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3 Innovative


B y M u h d H a fiz
1 st Gadget
It is an Eye Massager
It Helps the blood circulation
around your eyes.
Reduce Eye fatigue
Remove Dark circle around your
Why do you need it?

It looks cool

Light and Portable
And it plugs in to a USB port
How to use lt?
1.Plug it to your computer USB.
2.Switch On the Device

3.Place it at Your eye

The Cons
The plastic is not durable
Its only comes with 4 colours only.
2 nd gadget
It is a Nose Flute
Why do you Need it?
The Nose Flute looks kind of fun to
play for young children.
Its great fun at parties, reunions,
family gathering.
 Its also portable and light, So we can

bring anywhere we want.

 It is also cheap to buy.
How do we use it?
Place it at your nose
You just blow through your nose !

The Cons
The plastic is not durable
Children tends to keep changing toys
and gets bored of this toy
Last Gadget
It’s a desktop organizer

It has a magnetic tape dispenser that
also holds paper clips, a pen and
business cards.
The figure also holds adhesive tape in
his hands as if it were a roll of toilet
Is’nt it great, it can hold lots of stuff
and get to organize yourself.
The Cons
I think there’s nothing to talk bad about this
product. Am I Right?
Thank you