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Girls always intend to have by their side a person who

they always dremed about,their soulmate.But what a girl

notices firstly to a man? His eyes,his smile or what? I'm
sure that if every girl gives her opinion about their
dream friend,it would call "perfect". If i had the
possibility to choose him,i would drow him
perfectly.Hansome,tall,well builded body,beautiful eyes,a
beautiful smile etc.i like those kind of people who i can
make jokes with,play with,in other words a happy
person.And don't forget the most important thing to be
romantic.every girl dream to have a romantic person
such as those in movies.i don't want only a handsome
man only from his apperance.I like a loyal
person,respectfull,take care of me,always listen to
me,because the most important thing is to be a good
person,to find a character similar to us.These qualities
build a good relationship.