendees.

There were the early birds who came at 7:00 am. They reserved the
place, went walking, running, and jogging around the park. After
shedding a few pounds, they ate a hearty breakfast!

game. It was exciting to watch the two opposing teams.

The water balloon game drew a lot of laughter when the
water-filled balloon bursts, getting the participant wet.
We would think Pinatas are just for children. Well, we
played the game. After several attempts by some players, it
was Pastor Simeon Rosete who finally hit the Pinata so
hard sending the candies flying all over, while the adults
came rushing to pick up the candies like little kids.
At the end of the day, we were invigorated, thankful to be
out with nature. An elderly alumnus commented that she
could not contain her laughter while watching the games.
She and her husband were glad they came.

The event was graced with the presence of our AWESNA

President, Dr. Elmer Bangloy with wife Lorie and Vice President,
Lita Laoyan and husband Ralph came all the way from Loma
After lunch, the games began, led by Don Roman, our sports coordinator. Some ladies acted as cheerleaders during the Softball

THE LINK / Summer-Fall 2014 27

CVSDA Church Celebrates 25th Anniversary

with AWESNA Rally Fresno Chapter
By Judy Loriezo Osena

"We've Come this Far by Faith" was the theme of Central Valley SDA (CVSDA) Church Silver Anniversary held at the
church edifice on April 25-26, 2014. The church is located at
3901 East Clinton Ave. Fresno. California 93703.
Guest speaker, Pastor Romy Daquila came with his wife, Lilia
from Alberta Canada.
Those who served this church since it was organized were:
Pastor Dave Recalde 1987-1989, Pastor Romy Daquila 19891991, Pastor Pangan 1991-2001, and 2010-2011, Pastor Roldan
Abello 2003-2006, Pastor Ariel Roxas 2008-2010 (deceased)
and Pastor Rob Benardo 2011-present.
The celebration was started with Friday night verspers meeting
with speaker Pastor Daquila. Sabbath school program included
a panel who discussed the Sabbath School lesson study, A
short video clip about the church history was shown by Collier
Mariano and Pastor Pangan gave the praise, gratitude and dedication prayer where he mentioned how God has given us this
facility as a special gift and the church family feels so blessed
for making it possible for us to worship Him here. It was followed by divine hour of worship with the Chamber Choir singing "Before the Throne of God" for prelude , Ed Gaje's call to
worship as presiding elder , adult choir singing "Lift Him Up"
conducted by Vladimir Tuazon for special number followed by
the message from Pastor Daquila. Postlude by the church orchestra conducted by Maria Kidwell.
After the fellowship meal, the music festival started with
James Esposo and Meschil Lafuente as Masters of Ceremonies.
A violin solo by Mirielle Anne Enriquez set the tone for the
afternoon with her piece "Cavatina" by Nicanor Abelardo.
Next , she was joined by her two brothers, Neal Sean and Niel
Dan and their friend, Trina and sang two songs, "Children Song
Medley" by Mark Hayes and "Somebody's knocking at your
door", accompanied by Mirielle's sister Millicent on the piano. Chamber Choir followed with two songs, Bells/Choir
Chimes with two renditions, Central Valley Choir, and Chil-

