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Growth Project Template

Name: Sydney Singh

Goal no.
Action Plan

What will you accomplish?
For my musical growth project I plan to work on orchestrations and arrangements to bring into the
classroom. Students tend to get bored with playing music they don't know and it is good once and a
while to bring something into the class they are familiar with. I hope to create 2-3 arrangements for my
students to play during my practicum.
What does it look like when youve accomplished your goal?
I will have 2-3 pieces of music arranged for the make up of my class dealing with the different balance of
instruments that I have. The music will also be playable to the level of my students.

What are the indicators of success or progress? (Assessment)
This is a hard assignment to create a timeline for but, by the end I hope to have 2-3 pieces arranged for
my class, to have it playable at a level suitable for their abilities as well as make changes to improve it
with suggestions from my students

It is important for teachers to be able to adapt to the changing landscape of music. I am not saying to
totally scrap the classics but to expand what your students are playing and to hook them in with a
song they know and like will help.

time will be one of my biggest challenges. To find music to arrange as well as the actual arrangement
in a timely fashion will be difficult
finding piano music for recent pop songs to convert
finding songs students want to play
making sure the low end instruments have more then just the chord in pop songs

I have a band at my disposal to play through pieces so I can make the needed changes
I can ask students about range comfortability especially on instruments that I am unfamiliar with

Action plan:
How will you accomplish your goal?
I will start by picking 2-3 pieces that my students know and like
find piano sheet music for that song
arrange it for the band simplifying rhythms if needed
have them play through it and make suggestions
play it again and record it
This will be an ongoing process so i am not going to set a timeline for this project