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Republic of the Philippines


College of Engineering, Architecture, and Technology
Puerto Princesa City

December __, 2014

Dear Sir/Madam:

Greetings of Peace and Prosperity!

The Department of Architecture under the College of Engineering and Architecture of Palawan
State University is annually organizing an educational tour as part of the Bachelor of Science in
Architecture Revised Curriculum. Said tour is one of the prerequisites needed for the subject BT5: Building Technology 5, which is being taken by the Fourth Year Architecture students during
the First Semester. The objectives of the tour are to develop more the interests of the future
architects in their chosen field, to educate them with modern architectural styles and designs and
to give them insights on the continuing development of architectural structures for ASEAN
In line of the foregoing and with the coming Yuletide season, we, the Third Year Architecture
students would be singing songs of Christmas carols to people and/or families with generous and
sincere hearts. We would like to visit your household and/or office on December ___, 2014
between ____ to ___ p.m. to share with you the Spirit of Christmas with our songs. Any
assistance that you can provide us will be added to our funds to support and provide our needs
for the coming tour.
In advance, we would be very honored and thankful for the support you will impart. Your gifts
will definitely be of great help for making this important endeavor successful.
Let us redeem the true meaning of Christmas and understand the spirit of giving and sharing. Let
us then appreciate the significance of Jesus birth- even now and years later.
Advance Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Very truly yours,

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