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Interview Questions

OSA Interview w/ Carrozza

1. What is the mission and vision of WCPSS Student Assignment? What are
practical examples of what that looks like on any given day? The main focus is
to make sure that students are being assigned to a school. On WCPSS website,
parents can type in their address and find out what school their son/daughter will
attend. In addition, our office provides the following services: looks at custody
papers that determine who can enroll their child and addresses non-routine
issues for enrollment like non-parental affidavits. Finally, there are periods of
movement where students can apply to be grandfathered back to their old
school, apply for a magnet school, and we even provide a transfer period for
hardship cases.
2. How many folks work in your department and what are their responsibilities? 5
senior administrators, 3 directors, 1 senior director, 8 support staff, 3
administrative assistants, and 3 programmers that deal with entering GIS data
into the system. The senior administrators oversee the day to day operation of
the school; the directors and senior director handle the central service stuff,
logistics, technology and planning, etc; the support staff and administrative
assistants handle a variety of office related, record keeping, and paperwork.
3. When a new person relocates to the county, what role (if any) does student
assignment play in helping them transition to their new schools?
We make sure that we make them aware of all their options. This includes
transfer options, year-round, magnet, and hardship options.
4. How do you monitor the effectiveness of your processes and procedures?
How/When do you use your data? We run applications daily to see if they are
doing like they should. Directors review all denials as a quality assurance check.
Plus, the public tells us when they dont like something. We are careful to
investigate any and all feedback that is given to our office.
5. What do you find to be the most difficult challenge of your department? What do
you find the most beneficial? The most difficult is they put out lots of information
and that information has lots of nuances to it. We try to be transparent to the
public, but sometimes people dont get it. Lots of misunderstandings occur.
What is rewarding is helping families, being well connected to the public on a day
to day basis, and providing phone calls and e-mails clarifying the process and
preventing confusion.

6. What factors do you consider when assigning students? Is it solely the students
address? 4 pillars in the policy: Student Achievement-providing an opportunity for
parents to choose more specialized schoolsStability-K-8 piece provide an
opportunity to stay where you areProximity-base school assignments near the
students school, minimizing the splitting of neighborhoods, etcOperational
Efficiency-minimizing under enrolled and over-crowded schools.
7. Under what circumstances are students allowed to transfer? If they are unhappy
at their school, can they be reassigned to their base school? Can the students
be made to attend their base school? There are transfer periods where students
can transfer. The parents must refer to the website or call our office for those
8. What departments (if any) do you work most closely with? How does their work
impact your work and vice-versa? Magnetwhat they want their schools to look
like. Transportation efficiency with magnet options, technology serviceswas
having to do with the data base that they use OASIS, outside vendor for
application processes. We work w/ principals on a day to day basis about what
they need. Finally, communications- getting questions and responses from the
public to ensure their needs are being addressed.
9. Have you made any significant changes, since your appointment as Director?
They used to be the Director and Senior Director also had school they oversaw.
They do not do that anymore because of the amount of time from your day. They
are constantly meeting with Deputy Supt. about making things happen.
10. What tools/resources out there do you feel could potentially make your job easier
or your department even more effective? A technology to streamline processes.
A lot of information to consider when making decisions and lots of data bases to
peruse. Having more feedback in the community to build the relationships and
trust. If people know the rules they do not feel like they are received. Peoples
perceptions are their reality.
Summation w/ recommendations
Student Assignment is responsible for ensuring that the 150,000 plus students
are assigned to a base school. They also assist with the optional placements
and work closely with transportation and magnet departments. They have three
directors that basically the guide the work of the department: one oversees
maps and entry of wake county addresses into databases, one oversees
programming, and the third runs applications ad oversees
transfers/reassignment. In addition, they approve transfers, grandfathering, and

have a massive technical team that keeps it all moving. Because of the high
volume of feedback they receive on a daily basis, they frequently monitor
processes and procedures to maximize efficiency.
The suggestions for improvement for this department are as follows:
o Since there are three distinct departments within Student
Assignment, each should create a specific data collection system.
o Because of the gargantuan amount of feedback you receive,
consider scheduling public forums twice a year to discuss concerns
solely germane to the Office of Student Assignment.
o Adopt more sophisticated computer software that could help
streamline data analysis.
o On your website, have the names of your departmental
administrators over each school. That way, parents can find their
person of contact and contact them more immediately.