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Complete with ONE suitable word:

There is an area in the Atlantic Ocean ____________ the Florida coast, Bermuda and
Puerto Rico which is ____________ as the Bermuda Triangle or the Devil's Triangle.
The reason ____________ it has been given this name is that a lot of ships and planes
____________ disappeared there in a mysterious ____________.
____________ 1945, five U.S. Navy aircraft ____________ the Florida coast in good
weather to fly ____________ the Bermuda Triangle. They sent a call that they were
____________ danger and help was ____________. I happened to ____________ the
pilot of one of the planes which were ____________ to rescue the Navy bombers.
____________ I was approaching the ____________ they had radioed from, something
strange happened. The navigational instruments of my plane ____________ behaving in
an odd way. I had to turn back at ____________. Luckily, after some quick manoeuvres, I
managed to get ____________ of the triangle and returned to base, my instruments once
again behaving normally. Later I learnt ____________ all the bombers and one of the
rescue planes ____________ been lost. What caused this disappeance is ____________ a
2. Build the words and then fill the sentences: