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Take it for granted that Albania is one of the most

beautiful countries. People all over the world come and

visit Albania and its beautiful cities,the sea etc . First of
all, Ill mention some of the most visited places. I'll start it
with Berati,my city, our city. Berati is part of UNESCO
since 2008.Everyone found Berati interesting because of
the castle which seems as a whole labyrinth.Inside of the
castle has more than 10 churches. Another special place is
Onufri.What's attract the most the tourist are the icons
inside Onufri.It looks like you're back in time. Secondly,
i'm going to talk about Saranda.Saranda is one of the
most tourist attractions of the Albanian Riviera.Especially
at summer when many tourist came to visit the sea.Near
Saranda are the remains of the ancient city of Butrinti,a
UNESCO world heritage site. In addition i'm going to talk
about te magnificent Kruja.Kruja is a town in north central
Albania.The most visited place which grab tourists
attention is the museum.The museum include the
Skanderbeg museum located in the environs of the castle
and the nacional enthographic museum.All that shows our
character,how strong were albanians and how they fight to
protect their contry. In conclusion,if i talk about albanian
turism,i'll need days.Let me mention even
Vlora,Shkodra,Tirana,Durresi,Fieri etc etc. In other
words,Albania is speacial and precious.Lucky us and lucky
them who have been able to visit.