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Ma$hew Dyer

I am an enthusias3c, well organised individual, who likes a challenge. In past experiences I have
shown my ability to converse with a variety of age groups in a team situa3on. I am good at
priori3sing my task and managing my 3me eec3vely.





Heaton chapel

Aquinas College
A Levels (Predicted Grades)
Psychology (C)
Sociology (B/C)
Media (B/C)

Reddish Vale Technology College
11 GCSEs including: Maths (A), English language (C), English literature (C), Physics (B),
Biology (B), Chemistry (B), History (B), Design and technology (C), ICT L1(pass), ICT
L2(C), Graphics (A)

Helped Create the rst coopera3ve trust website for my high school
Set up a band and performed at Manchester academy
Was a member of the school council, raising money for the school and chari3es

Career Interests:
I am extremely interested in all aspects of media, my studies have taught me a lot about the dierent areas
of media.
I have experience in media technologies, crea3ng short lms and magazines.
I would enjoy working in the media sector because I like to be crea3ve and come up with unique solu3ons.
Recently I created a short lm in my media class, which I found fun and immensely fullling
Through college, work and life experiences I have learnt how to present my ideas condently. I have proved
this through my work on several occasions.


Work Experience:

Oct 2010 Nov 2010

Work experience

United U3li3es
Used computer aided design to designed 3D models
Data entry
Visited the companys sites, to inspect the progress

Feb 2011 June 2011

Project manager

Coopera3ve trust
Over saw the project and helped to solve problems that occurred
Keeping the team on track with deadlines
Created visual aids for the website, e.g logo and banner
Interview school journalists to update the website
Train younger pupils to take over the role

Sept 2012 - Present


Alan Dyer builders
Write up es3mates and invoices for clients
Labouring work on sites
Answering phones, keeping track of appointments/ jobs etc.

June 2013 Present


Myriad Security
12 hour night shids guarding roads entering the fes3val grounds and solving any
issues that occur
Guarding gate entering the main fes3val site, searching people and their belongings
for contraband
Use ini3a3ve to overcome problems as they arose
Guarded car parks to ensure no ones cars were vandalised

Hobbies & Interests:

In my spare 3me I enjoy music. I am a member of a band that has played at several venues such as academy, dry
bar and even 18th birthday par3es. I enjoy travelling, I like to discover new places and try new things. I have helped
create interior design for my family and friends, choosing furniture, colours and layout to bring out the best in a
room. I am interes3ng in the hardware side of computers; I have custom build my own computer.

Addi&onal Skills:

Microsod Oce: experienced in Word, Excel and PowerPoint especially

I am currently learning to drive and have access to a car
Experience with Logic Pro crea3ng and edi3ng music
Experience with iMovies edi3ng lms
High level of experience with Photoshop