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The Great Leap Forward

For an economic plan like the Great Leap Forward to be considered a success it would
have to have three main criteria. Firstly, the plan would have to a positive effect on the nation;
furthermore the plan would be required to have a greater positive effect on the nation than a
negative effect. Secondly, the plan would have to better the conditions of the currency of the
country that put the plan into effect; otherwise their economic strength will not increase. Lastly
the economic plan must be beneficial to all of the people in the country, rather than leaving
specific social class/classes out. The Great Leap Forward was none of these; rather it had the
opposite effect on the country. The Great Leap Forward was full of corruption, false information
and poor planning. An example of this is the death of 30 million peasants due to starving because
of falsified numbers of agricultural production numbers. The farms established were overly large
and in the end failed causing their agricultural system to return to what it once was. Overall bad
planning and oversight caused the failure of the Great Leap Forward, although there were other
factors that influenced it, there is no doubt that the Great Leap Forward was a complete failure
and a massive mistake costing an immeasurable human cost.