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National Defence University, Islamabad

On stamp paper of Rs. 50/-

Undertaking from Student & Parents/ Guardian






CNIC#_____________________________ provisionally admitted in BS/M.Sc/M.Phil/Ph.D program,

Department of ____________________________________ in NDU solemnly declare and undertake that
I will abide by the following terms, while my stay at National Defence University (NDU), Islamabad:
I shall abide by the rules and regulations enforced at NDU at present and those which may be
enforced at any time in the future.

I shall conform strictly to the code of conduct for the students of NDU.

I shall at all times show respectful behavior towards management, faculty and my fellow
I shall not, through my act, speech or gesture, incite any feelings, which are derogatory to any
sect, ethnic group, case, religion, creed, sex or place of origin.

I shall not indulge in any political activity, including unionism or political groupings.

I shall maintain the attendance in the classes as per rules and my admission may be cancelled if I
remain absent for 4 weeks without intimation.
I shall protect and preserve the property of NDU at all times and shall make all out efforts to
prevent others from causing any damage or destruction to the Universitys property.
I shall fully abide by the decisions of teachers, various discipline committees constituted for the
purpose of ensuring and enforcing discipline and good order in the University and of other authorities.
I undertake to pay fees and other charges regularly by the due date, failing which my admission
may be cancelled.
I declare that I am not having any such disease or illness that may disturb the environment of
the class and university during my stay at NDU.
I am bound to submit the HEC attested copies of my academic documents and Migration
certificate in original to the University within 4 weeks of commencement of semester, failing which my
provisional admission may be withdrawn/ cancelled.
If I am found involved in any unlawful activity in contravention of the above terms and
conditions at any stage during my stay at NDU, the University shall have the right to cancel my
admission without notice.
Student Signatures:


Parent/ Guardian Signatures; ________________________