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1. Change the sentences to the passive voice:

Example: The teacher corrects the exercises. > The exercises are corrected by the
Mary saw the accident. > The accident was seen by Mary. (to see saw
a) She left the money in the drawer.
(to leave left left)
b) The cat drinks milk.
(to drink drank drunk)
c) The cat drank the milk.
(to drink drank drunk)
d) Mary did the work.
(to do did done)
e) The gardener plants flowers.
(to plant planted planted)
f) Graham Bell invented the telephone.
(to invent invented invented)
g) Water covers a great part of the Earth.
(to cover covered covered)
h) The mother took the children to the park.
(to take took taken)
2. Put the sentences into the Future:
Example: The work was done by Mary. > The work will be done by Mary.
a) The car was made in Brazil.
b) The beaches were visited by the girls.
c) The leaves were eaten by the oxen.
d) The cars were sold by Tom.
3. Check the correct alternative to fill the gaps:
a) The car was _____________________ by him. (
) to sell
) sold
b) The flowers will be ________________ by him. (
) to give (
) gave (
c) The door will be __________________ by the carpenter.
) to repair
d) These photos were _______________ by her. (
) to see(
) saw (
) seen

e) The cheese was __________________ by the mice. (
f) The leaves were __________________ by the cows. (
g) The glasses were _________________ by the children.

) to eat (

) ate

) to eat (

) ate

) to break ( ) broke

( )

4. Match the words to their synonym:

a) strict
b) guy
c) weird
) midday
) rarely
young man (
) limit

d) seldom
) unusual

e) restriction
) inflexible

f) noon

5. Complete with words from activity 4:

a) Some parents ____________________________ talk about sex to their children.
b) The Portuguese teacher is very ____________________________ with his students.
c) There is a ____________________________ on practicing this sport: it is extremely
d) This is not an ordinary situation. It is ____________________________
e) That Vietnamese ____________________________ is playing soccer in Brazil.
f) It is ____________________________ in Brazil now but in Japan it is midnight.