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Work, Energy, Power Test Short Answer:

1. A 0.45 kg baseball is thrown up in the air with an initial velocity of 12 m/s. What is the highest point
it reaches?
2. A dog sits in a wagon and they have a combined mass of 54 kg. The wagon with the dog is pushed
along a horizontal surface by two children. After the wagon is pushed distance of 4.5 m starting from
rest, its speed is 6.0 m/s. Find the magnitude of the net force on the wagon.
3. A 1500 kg car accelerates from rest to 10.0 m/s in a time of 3.0 s. What is the work done by the car
in this time interval? What is the power delivered to the engine in this time interval?
1) Redo the entire problem from start to finish on a new sheet of paper.
2) Write 3 sentences explaining why you got the original problem wrong and how you corrected your