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Spa, Massage Therapy, Beauty and Wellness Questions and Answers

Eunice Estipona

For my first blog for 2010, I am compiling here a few of the questions, which have been emailed
to me through the years regarding the practice, the profession and business on spa, massage
therapy, beauty and wellness. Someone once asked me why are you wasting your time answering
questions from strangers online? I believe that we become accountable for people other than
ourselves. If we all can help one person a day and stop thinking about what is in it for me or what
am I getting out of this o ano bang makukuha ko dito? I believe that the world would be a bit
better to live in. In answering these questions, I also believe that anyone, including myself does
not have a monopoly of knowledge nor I do not consider any question as irrelevant, there is
nothing small about asking. I do not have all the answers so why am I doing this if not for the
fame or the money? It’s because I have seen that Filipinos have big ideas, I see huge potential on
what we can do only if we can be guided and I feel we have larger than life expectations. I wanted
to promote the spa, massage therapy, beauty and wellness industry and other allied industries and
support them by raising awareness and spreading the message of wellness and well-being not only
physically but in our everyday lives as well.

From here on also, I will be combining both Tagalog and English in all my blogs, for those of you
who needs a full-length English version, please do not hesitate to email me at yunesa@yahoo.com

Naalala ko ang isang kuwento tungkol sa isang daga. Hayaan niyo po akong mag kuwento

May isang daga na nakakita ng crack sa wall at nakita niya na ang magsasaka at ang kanyang
asawa na nagbubukas ng package.

“Humm....... ano kayang pagkain ang nasa loob nun?” Tanong ng daga sa sarili. At nung nilabas
na ng magsasaka ang laman ng package nakita niyang mousetrap pala ito. Siyempre natakot at
nalungkot ang daga. Kaya pag dating niya sa farmyard ng magsasaka sinabi niya sa lahat ng mga
animals doon na may mousetrap sa loob ng bahay. Ang sabi ng manok, “Mr. Mouse, alam mo
malaking issue yan sa iyo pero para sa akin, wala akong pakialam. Para naman sa mga mouse ang
mouse trap hindi para sa aming manok.” Pagkatapos ang daga ay pumunta sa baboy at sinabi rin
niyang may mousetrap nga sa loob ng bahay. Ang sabi naman ng baboy, “I am sorry little daging.
Wala akong magagawa diyan. Huwag kang mag alala, isasama kita sa prayers ko” pagkatapos
noon ay umalis na ang baboy. Kayat si daga ay pumunta sa baka at sinabing may mousetrap sa
loob ng bahay ng farmer. At ang tugon naman ng baka ay: “Naku Pasensiya ka na. Hindi ako
puwedeng makialam diyan” kaya’t malungkot na umuwi ang daga sa kaniyang silong at nagtago.

Nang gabi ring yun may narinig ang lahat na malakas na lagapak ng mousetrap at diyata’t
nakahuli na ito ng kaniyang bitag? Kaya’t dali-daling pumunta ang asawa ng farmer sa mousetrap
na nakitang ang nahuli pala ay napakalaking ahas. Dahil sa ang buntot lamang ng ahas ang naipit
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ng mousetrap nagkaroon ng pagkakataon na matuka ng ahas ang asawa ng farmer at dahil doon
dinala ng madalian ng farmer ang kaniyang asawa sa ospital. Pagkagaling sa ospital habang
nagpapagaling ang kanyang asawa naisipan ng farmer na ipagluto ang kaniyang asawa ng
tinolang manok sapagkat maganda itong pang-palakas at pampatibay ng resistensiya. Pagdakay
kinuha ng farmer ang kaniyang bolo at pumunta sa farm at kinatay ang manok para sa isang
masarap na nilagang manok. Pero pagkaraan ng isang araw wala pa ring pagbabago ang
kondisyon ng kaniyang asawa so maraming nagpunta na mga kapit-bahay para tumulong kaya’t
pumunta ulit itong farmer sa kanyang farm para pumatay ng baboy para gawing lechon para i-
serve sa mga kapit-bahay at yung iba naman ay ginawang nilagang baboy sa kaniyang misis.
Ngunit lalong lumala ang kondisyon ng kanyang asawa at pagkaraan ng ilang araw ay namatay na
ito. Kaya’t sa dami ng nakiramay, pinapatay niya ang baka para gawing lechong baka at ang iba
naman at pocherong baka para mai-hain sa mga bisita at kamag-anak na nakiramay sa burol at
libing ng kaniyang asawa. Habang si daga naman ay lungkot na lungkot sa mga kaganapang
nangyari na dahil lamang sa mousetrap.

So what’s the moral lesson of the story? Hindi naapektuhan si daga di ba? So, the next time you
hear someone is facing a problem and you think it doesn't concern you, remember ---When one of
us is needs help and threatened, we are all at risk. We are all involved in this journey called life.
Pag hindi maganda ang nangyayari sa isang sector ng industry ng spa, massage therapy, beauty or
wellness, it affects us all. We must keep an eye out for one another and make an extra effort to
encourage and help one another. Hindi tayo dapat magkibit balikat at magsabing, hindi tayo
apektado dahil in the long run maapektuhan din tayo.

So even if we do not gain any financial or worldly wealth helping people (online or offline), we
still do not know the extent of effect that has happened to someone else’s life. All we need is
more time to consider others more than we consider ourselves.

So, without further ado, here now are a few of the questions and answers which I took the liberty
of compiling, editing some grammatical errors and in order to protect their identity, I chose not to
publish nor include their email addresses:

I. What is the shelf-life of massage oils before they become stale or unusable?

Actually it depends on a lot of factors, the truth is that 'aromatherapy' and essential oils are not the
same as milk or bread, which follow a predictable and rapid path toward spoiling over a known
period of time. The shelf life of a natural oil or essential oil are governed by its chemical stability,
and anything that interferes with this stability will cause the oil to start the slow process of
deterioration. It would vary depending on many external factors like the climate, the bottle from
which it is stored and therefore it’s very difficult to predict the exact “shelf-life” But given an
(almost) ideal temperature and humidity conditions, oils have a short shelf-life and the general
rule is about one year.

