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Notes Media Evaluation Plan How well does your

product fit with the ancillary tasks.

Emotion link to the close ups on ancillary
and within music video
White the colour of white within ancillary
and Harvey, e.g shirt and skin convey
Acoustic, casual gives sense of down to
Talk about how well the ancillary links to
these themes and how that can link within
the final cut
Colour schemes? Within the video and
ancillary tasks. So the colours match? E.g in
ancillary it has theme of white.
Colour schemes
Effects link all consistently to the music

Detailed Plan Question How effective is

the combination of your main product and
ancillary tasks.
Task overview
The practical aspect of our a2 studies
coursework consisted of us as a group,
creating a music video along with 2 ancillary
tasks of our choice. We as a group decided
that along with the music video we will
create a digipack for our M/V and also a
magazine advert.
For our main product we filmed a 3 minute
music video. We used the song iridescent by
Linkin Park and recreated it under our
fictional artist Harvey Whyte.
Our overall objective as a group was to
create an effective combination of our music
video and ancillary tasks respectively. By
doing so we aspired to demonstrate a
successful marketing campaign for our

artist, complete with branding, ultimately

conveying our message sucessfully to the
In this evaluation question/coverage we will
be looking at the question how affective is
the combination of our main product (mv)
and our ancillary tasks (digipack, mag
We will look at the overall combination of
our 3 products, and whether they convey
and effect, the way in which we intended.
Our intention
As a group one of the first decisions we had
to make regarding our product was what we
wanted to convey through our products. As
a group we came to the decision that our
goal was not of financial motivation, but to
inform. The theme we wanted to focus on in
detail was domestic violence.
Song choice
After shortlisting several songs that could
possibly facilitate this theme, we ultimately
selected the song Iridescent, by linking park.

A main reason for this was the lexical field

present within the song. Lyrics such as
destruction and devastation reflected
the sheer horror that we wanted to convey
d/v as. The song was also of slow tempo,
steadily rising to a climax. This was also
important as it fitted the escalation that
often takes place within real life d/v cases.

Choice of artist
After selecting our song and theme another
decision that had to be made was our artist.
Considering our theme would be the
sensitive topic of d/v we had to make a
cautious decision as to who and how our
artist will be presented. Iridescent is a song
sung by a male thus we decided that a male
would be most suited. By being male we
also realised that our message could
perhaps be of more powerful nature. Due to
statistics and stigma showing that d/v is
being inflicted by males more than females.

The voice of an individual less stigmatised

to be the victim may prove a powerful tool.
In contrast to a band we decided that a solo
artist would be the best format to present
our artist. Due to our music video being of
informative + sensitive nature, we wanted
our artist to have a personal, intimate touch
with our audience. By being a solo artist, the
message against d/v present within our
music video can be presented as a form of
personal outcry for the issue, acting
The name for our artist was decided to be
Harvey Whyte. Overall we designed our
artists representation to be of pure and
friendly (down to earth nature). This was
attempted through his clothing, physical
characteristic and personality traits. One
particular trait for our artist we wanted to
highlight is his passion for charity and
helping. This was a theme we wanted to
present through our products.
Overall the themes and emotions that we
wanted to reflect through our m/v and
ancillary tasks were

Casualness / Soft rock
Against the system attitude
Worry/care (for problems)
In this next segment we will take a look at
our products and evaluate whether they
have effectively worked in combination,
portraying the themes we wished.

Clothing - Throughout all 3 ancillary tasks
our artist is shown wearing casual clothing,
by doing so we believe we successfully
established a link between our artist and
casual clothing. By associating the two we
hoped to establish his casual clothing to his
casual outtake on formal society. This can
link further to his against the
system/cooperate attitude.
Items the casual, down to earth
association displayed through his clothing
can also be shown through his choice of
instrument. The acoustic guitar is chosen in
favour of the electric. By doing so we are
further attempting to portray our artist as
Colour schemes Colour schemes are
present throughout our 3 products. An
underlying white colour scheme is present
throughout all 3 products. Particularly within
Harveys clothing. He is shown wearing

white on all 3 products, with him wearing a

purple fleece on top of white on the poster.
Both the background of the digipack and the
poster are also plain white.
By doing so we were hoping of associating
the white within the products with the
common association with purity and
kindness. Another link to the white scheme
is the artists name (Whyte). By including
this colour scheme within our 3 products I
believe we have successfully combined our
ancillary tasks in relation to portraying our
artist as pure and kind.
A inclusion of colour contrasting to our
overall scheme would be the strong use of
purple within our magazine advertisement.
The sharp contrast of the white and purple
could prove useful. The purple could be seen
as a connotation to evil. This contrast
being present within our magazine advert
could connote the conflict between
Harvey(good) and Societal problems (bad).
The inconsistent inclusion of purple within
the magazine could be seen however as

ineffective regarding the combination of the

three tasks.
Emotion emotion is also another area we
attempted to implement throughout our
products. The use of close-ups of Harvey is
largely present within our music video (e.g.
chorus). This Is done so that a direct link can
be established between the message within
the song and the emotion of the artist. In
this case being Harveys passion for fighting
A similar close-up is also present within our
digipack. The hand in face present within
the digipack can further bolster the theme
of emotion within our products.