28 THE LINK / Summer-Fall 2014

dren's choir. Vocal Solo by Earl Meyer, from Westside SDA

church, Harmonica solo, by Edwardo Que, from Oakhurst SDA
church. Sunnyside church also participated with a duet from
Nancy Isaacs & Melinda Fnney. Closing prayer was offered by
Joe Esposo.
It was followed by the AWESNA Rally led by Dr. Elmer Bangloy who came with his entourage of key leaders (President and
officers of different area chapters of AWESNA). Welcome remarks were given by Noli Poblacion,, president of the local
Fresno AWESNA chapter, followed by the university song "On
Ever Onward" led by Joe and Carel Esposo, accompanied on the
piano by Sally Saberola. Then the chamber choir sang "Lead
On Oh king Eternal" for special music. "Unite and Ignite" is the
AWESNA theme and he challenged us to do whatever we can
for our Alma Mater.
Election of Officers with names taken from the PUC-AUP
Alumni and the results are: re-election of Noli Poblacion as
president for second term, , Joe Esposo , Vice President, Merilyn Pimentel, Secretary, Andy Tuazon, Asso. Secretary, Geminiano (Nonoy) Sulit, Treasurer, Edgar Federico, Asso. Treasurer, Julit Batulayan, Auditor, Judy Osena, PRO. Vice president
for Hanford, Letty Lachica, Clarita Dalida for Visalia, Juvy
Tayco-Gaje for Bakersfield. Advisers: Pastor Abel Pangan and
Mike Mariano. It was refreshing to reconnect with old friends
and made some new ones too. The AWESNA Board Members
met for their second quarter meeting in the board room during
dinner and lots in the agenda were covered.
Sundown devotional worship was led by Pastor Rob Benardo
and a light evening meal was enjoyed by everyone. The young
at heart participated in the evening socials.
Until next time, God willing, let's all remain faithful and be
ready for Jesus soon return. We praise and thank God for His
leading through all these years.

La Sierra Chapter Holds First 2014 Quarterly Meeting

By Lucy Fernando, Tessie Sajid & Ralph Tigno

The AWESNA- La Sierra Chapters 2014 first quar-

of the local parks and inviting the young alumni to join and

terly meeting was held on Saturday night, March 8, 2014 at Lucy and

get better acquainted with the La Sierra chapter members

Mike Fernandos Alta Mira Way hilltop home. Regular members who

was raised. According to Lucy Fernando, many young

attended included: Leni Espiritu, Lucy & Miguelto Fernando, Gloria &

alumni attend La Sierra University Church, and are active in

Wencesalao Luib, Mario & Yolanda Manlo, Ching and Onie Torres,

young alumni activites.

Eleanor & Abner Velasco. Unfortunately, several members were unable

to attend due to either out-of-town commitments or illness.
A devotional on the importance of the use of ones time by Tessie Sajid, the chapter secretary, opened the meeting at approximately 6:30
p.m. To begin her inspirational talk, Tessie read the poem The Dash,
which represents a persons life span, and how time is spent between
ones birth and death determines the quality of a persons dash.

2014 Joint EASNAC/WESNAC (AWESNA) Alumni convention. The 4th Joint EASNAC/WESNAC (AWESNA) weekend convention will be held on August 29-31, 2014 at the
Lake Las Vegas Hilton Resort & Spa in Henderson, Nevada.
Members were encouraged to make reservations as soon as
possible, and definitely before the deadline for the Labor
Day weekend affair. Copies of the convention information
brochure were made available to every member present at

Following the devotional and opening prayer by Tessie, the meetings

the meeting. The brochure includes the following informa-

agenda was discussed and acted upon as needed. These included the


The AUP Worthy Student Project. Lucy Fernando, the chapter
treasurer, reported that with the generous contribution of
chapter members to La Sierras Worthy Students Scholarship
Fund (WWSSF), the number of recipients has been increased
from the original two to ten students. Mr. Mervyn Olarte,
AUPs Student Finance director, has sent Lucy a school yearend report which indicated each recipients name, the students major field of study, GPA, and the amount of scholarship money awarded the student. Because many chapter
members are retirees and on fixed income, Betty Tigno suggested that the number of awardees be limited to 10 students
per semester per school year.
Annual Membership Dues. Members were reminded to keep
their annual membership dues up-to-date. Last year, only
90% of chapter members paid their dues. It is hoped that this
year, there will be 100% participation &payment of dues. It
was also mentioned that since 50% of dues revert to the chapter, the rebated amount will be applies towards the WWSSF
(the chapters scholarship project).
AWESNA Endowment Fund. Per prior chapter consensus, it was
agreed that each chapter family/household is to donate
$250.00 per year for five (5) years, for a total of $1,250.00
per family/household towards the AWESNA Endowment
Fund. Several members have already paid-in-full their $
1,250.00 family/household share. Those who have not fulfilled their family/household share were reminded that there
are only 2 out of the 5 years remaining to pay for those who
have not yet paid their portion.
Chapter Picnic. With several young AUP alumni residing in
the La Sierra area, the idea of holding a chapter picnic in one

Special convention hotel room rates

Toll-free reservation telephone number
Deadline for making reservations
Cost of the Saturday Evening Gala Alumni Banquet
ticket Cost of the Sabbath lunch
Cost of placing an advertisement/personal greeting on
the souvenir program
Names & phone numbers of convention personnel to
contact for any further information and/ or questions about the convention.
Mario Manalo offer the closing prayer and the blessing on the
food, and the meeting was followed by the customary potluck meal, socializing, and exchange of jokes & memories



After graduation from high school at the West Visayan Aca demy,
Bongco, Pototan, Iloilo, my senior year close friend encouraged me
to pursue my career at Philippine Union College. This was purely a
venture for me knowing that I have no stable financial support to
depend on. Nevertheless, right after summer, Portia Recibe and I
together with her sister Filipina found ourselves at the campus of Philippine Union College. Mr. Bangele Alsaybar, West Visayan Academy Principal, and Ms. Maria Tumangday, my Elementary school
teacher were guided us as to make it possible for us to have a Christian education and helped us find out what options we have for us at
PUC. English is the primary language at PUC. This is especially
helpful for us to communicate in English especially to those who
came from another Island who does know how to speak Tagalog. I
had no choice but to speak English and we practically had to speak
English since our Professors were Americans. Enrollment was just

few days ahead Enrollment was just few days ahead when
we arrived. Registration for that fiscal year was going on. We
were penniless especially myself. In almost all cases

THE LINK / Summer-Fall 2014


AUP COM Photo Update


By Dr. Alfonso Miguel, Jr. MD
Dr. Doris A. Mendoza, the founding Dean-Elect of the planned Adventist University of the Philippines College of Medicine, on May
24, 2014 Sabbath pm met with thirteen (13) physicians and one (1) dentist with spouses and guests at the beautiful residence of Drs.
Wilson and Mariclen Lao. They served as the ultimate hosts and a gracious benefactor for making it possible for Dr. Mendoza to
come here at Loma Linda University School of Medicine to attend the five-day Consortium of Adventist Medical Education Leaders
(CAMEL) meeting.
The Sabbath was spent for Worship and fellowship with a Devotional Message by Dr. Benny Banaag on Forgiveness and Witnessing, followed by a sumptuous dinner provided by our hosts. The main highlight of the meeting was an audio-video presentation in
two parts by our Special Guest, Dr. Doris Mendoza. First, was a very insightful compelling testimony of how she came to know the
truth about Adventism, fraught by obstacles- namely, health issues, as a visible Deacon leader of a church (Methodist) which she
organized in her area, as a practicing Pediatric Cardiologist (>30 years), and as a faculty (full Professor) at University of Western
Visayas. Second, the latest update of the AUP College of Medicine- the what, why, and when issues about the accreditation process
required by CHED TPME. The main issue will be the procurement of faculty in the Basic Sciences who have had teaching experiences in Medical school setting who will serve as faculty of the inaugural class of the AUP COM.
We strongly solicit for your support and for your prayers that Gods hand is upon this endeavor to the SDA Leadership and particularly to our founding Dean-elect Dr. Doris Mendoza and her staff as they work in attending to the
needed requirements before the CHED TPME makes their visit sometime soon. +

30 THE LINK / Summer-Fall 2014

AWESNA Board of Officers and

Spiritual Advisers 2013 -2016

(Upper to lower & from Left to Right)

Elmer Bangloy, President, Alberto Bagingito, Immediate Past President, Lita Laoyan, Vice President,
Eppie Manalo, Secretary , Leni Espiritu , Asso. Secretary, Ella Alcaide, Treasurer, Rene Donato, Auditor,
Edwin Araba, PRO, Pastor VicLouis Arreola,III, Pastor Dale Barizo, Pastor Jose Manalo, and Pastor Simeon
Rosete,Jr., Advisers.

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The Adventist University of the Philippines


Alumni of Western North America (AWESNA)

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AWESNA/EASNAC/ AACNA-ST, 4th AUP Joint Convention

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August 29-31, 2014, Hilton Lake Las Vegas Resort, Henderson, Nevada
From: Dr. Dennis and Febs Imperio & Family, Dr. Joshua and Joy Imperio & Family,
Dr. Edwin Araba & Family, Mike and Ellen Sabangan & Family.