II. I have been in business for 5yrs. I have great clientele base and continue to stay busy in the
US and Europe. My question is with the recession here in the Philippines, what would be the best
marketing venues to address? I am in 2 different phone books and on the internet. Please let me
know what more i can do. As some marketing tactics I adopted and learned in America are not
applicable here.
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Eunice answered:
Thank you for an interesting question. But before I discuss ways to help you, I would like to ask
you this: how many of your client base are still active (regular) clients of yours to date?
Remember the 80/20 Rule. 80% of your business (sales) comes from 20% of your clients. So it
will be more expensive for you to acquire new clients than to retain the ones you have. Compute
first how much do you need a month in order to survive or make a living doing what you love to
do. If your client base is not enough, you need to find ways of reaching your target market. Focus
on them. Example, if you specialize in Hilot, you will have a better chance of offering it to Hotels
without spas, Asian and Foreign business communities, groups and forums. Get in touch with the
Presidents (or whoever is the deciding person) of these organizations and offer your services and
sell your gift certificates in bulk. For your current client base, you can offer incentives and
perhaps small gift items (free sea shell necklaces, key chains, ballpens, etc.- all with your logo or
name and contact details on it to create branding) for those clients who has been with you through
these years. Also some gifts does not have to be directly related with your business. Example,
your clients would appreciate it if you can give them a gift voucher if they shop in a health store
for Valentines or their birthday, you can also give a promotional free fitness hour at the gym
which you can coordinate with the gym owner/manager without you having to pay for it.

These are just some of the ways, but I am sure there are a lot of ways out there.

You can join our upcoming meetups so we can also help you promote your services as well.

Hope this helps a little.



III. What are the financial benefits or costs of opening up a franchise spa in Asia rather than from
starting from scratch and building your own spa from ground up? Is it easier to talk to the banks
for a franchise there in your region? Thank you.

IV. Would you recommend franchising a well known spa or to just start a spa on our own. I have
recently spoke to one franchisor and it looks like a good proposal. I was wondering what your
thoughts are.

My answer to these two questions are quite similar:

Eunice replies:

Thank you for your questions and queries are all helpful.

The investment of the franchise depends on the perceived “value” or branding already made by
the parent company. It will also depend on the menu of services (the more comprehensive their
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services = the more complex the spa operations = the more expensive the franchise fee), the
area/location/country or locality. Rough estimate ranges anywhere from 1 Million Pesos to as
much as 5 Million pesos with or without royalty and after sales support services. In order to
attract more franchises with less capital requirements, some franchise today offer only focused
services like massage therapies only, tanning, yoga or beauty regimens where the franchise fee
will fall down to around 50,000 pesos and above. You will also have to consider the minimum
liquid required capital which is around 40-50% of the franchise fee. You also have to consider
what area are they open for franchising baka naman may name nga wala namang tao kasi sa dami
ng competition within the area that you are interested in and thus will affect your ROI. There is
also some minimum net worth requirement or capital requirement. Please also inspect, their
franchise support system (which is very vital to both you and the parent’s company) kailangan
matatag ang support system. Siyempore yung mag o-offer ng franchise will tell you all the good
things you need to hear but you have to inspect. Trust but verify. Due diligence baga. Sometimes,
it is safe to say that if you do not know anything regarding spa management and operations: the
least financial risk, is to own a franchise BUT (the big but) there are also things that you should
consider. Some useful documents you should inspect are:

Company policy manuals

SOP/Work Procedures Manual/Corporate Handbook
Customer agreements
Current by laws and articles of incorporation
Tax returns
Etc. (at marami pang iba)

A few PROS of owning a franchise:

You already have the system built ready, ROI is almost always (nearly) achievable in the time-
frame the parent company designated as long as you stick with their principles, loans are also
easier to get for a franchise depending on the bank and branch policies, you will also benefit from
years of research, study and experience handed down to you through your franchise agreement.

A few CONS of owning a franchise:

You will not have the individuality, you will get stuck with the company policies and protocols,
you will shell out a royalty at kung walang royalty wala ring support system ang parent company
while if you have your own spa, build on its business, as years come by and expand- in the end-
you might be the one franchising your idea of the spa. People will be the one paying for your
franchise. The bottom line is, whatever you prefer to do, it should be in alignment with what you
would like to be doing 3, 5 or 10 years from now.

Assess yourself personally, would you rather own and operate your own brand which is more
difficult especially during the start-up phase? Or operate your business using other people’s idea?
Or will your financial goals be met by owning a franchise or selling your own franchise?

Whatever it is, it should be all aligned to your personal goals (aside from financial goals)

Hope this answers both your questions. Be well.

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V. Ako po ay taga Albay but our friend's spa is in Naga. I have done trainings for them, but we
need help in spa management and operations because spas here are under-cutting our prices,
papano ba talaga ang proper pricing ng services namin?
This, is an excellent question, and I am sure marami din may ganitong katanungan so with the
asker’s permission, again I posted it here. Hopefully, more people will learn and participate in.
Cultural and regional differences will always affect business, no matter what industry you are
in. The spa, massage therapy, beauty and wellness industry, in all corners of the world, is still
considered luxury services, and are not considered (yet) health care services. Although thanks to
spas that are committed to holistic and healing services, we are moving more that way- now
more than ever before. However, if we are to be realistic- it will never be that way completely
and therefore as spa owners vis-à-vis spa managers/supervisors- you will always be concerned
with capitalism, profit margins and competitive position.
Over and under pricing can be a death trap for a new spa. Kaya nga lagi kong sinasabi HUWAG
na HUWAG magkiki-pag price war because there will always be someone who will definitely
go lower than what you are offering. Pag nag under price ka, you are setting your value to your
clients/prospective clients agad regarding your quality and are setting a serious precedence that
maybe difficult to correct in the short term. Pag nag over price ka naman, you will not have the
business volume you need to survive-ultimately losing potential clients to your competitors. So
anong dapat mong gawin?

