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Teacher: Nelson and Adam

Class: MEP2

Week: 15

Dates: 9-13 Feb

Sitapatr School

Anuban Weekly Outline

Can and cant

This week we are learning:

Circle Time Review
In circle time I will continue to
review past vocabulary. I will be
doing colours and shapes with the
MEP class next week.
I will also continue with dancing
games as well as songs and
dances that we have done in the

Activity Time
In activity time we will continue to work on can and cant action verbs. I
will begin to introduce animals and ask questions about individual animal
Can a fish run? No it cant
Can a fish swim? Yes it can
I will also go over various action verbs like run, jump, write, read, swim
Sentence structure:
Yes I can
I cant ....
No I cant

This week we will continue to do
our beginning sound review in
teams. Each team will take turns
trying to find as many words
beginning with a given sound. The
team with the most words at the
end wins.
We will also be practicing two letter
blending as a review.

New (letters/sounds/vocabulary)
This week we will continue blending the et(pet, net, wet, jet) word family together as a class and
individually. If we still have time we might move on to the next word family, the en(pen, ten, men,
he). We will also be using some new songs to help the students practice some of the words.

Writing Practice

Sight Words

We wont be doing any writing

practice tis week.

We will no be doing any new sight words

this week.

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