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I would like to apply for a PhD in Wireless Communications and Radio Frequency
Engineering. Since childhood, my first love was wireless communications. I would look at
those airplanes and wonder how they communicate with air traffic control tower, tinker with
mobile phones to understand data transmission in large bandwidths and distances. Over the
past few decades, there has been an evolution in the usage of wireless communications, such
that it has a wide scope, infiltrating every nook and cranny of our lives. My passion to
discover more urges me to contribute to the existing wealth of knowledge.
We sometimes question how they function but, we can't be satisfied by simple
clarifications. We must be eager to investigate the endless potential outcomes that may rise
and cross into inventiveness, and envisioning how we need the world which we live into, be.
Imagine if world was fully connected, where everyone had a mobile which could be arrived
at, with a basic call and information which could transfer large number of bytes within a
matter of microseconds! That is the world which I wish to design, and I trust that together we
can leave on this trip to make our nation a more intelligent city and a digitally joined world
for all. Life matters. I need to be in a place that imparts this conviction. A spot where I can
make progresses in the public arena through practical and engineering innovation. That is the
reason I choose NTU College of Engineering.
After careful consideration of my aptitude, interests and experiences gained during
my studies I have decided to pursue my PhD in the field of Digital Sciences, especially, I
would like to apply Telecommunication degree program because it integrates knowledge of
the computer science, engineering, managerial, and legal aspects of networking and
telecommunications. With a sincere sense of gratification towards the opportunity extended to
me, I pen down this brief statement of my career objectives and the motivation towards
graduate studies.
Right from my school, I realized that the problem-solving aspect of making electronic
gadgets was what I enjoyed the most. I always have an innate desire to explore the physical
causes behind various phenomena. In my school days my teachers quickly recognized my
facility to grasp and solve problems. It was partly their encouragement which convinced me
to channel my energies into academic and research work. My interest in Optics originated
back to the time when I was participated at science fair competitions where I was firmly
introduced to the exquisiteness of Optical fibre and Laser. I always used to attend science
talent tests, quizzes, science exhibitions and secured many prizes.
After completion of my degree in last year I have made constant effort to develop
better understanding in the field of Electronics. While doing projects I have faced problems
and to solve it I have discovered in me the qualities that compel me to probe deeply in to the
intricacies of electronic technologies. I feel confident that I would be able to take up any
challenge and aspire to become an outstanding student in Communication stream. In India I
had a 2-day workshop on Telecom Next generation network Conducted by Telecom Training
Services, New Delhi.

This interest made me to choose Communication Engineering. I would like to present

my past performance as my credentials for my success in my future endeavours. My innate
strength has been my quantitative and analytical abilities which instilled in me a special
interest for mathematics and physics.

My goal is to create efficient and smart data communication devices. Engineering

innovations today is for the future of engineering developments. Campus life in NTU is
vibrant. Learning has no boundaries. Curiosity leads us far beyond existing boundaries. Im
ready to go beyond current conditions. There are infinite possibilities. Curiosity drives further
and enables us to realize solutions. Make our curiosity a reality. Now, as I wished for, I am
receiving a top-class university education and am placed among the brightest minds. I am
faced with several responsibilities such as getting high CGPA for my Masters.
I was always interested in doing a project related to unique application of widely
known hardware. I did a project on the topic Zigbee based Wireless Multi Channel Home
Automation System with IVRS. This project discusses the challenges facing today's
multichannel broadcasters and their requirements for automation. It also describes the key
components of a multichannel automation system and what to look for when sourcing
automation systems. We successfully understood the solid knowledge of basic networking
technologies, systems, and services. I finally began to see the art behind the science from
perception to practicality. Ever since, I sought to take on more aesthetically complex projects
like IVRS Based Control of Three Axis Robot with Voice Feed Back, GSM based wireless
notice board, as I did these projects my zeal for the subject started burgeoning.
Today I feel that my capacity to work assiduously and think creatively has been
augmented by a good academics and Achievements. To fulfil my objective of been to study
and equip myself with most advances research facilities and highest level of learning. My
earnest desire to continue my future studies at your graduate school stems from that Nanyang
Technological University is one of the top colleges in Singapore, having a fine record of
academic excellence and is backed up by expert faculty and research facilities. It provides the
kind of exposure needed to broaden my thinking and undo any insular prejudices that might
be still prevalent in me. Your college is a confluence of people from every nationality,
religion and race.
I am clear as to my career aspiration. Quest for knowledge needs considerable
persistence and an unquenchable desire to learn. Whatever I have achieved till now can be
attributed to my diligence and perseverance, which I have learned from my close knit family
and culture. With the same indefatigable spirit, I am ready to utilize and direct all my physical
and mental abilities to achieve the same in my future studies and research work. I look
forward to have a long and profitable association with your esteemed university.