To price properly, you should look at the following factors:

Case #1. What does it cost you to provide your service? (this will include the
labor/wage/pay, supplies na ginamit para maibigay yung tamang serbisyo, the
facility percentage cost –kung may ginamit bang equipment, etc.- at yung
operational cost mo)
Just to give you a rough estimate, kung papano mag pricing:
Case #1 If your aromatherapy massage oil costs 3,000 pesos per liter (you need
at least 20 - 25 ml per person so sa 1 liter, pag 20 ml ang ginagamit mong
baseline you will have 50 persons sa isang litro and pag 25 ml naman ang
basehan mo you will have 40 persons na gagamit sa 1 liter)
kapag 20 ml ginamit mo the product cost per massage is = 60 Pesos
kapag 25 ml naman ginamit mo the product cost per massage is = 75 Pesos
Eh product costing pa lang yan ha? Eh , magkano ang bayad sa therapist per day?
If the minimum wage today in Manila, is…sabihin na nating, 350 pesos (net).
And the average number of clients one therapist have in a day is sabihin na
nating 3 (variable figure), therefore, you are paying your therapist 116.66 or to
round it off 117 pesos per client.
So, 117 Pesos (labor cost) + 75 pesos (Cost of Goods/Product cost) = 192 Pesos
per one hour massage
Therefore, 192.00 pesos ang ginagastos mo sa labor and products na ginagamit
for 1 client in an hour of massage.
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Eh hindi pa kasama yung operational cost mo diyan…so tell me, if you are
charging just 250 pesos sa isang massage therapy service mo may kinita ka ba?

One has to give-in, mag su-suffer ang staff dahil ma u-undermine yung skills nila. Most
probably sila ang babawasan mo ng sweldo (which should never be the case) or siyempre ang
gagawin mo imbes na true aromatherapy oil ang gagamitin mo mineral oil na lang para maka
tipid, at i-a-advertise mo pa rin na aromatherapy yun kahit hindi na kasi mabango naman. I
hope you got my point. The important thing to know in pricing ALWAYS, is how much does
it cost YOU (as a business owner) to deliver your service. Ito ang dapat na unang-una mong
basehan. Not your competitor.

The formula should be:

Service Price= COG + Labor/Overhead + Operational costs + Profit margin

Case #2 As a trainer, I have encountered quite some few questions papano daw ba mag
price ng service ang training:
As a side note, in my opinion Starbuck’s Coffee prices are too high but people
are still in there fully willing to pay for what they want. They can certainly buy a
cup of coffee more cheaply, but not Starbuck’s coffee. And people want their
coffee. It’s the value you give to your guests/clients, not the price that is relevant.
Pero, just the same, mag costing dapat….like yung fare/gasoline mo, yung
materials na gagamitin mo like manuals, rent sa building or office mo,
certificates (if you will be issuing one), the duration, yung per hour na halaga mo
as a professional at marami pang iba. Most of the time (hindi naman lahat), pag
mahal ang binayad sa training mas maganda ang training kaysa yung maliit or
walang investment. Kaya nga pag sa ibang bansa nag aral ang isang tao di ba
parang wow…sikat…kasi nga alam natin na mahal yun at may value. Kasi pag
walang investment on the student’s part, they will not give any importance dun
sa tinuro mo, kaya yung perception natin sa industry ay mababa kasi tayo rin ang
may kasalanan binababa natin masyado ang ating halaga at yung halaga natin sa
profession mababa rin…..”so after ng training, mag ca-call center na lang ang
mga estudyanteng natapos sa training kasi maliit naman pala ang kita dito sa
industriya natin. Hindi makakabuhay. Diba? Kawawa naman.”

OPERATIONS before putting the figure of your price into your flyers and brochures, etc. So
when we price, we price fair otherwise everyone in this industry will suffer.

As I would like to stress, again, the value we give to our services, reflects the value we give to
our services and the industry as a whole.

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2. Also you have to consider, based on your spa’s/wellness center’s/massage

clinic’s financial goals for that month, quarter or year- ang question na
dapat mong sagutin is- what percentage of your net revenue do you need
to achieve on each service? Meron ka bang monthly budget na
sinusunod? Kung wala…eh may problema tayo…dapat meron. Just get in
touch with me so I can give you details.

3. What are your competitors charging for the same service? But this does
not mean na dapat ka talagang gumaya sa price nila. This is just for
comparison lang. If your competitors are offering free services, whenever
I ask those who would consult me if it is effective, I ask them to do one
simple thing for me: prove it by documents. Show me through
client/financial records just how effective the service giveaway campaign
has been. So far no one has been able (or willing) to do it. This huge and
expensive assumption will most certainly consume time, products, and
labor—all in addition to whatever marketing dollars you’re shelling out.
And a darker problem usually develops in this type of business
promotion: resentment on the part of employees who are forced to
perform “free” services. I’ve almost never visited a spa where
management and employees agree on the personal obligation or value of
complimentary services. Employees often feel taken advantaged of or
devalued as professionals when their talents can be doled out to the public
like cheese samples in a supermarket. How good could a massage or
facial be when performed by a technician who is unhappy about having to
do it? The message will come across to your prospective client. Of
course, there are probono services that we should offer to help others but,
what we are talking about here is the business side.

The conclusion here is: Compare but set your own pricing that is commensurate to your target
market and the value you give them. Even if your price is slightly higher, yet your services are
better, clients will still flock to you. Know your market, know your business. Do not
underprice and never overprice.

