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Bon Secours Memorial College of Nursing

NUR 4142 - Synthesis of Nursing Practice
Final Analysis
Practicum and class experience is critical to the development of a new nurse. The

BSMCON program takes one thru each step towards developing critical thinking skills that can
be applied in any situation. The class lecture experience built a structure for us so that we could
apply what we learned to what we saw in the hospital. The system by system approach helped
me break parts down into manageable subjects to conquer. For example, learning all the lab
values first in ANS I was essential to applying them throughout the rest of the class and into ANS
II. I also thought paralleling ANS and Patho Pharmacology was extremely helpful in linking the
medications to the disease. It helped to know the mechanism of action of the medication to
break it down and explain it to a patient. Infomatics, PRD and servant leadership helped to
round out the other areas of nursing that one might not realize exist and are extremely relevant.
I think all nurses need to be aware of how to process the information, how things get paid for and
the critical leadership examples we need to see and set. All of this information and more goes to
furthering the profession and its level of professionalism. Practicum was enjoyable for me
because I am a hands on learner. I enjoyed being able to take the curriculum and see it applied to
reality. I thought our first head to toe assessment would be the longest video ever. There was
simple no way I could complete a head to toe assessment in less than 10 minutes - but now I can
by noticing, listening and observing. The machines and equipment were also overwhelming
until you got your hands on them. The amount of clinical hours really helped with this particular
experience. Clinicals were also a critical place to see, explain and think about body systems we
discussed in ANS. I remember Mrs. Pryor explaining the RAAS system as it related to a patient

we were taking care of on the floor at St. Marys. Her explanation, picture, patients lab and
presentation made the science real. Clinicals underscored the need for teamwork. We were able
to observe this of the nurses on the floor as well as experience it by helping each other out. I
never had to ask any of my classmates twice for help with a patient regardless of the task.
My future growth needed for professional nursing revolves around practice, exposure and
experience. I need to be able to practice skill sets, patient care and patient education. Exposure
to emergency codes, various disease processes and treatments will further my advancement from
novice to advanced beginner. Identifying a mentor within the unit I work for will allow me to
mature my critical thinking processes from checking things off a mental list to knowing. I
believe securing a position within an emergency room or critical care unit for 1-3 years will
assist my training. Maintaining organizational involvement and servant leadership will help me
advance my role as a nurse and the entire profession. I will address this need by getting involved
in an organizational committee within my unit. Eventually, I would like to work with nursing
students as well as precept new nurses.