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Name = Patrick Kerr Group = M

Summary Report for IR

The dimethylsulphoxide gives a larger stretch at 3000cm -1 than the

deuterium replacing molecule. This is due to the C-H bonds in DMSO.
The absorbance range of C-H bonds are 2900cm -1-3000cm-1

You can use

Assuming that KC-H = KC-D to find the C-D stretch frequency.

C = 3x109cms-1

= 12x1/12+1


= 12x2/12+2

To find K we now enter all the variables.

K = 2.952x1027
Using the original equation
v =

Phenol has a benzene ring and therefore is involved in pi stacking
which gives us peaks at
3600cm -1 and 3420cm-1.
The intensities of these peaks at 3420cm-1 and 3600cm-1 are dependant, on the
concentrations because of the shape of phenol.
The peak is mainly noticeable around 3600cm -1 in both graphs.

Name = Patrick Kerr Group = M

The more concentrated solution showed a larger stretch due to the increased pi
electron dissociation effect. As there is a difference in the frequency of C-H bonds
and concentrations of the bonds.
3) When we compare the IR spectrum of Chlorohexidine to the B.P graph
reference spectrum we can see that it is very similar with a large stretching that
starts around 1650cm-1.