4. Once you have a comparison list of competitor pricing, how does your
service compare? If you are charging more, is it warranted? Ano ang mas
espesyal sa iyo kaysa sa iba? What is so unique about your massage clinic
or spa that people will want to try your services out? If you are charging
less find out also why. How did you come up with your service price?

Since it is January, at the start of this year, if you find yourself in a similar situation it might
be a good time to make some important changes in the structure of your spa/ massage clinic or
wellness business. I have a lot of things in mind pa…but I do not want to trouble you with
details. I have a business worksheets CD which will help you in documenting financials and

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www.yunesa.blogspot.com yunesa@yahoo.com

other CD's that will educate you just let me know so I can give you details. Hope to see you in
our meetups so you can learn there.

Thank you and hope this helps a little.



VI. Noisy/ Boisterous Client?

I had some customer who like to converse to our massage therapist in the room (our room are
separated by curtains, I believe that's how all massage shops are here in California), but i feel
that they are also disturbing other clients next to them. I feel like telling the client to lower his
voice or only converse on what the massage therapist practice. I don't know what to do or how
to prevent it. Should there be step taken before the massage is performed? I really don't know
what to do.

Eunice’s Answer:
Thanks again for a brilliant question.

Questions and conversations cannot be TOTALLY avoided, the therapist should be able to
answer directly, succinctly and (gently) in a small tone of voice so if and when the client
responds they will also mimic her/him replying in a soft tone of voice.

Also, if the client/guest is really talkative (as it is in a few cases), normally this is what I say, I
would gently tell the client to "sir/ma'am ______. Don't worry I will attend to all your
concerns/questions after our session at the reception area, in the meantime please try to relax so
you can enjoy what you paid for" Then the therapist/practitioner can shut up. Except if the client
has some urgent things to say. Or you as a therapist, have some clarifications to reply to.

Also, you can post or display a reminder/ note at the reception area, something like (you can
edit them as you wish):
The spa is a place for solitude and haven (or serenity) for others, please be considerate of others
using the premises. We would appreciate it if you would turn your mobile phones off or in a
silent mode and lowering your voice. Thank you.

While waiting in the reception area, please turn off your cell phones or pagers and remain as
quiet as possible. Massage requires that the practitioner and the client be able to focus on the
massage. Noise is kept to a minimum so as to not disrupt this focus and concentration. Thank
you for your cooperation.

I hope this helps a little.

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PS- I also noticed that you call them your customers instead of guests/ clients/ patrons. Perhaps
we can use a more politically correct term: like guests/ clients/ patrons or patients (if in a
medical spa facility).

VII. I was recently emailed a question regarding lamig and hilot. I would like to share this
because this has often been the subject of dicussion among the circle of professionals/
practitioners in the field of massage. Hope we could all learn from.

Hopefully we can generate some replies too.

I took the liberty of excluding the questioner's name for his privacy. Let us just call him Mr. D:

Questioner: Mr. D
Category: Massage
Private: No

Subject: Lamig at Hangin

I know your familiar with "Lamig" and "Hangin" terms, madalas kong naririnig yan sa mga
nagmamasahe specially here in the Philippines, marami daw nyan sa likod lalo na pag masakit
ang likod mo. Pero others said to me hindi daw ito scientific, pinauso lang daw ito ng mga
manghihilot, Now, i want to know what could be the best explanation to this at saan ba ito
nagsimula, is this right or wrong? I want to know the truth, masyado na kasing kumalat ito sa
larangan ng pagmamasahe.

Hello D,

Thank you for your question.

In medical term it’s called nodules pero sa ating mga katutubong "hilot" (noun) or
"manghihilot", its "lamig". Walang kaso dun wag na lang nating pag awayin ang science at
traditional therapies. Both are correct in their own language dictums. Western term kasi ang
nodules while eastern term ang lamig. At hindi lang kasi alam ng ating mga sinaunang mga
Hilot kung paano i-explain yung origin or etymology nung words kaya parang hindi tamang
gamitin ang word na lamig. But it is traditionally validated.

There are a lot of possible causes of nodules or lamig but I will just discuss yung common in
relation to massage, it maybe a combination of any of the following:
1. too much stress on the muscles
2. exposure to hot and cold temperatures within short time intervals (yung bang galing ka sa init
eh di siyempre open yung pores mo and then bigla kang ma-e-expose sa cold temperature (like
an air-con room) papasok sa open pores yung cold air and it will be trapped inside.
3. Muscle soreness

Last Updated 1/21/2010 9 of25

www.yunesa.blogspot.com yunesa@yahoo.com

4. Body fatigue

These are just a few but hope this helps a little.

Just let me know if there is anything more that I can help you with.



VIII. I recently received another question from one of our meetup friends and would like to
share with all of you, below is the query:

Eunice , what is the customary tip sa Pinas for spa, last time we went my aunt castigated me, she
was annoyed when i gave the therapist $20

Below was my reply to him which was edited a little (let us just call him Mr. J, to protect his

Hello Mr. J,

You have a very good question.

TIPS is an acronym for "To Insure Prompt Service" or sometimes referred to as gratuity. Your
question is how much in the Philippines is an acceptable tip. It depends on the industry (because
we also tip waiters, cab drivers, airport helpers, even our laundry ladies, etc) but below is my
personal gratuity giving guide for any spa, massage clinic, wellness centers and similar

No gratuity for terrible service

20 to 50 pesos (approximately 1$) is cheap; only for service that is so-so
100pesos (approximately 2$) is fine ; for good service
200 pesos (approximately 4$) is wonderful; for above standard service
500 pesos (approximately 10$) is exemplary; for way above the average service
1,000pesos and up (approximately 20$) is great generosity; for highly commendable service

Of course in other countries, this might sound very minimal (as tips are generally 15 to 20% of
the service price so if the service price is 50$, a client is expected to give 10$ at minimum) but
then again you are asking about the Philippines. So what am I trying to arrive here then? My
bottom line here is whether you are in the Philippines or anywhere else in the world for that
matter, give whatever you are comfortable giving, give within your means and give out of the
abundance of your heart to give. It is not the amount actually, but our attitude about giving.

