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8th Grade Science Spring


8th Grade Science Spring Semester

Teacher: Ms. M
Cross Middle School Classroom 401

Chemistry: Introduction to matter, properties of matter, reactivity, PH, Oxidation, precipitate,
gas, color, endothermic and exothermic reactions, homogenous and heterogeneous reactions,
classify matter, reactants and products, atomic structure, periodic table, and transfer of
Physics: Force and motion, velocity, Newtons Laws, time and velocity graphs.


Students will keep an organized notebook that will include class notes, vocabulary, video
notes, and lab activities. See notebook rules for more information.
There will be about 6-7 quizzes per quarter.
There will be a Chemistry final exam at the end of the 3rd quarter; and a cumulative final
exam at the end of the year.
Science is taught in this class with many hands-on experiences. It is a privilege to
participate in the lab activities. Students with poor behavior will lose their privilege to
participate in lab.
Homework will consist of weekly Study Island questions on the computer, followed by a
quiz of that specific material. Students should always have something for Science
homework whether reports, worksheets, or studying and reviewing material.

Positive consequences:

Extra credit note card: The students can receive extra credit if the student is on task, and
ready to learn.

Negative consequences:


Move seat/ work alone / student conference

Phone call home / Lunch Detention

Classroom procedures:
Absences: The work will be posted in the back of the classroom, and is also on the monthly
calendar. It is the students responsibility to check the back of the classroom to get the work they
have missed, and also to check their class calendar. The student must notify the teacher if they
missed a note book check, quiz or test, they will be able to make up what they have missed.
Tardy: When the bell rings you are expected to be in your seat and working on bell work. If you
are not in your seat and working you will be marked tardy.
Daily points: Every day the student will come into the classroom and get out their bell work
sheet (Monday-Friday). There will be a question on the board that the students must have
answered within the first 5 minutes of class. The bell work is collected randomly and the students
can earn up to 10 points. If the bell work is completed this can help boost students grades, if the
bell work is not complete this can lower the students grades. It is in the students best interest to
be in there seat and working on bell work by the time the bell has rung.

Grading policy:
Major test and finals: average points per quarter 300
Test/ Quizzes: average points per quarter 600
Labs/notebook + daily work: average points per quarter 900
75% of the grade comes from test and quizzes and 25% of the grade comes from labs, daily
work, and notebook inspections

Tips for success:

Keep organized! (The notebook checks are very important in this class, and are worth
a lot of points, if the student keeps the notes organized they will be successful in the
Know due dates! (There are many test, quizzes, and notebook inspections throughout
the semester, be aware of the due dates)

Study! (Chemistry and physics are difficult subjects, students need to prepare and
study for quizzes and test)
Come to class ready to learn! (Chemistry and physics have a lot of fun labs and
projects. In order to succeed students must be following instructions and be attentive
during class time)
Remember to check your grades on parent portal!
Parents may contact Ms. M at 696-5976 or at dwilliam@amphi.com (in the sub
heading you can include Ms. M) Mr. Williams will forward me the email. Thank you!










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