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2 N 0 C N “ O Z 2 c mH N a O Z N About the Book Part memoir, part manifesto, this exploration of the un- derside of America's obsession with safety is prompted by the author's visit to a thrillingly alarming adventure playground in Tokyo. About the Author Amy Fusselman is the author of The Pharmacist’s Mate and 8. As “Dr.” Fusselman, she writes the “Family Prac- tice” parenting column for McSweeney’s Internet Tenden- cy. Her work has also appeared in the New York Times Magazine, Ms., Hairpin, and ARTnews Discuss + What do you think play is after reading this book? Why? + Why is play important? + How can adults support children’s play? + How can adults play more themselves? Why should they want to? + What is the function of this text being nonlinear? What is the author trying to do?