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104KM-Enterprise Information Systems

Assignment 1
Individual Assignment
Date Submission: 21st MAC 2014
The Lancaster University system provides the ability for managing borrowing books and
requesting for books for the students. The library books can be borrowed by the borrowers.
They are students and lecturers. The librarian is the person who manages the library systems.
Students who goes to the library and wishes to borrow some books would have to present
his/her Student ID and the books to the librarian at the counter. The librarian would scan the
student ID through the bar code scanner. If the student has fine more than 20, the system will
notify the librarian, therefore the student would not be allowed to borrow any books. When no
excess fine found in the system, the librarian would then scan the bar code on the books and
the approval of books loan would be applied. The system would also notify the librarian whether
the amount of the borrowing books has excess limit. Finally, the system would print out the due
date for all the borrowing books.
Student intends to request for a book from the system could either enters the books call
number directly to make a request or searches through the systems first and then make a
request on the search result. If the book is available in the librarys shelf, the system will refuse
the student for making the request. However, the student is allowed to search the books by title,
author and books call number. The possible result of availability of the book and the book
details would be displayed on the screen.
a) Draw a UML use case diagram for the Lancaster University Library System
(20 marks)

b) Draw a UML class diagram for the Lancaster University Library System. The class
diagram should represent all of the classes, their attributes, relationships between
classes, multiplicity specifications and other model elements that you find appropriate.
(20 marks)