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E-Style Tubing Rotator

Near maintenancefree production tubing life extension



Beam pumping operations

The Evolution E-Style Tubing Rotator system

PC pumping wells

(also known as the Eliminator) was developed

as part of a system primarily designed to


extend the life of production tubing in beam

Very low maintenance required

pumping and PC pumping wells.

Simple installation and removal

Adds only 3 (20.6 mm) to wellhead

Using a Tubing Rotator can extend the life of

down-hole tubing by up to ten times in certain

Replaces the conventional hanger

circumstances; by equalizing the tubing wear

Can adapt to any API wellhead in its range

around the entire ID of the tubing instead of

Maintains well control while stripping blow-

wearing through in a single spot.

out preventers (B.O.P.s)

The Evolution Oil Tools E-Style Tubing


Rotators are available with three (3) drive

Eliminates abnormal pump wear


Works in temperatures up to 410 F (210 C)

Sand build-up in pump barrel eliminated
Enhances corrosion inhibitors
Prolongs tubing life 6-10 times
Paraffin build-up eliminated in most cases
Rod hang-up eliminated in most cases

Manual Drive
The Manual Drive System allows the operator
to rotate the tubing string on a periodic basis
(typically daily or weekly). This system is
typically used with progressive cavity pumps.

Mechanical Drive
The Mechanical Drive System is used with
pump jacks. This system can be set up to allow
for approximately one revolution of the tubing
in a 24 hour period.

Electric Drive
The Electrical Drive System is used with
progressive cavity pumps that have an
electrical surface drive. The drive system is run
by an explosion-proof 220V motor. This system
rotates the tubing string approximately two
times during a 24 hour period.

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E-Style-TDS (E-Style Tubing Rotator)

January 2015

Artificial Lift

E-Style Tubing Rotator


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