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Five paragraph essay outline

Describe the two speeches.
Both Lyndon Johnsons Address to Congress and Mark Antonys
speech in Shakespeares Julius Caesar are orations after the
death of the nations leader. Whats interesting is how different
the two are. Thesis: While LBJs speech is a call to action to
honor their fallen leader, Mark Antonys speech is to
defend that their leader was worth honoring.

1st Body Paragraph:

In his address to Congress, Lyndon Johnson is acutely aware of the
fact that the nation is reeling from the loss of a very popular
president. Additionally, the entire world, caught in the midst of
the Cold War, is waiting to see how the United States will respond.
He is attempting to reassure the nation and world that the United
States can and will move on from this tragedy, boldly on the world
stage as shown with this line: This Nation will keep its
commitments from South Viet-Nam to West Berlin. We will be
unceasing in the search for peaceand generous and loyal to
those who join us in common cause (1). Johnson is making it
clear to the world that the U.S. will not be stepping back from its
role as a leader during the Cold War. In addition to this, Johnson
uses this moment of crisis to push the congress to pass legislation
theyd fought against passing while Kennedy was in office. This
included a civil rights bill (3) and a tax bill (3). Mark Antonys
address in Julius Caesar was very different.
Johnson is trying to achieve ___________.
We can see this because of ___________.
And ___________________________.
2nd Body Paragraph:
Antony is trying to achieve ____________.
We can see this because of ____________.
And __________________________.
3rd Body Paragraph:
While they are both talking on similar occasions their speeches
vary so drastically because of _______________________

A final insight you gained into the two pieces, but phrased
These two speeches were given under similar circumstancesthe
death of the Nations leaderbut vary drastically because of their
audiences expectations. LBJs speech is meant to reassure the
nation, and to give its legislators a path forward, while Mark
Antony is desperately fighting the anti-Caesar mindset in Rome.
The speeches have such different goals ultimately because of how
their subjects (Kennedy or Caesar) were viewed by the public.
These two different speeches, told under similar circumstances,
change so drastically because of the audiences expectations. Its
important for speakers to consider their audience, for if Mark
Antony had addressed his countrymen like Johnson, he would
have likely been run out of town by a mob. Conversely, if Johnson
had spent the bulk of his speech talking about what a great
president Kennedy had been he would have lost an opportunity to
use this moment to advance the causes Kennedy believed in.