Hope this helps a little.

Last Updated 1/21/2010 10 of25

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IX. Ano po ba ang magiging hit na mga spa trends for the Philippine for the next two years
When it comes to being eco-friendly I think more and more spas will go for locally made
products- the nearer you are to your market the better; as we all know, we are consuming more
fuel and more energy purchasing imported goods than locally sourced out ones. So, less and less
consumers will choose imported items. So move over imported items...

When it comes to branding- more and more people will also be mindful of how these “branded”
companies treat their human resources, labor and the like. Before buying, consumers would feel
good regarding buying from companies who comply with fair trade and labor. So it will be good
for these branded companies to partner with socially responsible organizations within their
region and outside of their respective countries. Although I think employment possibilities for
Asians will tremendously increase due to an increase in demand for skilled labor in this field.
The business of personalization in branding will also be a good niche.

When it comes to marketing trends and mindful spending, more and more people will
recommend ONLY people they know, yung bagang alam nila yung product/service that they
have tried themselves or they know the owners first -hand. People who they can associate with
at levels they can afford. Ibig sabihin magiging less and less ang anonymous-ness ng isang
product/service. Personalization is the key to being closer to your focused segment and be able
to survive financially.

Learning labs will take a lot of shapes and forms and will also blossom into mentorships,
advisory committees and groups, it might converge with the academe in the spa and wellness
industry reaching more and more individuals. Maybe a learning kitchen? spa travels and
escapades? online spa? perhaps the establishment of more libraries and museums which will be
geared towards the past, the present and the future of this industry. The hunger for more
knowledge and insider’s advice and information will definitely push for a compendium of
human knowledge regarding the field of spa, massage, bodyworks, wellness, etc. whether this
be digital or otherwise and will occur at an overwhelming pace and intensity.

More and more convergences and divergences will be at the forefront of our industry where
those who wants to stay in business will be pushed to excel, do more for others and at the same
time be economically viable. - yunesa@yahoo.com

X. I have recently received a question which I think we can all learn from so I am taking the
liberty of posting it here, let us just call her Ms. B, below is her question:

Subject: Free Blowjobs

Last Updated 1/21/2010 11 of25

www.yunesa.blogspot.com yunesa@yahoo.com

I'm a 24 year old woman and I'm a massage therapist. Although no one else knows about this, I
have been giving free blowjobs to all of my male clients. Since I first gave one of my male clients
a blowjob, I have been giving them to every male client that I massage. I ask the man if I can
please suck his dick and that I'll do it for free. If the man says no, I tell him that I'll actually pay
him money to suck his dick (I've done this several times). If he still says no, I tell him to please
not tell anyone else that I offered giving him a free blowjob. If the man says yes, then I take off
all his clothes and I take off all my clothes and I suck his dick until he ejaculates. After I swallow
all of his cum, we put our clothes back on and that's my usual massage with a male client. I
thought about if I should become some sort of sex worker but I don't wanna become a prostitute
because I don't give free blowjobs for the money. I do it because I love sucking dicks and I love
the smell and taste of them. And I don't have a boyfriend so I'm not cheating on anyone! I give
free blowjobs to any and every male client who'll let me because I'm the type of woman who
thinks that all men are hot, some are just hotter than the others. So, I'd suck off any guy. I wanna
continue giving free blowjobs to every male client I get but I'm worried about what will happen if
I get caught. I work at a nursing home (but I give massages in a room with lockable doors) and
every man there knows that I give free blowjobs. They wink at me and I wink back and I have a
sexual relationship with almost every man at the nursing home (I say almost because some men
have not allowed me to suck their dicks but assured me that they won't tell anyone). Anyways, I'm
pretty sure that all the men know that I'm not interested in being in a serious relationship with
them. I just wanna suck their dicks and continue doing what I do. If I somehow get caught for
giving free blowjobs, I know that I'll obviously get fired, but do you know if I'll go to jail for
anything I've done? I've never been arrested for anything before and I don't think it's likely that I'll
get caught for giving free blowjobs but I just really wanna know if I'll go to jail for something like

Hello Ms. B,

First, please be informed that I will in no way, judge you for what you do and what your beliefs
are. So I will answer your concerns in the most caring, logical and professional manner, as I
believe every individual deserves dignity and respect.

Second, I think you should re-consider doing it at the expense or under the disguise of massage
therapy. Massage therapy is a decent profession NOT a perverted way of sexualizing a
relationship. Technically, you are not allowed to use massage therapist as a title if you are doing
something sexual other than therapeutic massage. It makes the industry look tainted and cheap.
This will also hurt a lot of people trying to make a decent living out of it. With your description
you are not doing massage at all. You neither mentioned about nodules, nor effleurage,
petrrissage and the like.

Third, if they pay you for a massage then give them massage NOT and NEVER b__________ the
one you are giving.

Fourth, what about female clients? Will you refuse massage to them even if they need it?

Fifth, not only will you lose your job but it depends on the state or country, you will be dis-barred
Last Updated 1/21/2010 12 of25
www.yunesa.blogspot.com yunesa@yahoo.com

from associations and stripped of your professional license (if you have one)...you will certainly
go to jail.

