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Journey of Mayflower LESSON PLAN

Miss Engels
Social Studies
Social Studies Standard: S1.C3.PO2: Describe the interaction of Native
Americans with the Pilgrims (e.g., arrival of the Mayflower, Squanto, the
Wampanoag, the first Thanksgiving).
ISTE Student Standard: 6-Studentes demonstrate a sound understanding of
technology concepts, systems, and operations. a- Understand and use
technology systems
Ask and answer questions about key details in a text read aloud or information
presented orally or through other media.
Objective (Explicit):
Students will be able to describe who Pilgrims are, understand why the
Pilgrims left England, and identify the route that the Mayflower took from
England to Massachusetts.
Evidence of Mastery (Measurable):
Number of Students:
SWBAT complete the Mayflower
Route independent practice
worksheet with 100% accuracy
and write a sentence describing
something they learned today.
Number of Students:
SWBAT complete the Mayflower
Route independent practice
worksheet with at least 80%
Number of Students:
SWBAT attempt to complete the
Mayflower Route independent
practice worksheet with some
Falls Far Below

Does not attempt

Number of Students:

Sub-objectives, SWBAT (Sequenced from basic to complex):

Review/Prior Knowledge: The students will have learned about the five oceans
and 7 continents in kindergarten. The students will be reminded where the
Atlantic Ocean, Europe, and North America are located on a map.
New Learning:
-Students will understand who the Pilgrims are and why they wanted to move
from England to the New World.
-Students will learn that the Pilgrims traveled to the New World on a ship called
the Mayflower.
-Students will learn about the route that the Mayflower took across the Atlantic

Ocean from England to Massachusetts.

Relevancy: It is important for students to understand Pilgrims, the Mayflower,
and the ships journey in order to have a greater understanding of the
importance and significance of the Thanksgiving holiday.
Key vocabulary:
Mayflower Interactive
(found at
Great Britian
ney.htm )
-Promethean Slides
(Appendices A)
-Daily Book Page
(Appendices B)
-Mayflower Route
(Appendices C)

Instructional Input

Opening (state objectives, connect to previous learning, and make relevant

to real life)
The teacher will ask students if they have ever traveled to a new place that they had
never been before, maybe moving to a new school, moving to a new house in a
different neighborhood, or traveling to a different state. This can be a scary feeling,
because we do not know what to expect from this new place. The teacher will
explain, Today we will begin learning about a group of people called the Pilgrims.
This group of people embarked on a long and difficult journey across the Atlantic
Ocean to find a new home in America. Today we are going to be looking at the map
of the world to see the route that the Pilgrims traveled to find their new home. The
teacher will then connect this content to previous learning by reviewing how there
are five oceans and seven continents.
Teacher Will:
Student Will:
Present the promethean board slides on the topic: The
Listen as the teacher
Journey of the Mayflower (Appendices A). Teacher will
explains who the
explain to students that a Pilgrim is a person who travels Pilgrims are and
to far away lands. The teacher will read a short passage
shows the route that
off of the promethean slide that decribes why the
the Mayflower took
Pilgrims chose to leave their homes in England and travel on its journey to the
to the New World.
New World.
The teacher will then show a map of the world. This map
is first grade friendly, as it only displays the 7 continents
and the 5 oceans. The teacher will explain that the
Pilgrims traveled to America on a ship named the
Mayflower. The teacher will also point to England and
Masachusetts to show students that the Mayflower
traveled a great distance across the Atlantic Ocean.
Co-Teaching Strategy/Differentiation
Modification: The teacher can also use a globe to show students the route that
the Pilgrims traveled. Using a globe, rather than a flat map, will help students
really visualize the Mayflowers journey across the Atlantic.
ELL modification: Promethean slides will have many images to help English

Teacher Will:
The teacher will either rent a class set of laptops for the
day or model the use of the scholastic interactive on the
promethean board to promote learning for all students.
The teacher will model how to navigate through the
interactive site to learn information about the journey of
the Mayflower and to tour the ship. The teacher will
ensure that all students successfully locate the webpage
where they will be exploring the interactive site. Teacher
will walk around the room and monitor students as they
read and learn about the journey on the Mayflower.

Student Will:
Watch as teacher
models how to
access and navigate
the interactive site.
The students will
explore the sight,
reading, listening,
and learning about
the journey of the
Mayflower and the
parts of the ship.

Guided Practice

Guide the students in filling out page 1 in their daily book

(Appendices B). The teacher will ask the students to help
her fill in the blanks on the first page.

Students will fill in

the first page of their
daily book.

Independent Practice

learners understand. The teacher will use gestures when displaying the map to
show the movement of the Mayflower from England to Massachusetts.

Teacher Will:
Provide the students with the independent practice
worksheet (Appendices C). The teacher will review the
directions color coding the map with the class before
passing out the worksheet to ensure understanding.
Teacher will instruct students who finish early to write a
sentence or two about something they learned today.

Co-Teaching Strategy/Differentiation
Modification: The Scholastic Interactive Website has the option of listening to an
audio recording of the informational paragraphs. Students can play the audio
recording while reading to aide in understanding.
ELL modification: The audio recordings of the informational paragraphs will be
beneficial, as the English learners can listen and learn, rather than read. The
interactive also has many images and shows the Mayflower traveling across the
Atlantic, which will aide in understanding. The teacher will directly model how to
complete the first page in the daily book and display her model under the
document camera for assistance.
Enrichment: The scholastic interactive has many other areas to explore including
photos, videos, and information on the daily life of Pilgrims. Early finishers can
explore these areas as well.
Student Will:
Complete the
Mayflower Route
Students who
complete the map
early will write a
sentence or two
about something
they learned today.

Co-Teaching Strategy/Differentiation
Modification: Teacher can display the Journey of the Mayflower map from the
Scholastic Interactive on the promethean board in order to assist students in
completing their map.

ELL Modification: The teacher can work one-on-one with the ELL students and
provide step by step guidance for completing the independent practice.
Enrichment: Students who finish early will be instructed to write a summary of
their learning on the bottom of the worksheet.
Closing/Student Reflection/Real-life connections:
Teacher will ask students what we have learned today? Teacher will explain that
today we learned about Pilgrims. We also learned about the Mayflower and the
journey that the ship took across the Atlantic Ocean.

Appendices A

Appendices B

Appendices C