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General Awareness Quiz :

Self help groups are an important borrower class of which of the following institutions?
(a) Banks
(b) Micro finance institutions
(d) All of the above
Ans : (d)
With which financial sector are these terms associated with : free look period; rider; third party
administrator; surrender value
(a) Insurance (b) Banking
(c) Capital markets (d) Mutual funds
Ans : (a)
A new project requires funds to purchase fixed assets for its business. What is this funding/ expense
known as?
(a) Working capital
(b) Revenue expenditure
(c) Start up loans
(d) Capital expenditure
Ans : (d)
Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty SERP is an important body of the government in the field of
microfinance. What does it do?
(a) It distributes cash subsidies through cooperative banks to the rural poor
(b) It identifies the rural poor for bank finance
(c) It is a nodal agency for monitoring the SHGs
(d) It supervises the funds distributed under NREGS
Ans : (c)
Which of the following is not a physical asset?
(a) Gold jewellery (b) Real estate
(c) Commodities (d) Debentures
Ans : (d)
Which of the following sources of finance would be the costliest for a new entrepreneur?
(a) Bank overdraft (b) Trade credit
(c) Government grant (d) Personal savings
Ans : (a)

An angel investor would be known as which of the following?

(a) Pension fund investor
(b) Bank depositor
(c) Wealthy individual looking for investment
in fresh projects
(d) Investor in government projects
Ans : (c)
How is a payment gateway explained?
(a) It facilitates the payment transaction in e commerce
(b) It is an intermediary service which permits acceptance of electronic payments
(c) It is the infrastructure for online trading
(d) All of the above
Ans : (d)
Which of the following is necessary to transfer funds through the RTGS facility?
(a) Beneficiarys bank account number
(b) The IFSC number of the beneficiarys bank branch
(c) There is a minimum amount specified fortransfer
(d) All of the above
Ans : (d)
What is the service called which transfers funds from one centre to another in time blocks on the
same day?
(a) NEFT (b) EFT
(c) RTGS (d) ECS
Ans : (a)