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Alex Reynolds

UWRT 1102
Exploratory Paper
The issue that is being debated in my community is the legal drinking age. The most
common drinking age limit in the United States is twenty-one but some people feel like alcohol
should be served to you when you turn eighteen. As most know, the legal drinking age used to be
18 until between 1970-1975 when twenty-nine states changed the age limit to twenty-one. Some
people do not understand why the drinking age was changed. It was changed because of the high
rate of young teens that were involved in either DUI, car accidents, alcohol poisoning and other
frowned upon activities. They felt like the teenagers were not mature enough yet to consume
alcohol substances.
As some people may think that if you are old enough to vote or serve your country you
should be able to consume alcohol. Eighteen may seem like a young age but that is the age for
almost everything in this world such as smoking cigarettes or other tobacco products. The debate
is usually debated by younger teenagers and older mature adults. Of course young people would
like the age limit to be eighteen so they can legally have a good time with alcohol. It seems to be
the older more mature individuals that would like for a person to better mature before
experiencing the consumption of alcohol. The mature adults also are worried about their own
safety because they do not want to put there selves at risk on the road with the possibility of a
young reckless teenager that has been drinking. Young teens feel like once they are considered an
adult which is the age of eighteen, they should be able to participate in any activity that older

adults are. Both sides of the debate have their own point of views and make good arguments, but
ultimately I dont feel like the young teenagers have any say at all in this decision making
process. The mature adults were young once too so they can understand the urgency of the young
teenagers so I think they see more of both sides of the issue than the teenager does.
As explained before, one perspective of this issue is some individuals feel that if you are
able to use tobacco, vote, and serve in the military for your country, then you should be able to
have a beer if you want one. It is mostly the young people that feel this way and you can
understand why if you have ever partaken in consuming alcohol beverages. I think they also
want to take part in this type of activity to feel grown up or cool around their older friends or
adults. Another perspective that is frequently brought up is that you should not be able to drink
until you turn twenty-one. They think that it gives you an opportunity for you to mature between
the ages 18-21 as an adult before you take on the responsibilities that come with alcohol
consumption. This perspective is usually by the older adults or parents. If youre a parent you
most likely are trying to look out for your childs well-being. You would want your kid to keep
their head on straight because in the back of your mind you are always thinking the worst when it
comes to your kids. The last perspective that is not very common but it is something that I have
heard of. Kids sometimes when they have never drank alcohol turn twenty-one they go buck wild
with it and put there selves in danger of alcohol poisoning or hurt someone else. Some people
feel like this can be preventing by building up a tolerance for alcohol so when you do turn
twenty-one you will be able to be responsible and experienced. Like I said before, this is not a
very common theory but it is something that I have come across.
I can understand the opinions and points made by both groups. If I was a mature adult
with children I would not want them drinking until they are twenty-one. With that said I am a

teenager and understand all of the temptation. My personal opinion on the matter is the drinking
age should be eighteen because you are allowed to partake in many other activities when you
turn eighteen. Kids are going to drink anyways when they get to college because that is the thing
to do. If a person cannot buy alcohol until they are twenty-one then individuals should not be
able to vote, buy tobacco, or serve in the military until they are twenty-one as well.

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