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Review Sheet for Physics Test-Newtons Laws



Formulas F = ma
a = v/t
vf = vi + at
W = m g g on Earth =10m/s/s
p = F t
p = mv
a = ( vf vi )/ t
Laws -- 1. Inertia
2. a= F/m or F=ma
3. A < -- > B
or action/reaction
key terms:
free body diagram
normal force
1. A skater has a mass of 90 kg and is sliding along a flat, smooth ice rink at a
velocity of
+8 m/s.
a. Lets assume that there is NO friction and NO wind resistance. According
to Newtons first law, to keep the skater moving at this speed, how hard
would he have to push?
b. According to Newtons second law, what would happen if we pushed on
him with a net force in the forward direction?
c. Find the weight of the skater (in Newtons).
d. Draw a free body diagram of the skater, labeling the two forces that are
acting on him while he glides with constant velocity. Is this a state of

e. Now, the skater pushes backwards on the ice with a force of 190
Newtons. Think about Newtons Third Law, and describe what happens.
(answer has 2 parts)

2. You push a grocery cart. It has a mass of 50 kg. While pushing it, you apply a
force of 150 N. Before you push it, it was at rest.

a. Find the acceleration of the wagon while you are pushing on it.
b. Find the weight of the wagon in Newtons.
c. Draw a free body diagram, labeling the THREE forces that act on the
wagon while you
are pushing on it.

d. Now while you push forward with a force of 150 N, a force of friction
pushes with
50 Newtons backward. Draw a free body diagram, find Fnet and find
3. A Buick with a mass of 1800 kg starts out going 5 m/s. Then it speeds up to a
velocity of
23 m/s. It takes a time of 3 seconds to speed up.
a. Write down the numbers that are given in the problem and label them.
b. Find the acceleration of the Buick.
c. Using F=ma, find the net force that acted on the Buick to make it speed
d. Draw a free body diagram of the three forces that act on the Buick as it
speeds up.

4. A 80 kg runner starts at rest. Then she accelerates at 3 m/s/s for a time of 2

a. Find how fast she ends up going (v2)

b. Find the net force that acted on her and caused her to speed up.

5. Sydney and Ashley are skating. Sydneys mass is 60 kg. Ashley has a mass of
40 kg. Sydney stands next to Ashley, and then says something mean. Ashley
pushes on Sydney with a force of 120 Newton.
a. Write down and label the information that is given in the problem.

mashley =

msidney =

F on Sydney

b. Find Sydneys acceleration during the push.

c. What will happen to Ashley while she pushes on Sydney? Why?

d. Find Ashleys acceleration.

6. Many safety devices in cars are needed to protect the passengers in case of an
accident. Pick two devices and explain why they are needed. Be sure to show
that you know more about Newtons laws compared to what you knew before we
started the unit.