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Bridge Over Troubled Water Words and Music by Paul Simon When you're! F Cdim ¢ Dm? Gr wea- ry, feel - in’ small, When tears are | in your eyes, jown and out, when you're on thestreet, When evesning falls so hard) rut | dry them all Tm on your side. Iwillcom - fortyou. Tl take your part Oh, — when times— get} rough. And friends just be — found,| On, when dark = ness | comes ‘And pain is a - round, F c Cmaj7 7 F DT troub-led 1 will lay me Am cr F Cdim al F GT tempo rubato When you're | sil-ver girl, ‘Your time has come All your kireamsare on their way. © = ver | troub- led water, cr F Cdim Am 1 will ease your mind, ° roub = led wa-ter, tdi F Am E7 Am cr F pdDoc¢ Am I will ease your mind.