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Teacher: Nelson and Adam

Class: MEP2

Week: 16

Dates: 16-20 Feb

Sitapatr School

Anuban Weekly Outline


This week we are learning:

Circle Time Review
In circle time I will be doing
review with the students of MEP.
We will be covering everything
we have done over the course of
the term.
I will be playing musical chairs
and statues as well as singing and
dancing to songs that we have
done over the course of the term

Activity Time
The units to be reviewed
Sea Animals
Fish, seahorse, shark, starfish, whale, jelly fish, turtle, dolphin, octopus,
crab, lobster, shells
Land Animals
a bear, a camel, a cow, a turtle, an elephant, a gorilla, a hippo, a horse, a
lion, a panda, a rabbit, a penguin, a seal, a fox, a koala, a giraffe, a
monkey, a pig, a mouse, a zebra, a snake, a donkey, a sheep, a kangaroo
fast, slow, big, small, heavy, light, beautiful, ugly, strong, weak, long,
short, tall, short, full, empty, high, low, wet, dry, near, far, new, old, easy,
hard, dark, light, clean, dirty

We will continue to play our
beginning sounds game this week
to practice beginning sounds of
words. I will draw pictures on the
board to help the students guess
harder words, so the game will be
more beneficial.

New (letters/sounds/vocabulary)
This week we will do a mixed review or blending families that we have covered so far this term.
We will practice reading the words all together as a class and then, as before, the students will
read the words out one at a time to practice blending and to check their pronunciation. I will be
using this week to check what level the students are at for their end of year assessment.

Writing Practice

Sight Words

We wont be doing any writing

practice this week.

We will not be doing any new sight words

this week.

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