Sixth, if I may add, sex should not be viewed as ugly. Sex is not about using people but as a way
of showing that two people's union in love and respect sharing their body and their lives together.
Sex without those is empty. After the pleasure now what? It should have a deeper meaning,
deeper than reaching one's orgasm. Sex is created by God to be pleasureable so that we can enjoy
it with the right person at the right time and the right place. It is not to be given to just anybody
nor practiced with fear at the back of our minds because we might get caught. All in all sex is
completely fulfilling if done in God's perspectives. I hope you will come to realize that. You are
an honorable person, do not degrade yourself by offering b______. Men will think that you are a
whore or a prostitute and as you said you don't like that. If you really don't like that at all, then
stop what you are doing. It hurts you in the process and it hurts us all in the industry.

Seventh, last but not the least, I would like to invite you to read, download and print for FREE my
article regarding Massage and Sexual Advances:

I hope this will help and enlighten you.



XI. Is this normal in THAI massage?

hi i've been going for thai massage in a reputable place. The asian masseuse covers me properly
and i am never exposed, always covered well with a towel. She leaves the room when i am

But there is an instance in the massage, when i am on my back, facing front. She will PRESS and
HOLD on my upper thigh just near my Genital/testicles,(while the towel is covering me) and then
she releases and presses again in that area, then she moves/shakes that area while pressing it
which causes my genitals to bounce around abit. This is done for couple of minutes, the genital
itself is never touched.

It feels relaxing, but i was wondering if this was something legit is she trying to excite me, or is it
a normal part of thai massage? The fact she's pressing/massaging close to that area.

im new to thai massage so i'm asking , i've tried other types and didn't involve such technique.

Eunice’s answer:

Last Updated 1/21/2010 13 of25

www.yunesa.blogspot.com yunesa@yahoo.com

Thai Massage involves more stretching and range of motion techniques rather than pressing
muscles and NO, its not normal but then again, if at any time, you feel uncomfortable, you are
free to tell your therapist.

Also, people should consider massage as a wholesome and healthy treat NOT some profession
that involves some hanky panky. Thanks to the many day spas and legitimate massage clinics and
massage therapists that conduct their business professionally, eventually, the notion that massage
and sexual acitivity is one and the same- will disintegrate. Hopefully, the public should be aware
that although massage is intimate, it is not intended to satisfy someone's sexual appetite.

You can also read the article about Massage and Sex at this link:

XII. Can you suggest me some spa treatments, in particular for man ? I going to a spa next week
and I need some suggestions. Manicure, pedicure, body scrub, body wrap, face treatments or
whatever you think is good. What do you think ? Thanks.

If its your first time, try a Massage like Swedish Massage and Facial Therapy for Gentlemen.

XIII. What career? Spa therapy or Web developer?

I can't decide and I have two months to make a decision. I don't have any prior experience with
spa therapy, but I've kept it as an option because it could get me into the work force easier. Plus, I
learn about muscles, I can get healthy (being in shape is a requirement) also flexible hours.
However, I am a male and it's more female dominated. My other option would be web developer/
or computer information sciences, which I'd go to community college for. I can't make up my
mind. I'm 21 and I'm tired of living with my parents. I want to get out on my own.
Eunice replied:
Read books and articles regarding both careers. There are spa therapy career guides out there.
Also, know what is really your passion and get into it. Follow your heart...

XIV. Do Spa microdermabrasions work?

So, im thinking about getting a spa microdermabrasion because i want to get rid of my acne scars
do they actually work? And how much is it per session? And does it hurt

Eunice replied:
Depending on the depth of your scar, normally, it works if done on a regular basis (at least once
or twice a month depending on your type of skin). The intensity of the treatment will also depend
on the suction and abrasion procedure but generally it will only be a mild scouring of your dead
skin cells. Precautionary measures should also be stated like: you should not be menstruating
during the session, you should not expose yourself to sun and its rays after the procedure, if
irritation occurs there should be a first aid cream to be given, if your skin feels tight afterwards
use ice cold water to rinse your face and apply ice, etc.
Last Updated 1/21/2010 14 of25
www.yunesa.blogspot.com yunesa@yahoo.com

Go to a professional and trusted medical spa/professional.

XV. Questions about massage?

1- were do they massage

2-what happens if you get and erection and you lying on your stomach that doesn't sound terribly
Eunice replies:

First, professional massage therapy only massages on areas like muscles, joints and not on private
areas. Gluteal work or butt massage may also be included depending on the type of massage BUT
even if gluteal techniques are used, you will still be draped properly. If this makes you feel
uncomfotable you can ask your therapist not to include this. Massage therapists concentrate on
areas that needs kneading to relieve pain and soar muscles and not on sensual areas so there will
be a slim chance of feeling sensually aroused. But if you get an erection, professional massage
therapists and technicians are trained to handle this properly. They will not feel awkward but will
instead make you feel that its normal. Nothing persomal because sometimes its a physiological
effect to relaxation BUT even if this is a valid reason- at any time- you can ask your therapist not
to include certain areas you feel will not be comfortable with you.

Massage in itself is a pleasurable experience but not intended to sexually gratify a person.

You can also read these articles to help you in getting acquianted with massage therapy:
Do you want to know the right type of massage for you? Do you you want to know the common
types of massage and how it is practiced? This article will give you the glimpse of massage
The Basics of Massage Therapy (Massage 101)

Are you tired of putting up with sexually charged clients? Do you know how to handle sexual
harrassment in the spa and massage therapy setting? Then this article will definitely help you:
Preventing/ Avoiding Sexual Advances during a Spa or Massage
session50 ways of Handling Client Advances

XVI. My 11 year old cousin wants to have a Spa themed party for her 12th birthday. Her mom
and I have decided for a party person to come to her house and give the kids spa treatments. It is
going to be a sleepover party and 8 children (including the birthday girl) are going. It is in
December and we are having it in her basement. I have a few questions. Firstly, What
games/activities/crafts can they do? Also, where can you buy cheap robes and slippers for the
kids? I do live in Ontario, so Canadian stores/websites will be helpful. Thank you:) Also any
other ideas would be helpful too.

Last Updated 1/21/2010 15 of25

www.yunesa.blogspot.com yunesa@yahoo.com

Eunice replies:
Spa themed party might include:
Healthy cooking and demonstration
Back massage for 15-20 minutes each
Hair grooming sessions with the kids
Aromatherapy conconctions (just choose which oils are less harmful for the kids)
Choose a teacher who is lively, similar to a clown (?)

Visit an spa or massage place or schools for spa,massage or wellness and inquire if they can
provide spa parties or spa-rties for kids.
Disposable slippers are a better choice.
Robes which can be taken home as their memorabilia or perhaps there are stores that can rent out
robes for the occasion.

XVII. I received my first swedish massage last week and it went a little strange. The massgae
therapist recomended that I be nude under the draping which wasn't a big deal being that it is
common. What I felt was awkward was that about midway through the massage while lying on
my stomach, he lifted the draping all the way up to the small of my back leaving my behind
completely exposed. He then "really" massages my behind for a good five minutes. It did feel
very good but they way he was doing it and the time he spent there made it seem unusual. I didn't
say anything not knowing what to expect. Other than that it went well. Thoughts?

Eunice replies:
If you feel anything unusal and you feel uncomfortable with it please let the therapist know and
be heard. They are professionals and they will ensure that your preferences will be honored.

There are certain massage therapies that includes butt massage but there are also some Swedish
massage techniques that does not include the butt (or the gluteal area).

The bottomline here is your comfort and if anything makes you uneasy or taken advataged of then
feel free to voice your concern.

XVIII. Hello. I'm very confused on what I want to do. Im a single mom and do not have a lot of
time. I'm thinking about getting a degree in web design, it would take 2 years and I really don't
like living in Seattle..so I'm dreading having to stay here for two more years or more. Another
alternative for the time being I was thinking about is massage school. It pays very well about $60-
$160 an hour and it's only a 9 month program. I've always been told I should be one. I just need to
make money now..tired of struggling, but I'm more tired of living here. I'm used to sunny Florida
and I moved here a year ago and I'm not liking it. Anyway, so if I can have some input on my
decision that would be great. I do want to eventually pursue graphic or web design, but I need a
job that is flexible and that pays in order to pursue my dreams. Thanks!

Eunice replied:

Last Updated 1/21/2010 16 of25

www.yunesa.blogspot.com yunesa@yahoo.com

The answer lies into what would you love to do three, five or ten years from now. Being a
massage therapist is also an expensive career. Would you still like working on people or perhaps
put up your own massage center or even a spa? do not base your decision now on money alone.
Money will come as a bonus when you enjoy first what you do.

I suggest you do a research on job outlook for both sectors: massage and web design. Which
would you enjoy doing in the long-run? before plunging into any of these fields talk also to
people who are already working in the area that you are interested in. Ask for advice from your
close friends and family. They know you the best, so they might be able to give you an insight.
Know the pros and the cons for each field.

My sister , who is naturally inclined to beauty and cosmetology, entered the field of massage-
after awhile she get bored and I told her that instead of focusing on massage she should have
focused on aesthetics (facials and body therapies, etc) and has shifted her focus from massage to

Research on your other options as well.

Last but not the least, pray that you will choose a field that is very much suited to your interests,
your talents, your financial goals and being "you"...because you are unique

XIX. Does anyone have any insight on what specific questions would be asked during an
interview for either or both of the above positions? My wife is really excited about her interview
with a career training school and wants to be as prepared as possible.

Eunice replied:

1. number of years in the spa industry.

2. challenges you encountered on the job and how you handled it.

3. your career background- be able to discuss your previous employment experience

4. as an instructor, what do you love teaching? how patient are you?

5. expectations and salary requirements

here is also a link that can help her answer some questions:

XX. What are your opinions on Kids Spa?

Eunice replied:
It would be a great business idea.

Great place where kids can learn about wellness and taking care of their bodies as early as they
Last Updated 1/21/2010 17 of25
www.yunesa.blogspot.com yunesa@yahoo.com


Fun place.

Good place to leave the kids- while you go have your spa treatment at the same place or some
place else.

Trends show that younger and younger generations are going to spas. So it would be another good
opportunity for investors.

XXI. My father put this profession sort of down this one lady told me massage therapy was
looked at as a dirty job! and not only that my father told me his friend said that this lady was
doing massage therapy and he proceeded to laugh and said it was a dirty job as well! my father
smirked and said well just research it and I kind of felt discouraged is massage therapy really a
dirty intimate job with lots of negative in it or is it a rewarding career? I don't know I seen the
curriculum for massage therapy and it seemed to me that it looked very interesting and inspiring
and I would love to help my family with all of there backs? soo should I feel down about this or
what give me some suggestions you guys before i go ahead and plunge some money and go to
school helpppppp!

Eunice replies:
Gone are the days that massage therapy is viewed as something just for sex or pleasure. It is now
being integrated into health and wellness as a whole. Its a noble profession but of course, it has its
bad image so we have to professionalize it. It's not a dirty job. Any work can be dirty if you will
use it to harm people. Even a doctor can be dirty if they do not stick to their oath. Massage
therapist should not be looked down because its an life honoring job. It's also lucrative and
interesting. Wait till you see the curriculum which will include: Anatomy and Physiology, CPR
and First Aid, Microbiology, Parasitoloy and Virology, etc. It is not easy, but its worth it. Go to a
respectable and reputable spa or massage therapy center and observe carefully what the therapists
do. It will give you a glimpse of how they work. You can also buy a book by Steve Capellini
entitled Massage Therapy Career Guide.

XXII. Hi, I want to become a massage therapist in the future and I had some questions for you.
1. What college did you go to and why?
2. What classes did you take that allowed you to become a massage therapist? Were they hard?
3. Where are you currently working?
4. Do you enjoy being a massage therapist?
5. How much is your salary?
6. How many years did you attend college?
7. Is it easy to find a job as a massage therapist?

Number 6 is optional because some people feel sensitive about talking about that with a total

Thank you for your time!

Eunice replied:
Last Updated 1/21/2010 18 of25
www.yunesa.blogspot.com yunesa@yahoo.com

I started out as a massage therapist. I will try to answer your questions one by one:
1. What college did you go to and why? Actually, it depends where would you like to concentrate:
massage only or spa therapies also. I attended some of my massage modalities in Thailand. Its
cheaper there instead of enrolling in the US at the same time, I think when learning about Thai
massage, I would rather learn it from a Thai and when I want to learn Balinese massage- go to
Bali, Indonesia, when you want to learn hilot- you come here in the Philippines. It really depends
on the type of massage or spa therapy that you would like to concentrate on.
2. What classes did you take that allowed you to become a massage therapist? Were they hard?
Expect that, most of your subjects will be about health and science subjects like: Anatomy and
Physiology, Hygiene and Sanitation, Microbiology and Parasitology, First aid, etc. You have to
check the state law what are required in your state as well as check the school's curriculum. If you
are interested in a school, visit them and learn more about what subjects and workshops/seminars
they offer.
3. Where are you currently working? I am now currently working as a spa consultant and wellness
4. Do you enjoy being a massage therapist? Yes. Actually, it depends on your inclination, there is
nothing wrong with being a massage therapist but my interest is more into coaching, mentoring,
teaching and stuffs like that so I decided to put up my own consulting firm.
5. How much is your salary? It depends also on where you would like to work. Is it a cruise ship,
resort spa or private practice? Generally, you should be making 1USD per minute of your work.
6. How many years did you attend college? Before entering the wellness field, I was a medical
technologist (4 years in college) but it also depends. In most states, you will need anywhere from
200-500 hours, even 1,000 hours. Know your state laws regarding massage therapy.
7. Is it easy to find a job as a massage therapist? yes and no-depends on your qualifications and
your location or the location you want to work.

My last advice would be- in a form of a question- what would you love doing even if you were
not paid, you will still pursue that dream role?

Answer that and you will have your dream career.

Peace be with you


XXIII. I have gone for several massages before, and I wonder if it is always necessary for the
towel to be on? I always wear briefs or shorts on anyway, and I find the towel often to be too
warm or a nuisance. I guess my question is: does the towel always needs be on, or is it for the
dignity of the patient?


Eunice answered:
Last Updated 1/21/2010 19 of25
www.yunesa.blogspot.com yunesa@yahoo.com

Most massage therapies require towels and drapes. Its generally used for propriety purposes. That
is the reason why spas that I recently have put up, instead of towels (which are thick and warm) if
you are in a venue or climate that is already warm in itself, we have improvised something like a
"sarong" or a massage cloth, which is cool to touch. Also, if you can request your massage
therapist to take the towel off and it is not against their policies, you can have it your way.

XXIV. lately, i have been thinking about going to get a massage but i am not really sure what
kind i should get. i am just wanting something that will be really relaxing and make me feel
refreshed afterwards. which kind do you think i should get? also i was wondering if draping is
required while receiving a massage. i dont know if the rules vary by country or state, or at all; i
live in texas though. i would prefer to not be covered. would that be weird to ask for in a
massage? one more thing....what should i do in the event of an erection? should i tell the therapist
or keep it to myself? thanks for you help.

Eunice answered:

Hi Aaron,

Thank you for your question. Different States/countries have different regulations in massage but
normally you will be covered during the whole session except the parts that are being worked on.
So expect to be draped but not to the point of being uncomfortable. Tell your massage therapist
your preferences so they can adjust, if possible.
If its your first time, I would suggest you try a Swedish type of massage, if after the session you
feel that you need a stronger and heavy prssured type then that is the time you experiement on
other forms of massage or bodywork.
As a norm, you should NOT have any erection during a massage therapy BUT there are certin
ocassions that we, as therapists, encounter that. In this event, just ignore it. We as therapists,
consider that, nothing sensual but its the body's physiological reaction. Massage therapy is purely
for therapeutic purposes thus the word "therapy". Gone are the days that it is viewed as something
only for red light districts. Thus, the proliferation of credible spas.
If I may add, you can also ask for the menu of services at the reception area of the massage center
or spa and ask them what they would like to recommend as sometimes they have other name other
than what is generically called Swedish massage.

Anyway, hope you'll get to enjoy the session and feel rejuvenated afterwards. Let me know if
there are other things I can help you with or to give me some feedback on your session.



XXV. Hello,

I am studying an ITEC in Anatomy & Physiology and Holistic Massage and am about to start my
first case study. I have been practising on family and friends for the last 3 months since I began
the course and in that time some interesting questions have arisen. One of them being from a
Last Updated 1/21/2010 20 of25
www.yunesa.blogspot.com yunesa@yahoo.com

friend who has a ten month old baby and recently asked me how the expulsion of toxins
throughout the body during massage might effect her breast milk in any way? She was slightly
concerned about it as she is a very conscientious mother. I wondered if you might have any
knowledge about this?

Thanks for your help


Eunice replied:

Hello Catherine,

Thank you for your query and congratulations on choosing massage therapy as your career.

Regarding your question, Massage Therapy/Aromatherapy generally expel toxins through the skin
and urine (kidneys). I do not think it will in anyway affect breast feeding as the mammary glands
(breasts) are not an excretory organ.

I hope this helps a little.



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book, you will learn more details in the spa and massage field and the possible paths you can
take. You will also learn about local and international training programs offered and numerous
employment possibilities. Giving you much needed information at your fingertips. You can order
it from www.Amazon.com or for local Philippine residents, you can email and get in touch with
Eunice at yunesa@yahoo.com.


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