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World Cultures

Unit Introduction to Globalization
The United Nations
Research sites on the internet to complete this assignment to gain background knowledge on
the United Nations.

1. Explain the meaning of the U.N. emblem.

The map symbolizes the countries that are areas of concern to the United Nations and the
olive branches represent peace.
2. How many countries are members of the U.N. today? There are 193 countries involved.
3. How might you describe the U.N. General Assembly? What happens when it
The General Assembly is where important topics such as peace, security, admission of new
members, and budgetary matters.
4. Does the General Assemblys vote matter? Why or why not?
Yes because it consists of the 193 member states and they are the people who vote on
5. What is unique about the U.N.s headquarters?
The headquarters is located in New York and the 18 acre land is considered international
6. What are the main goals of the U.N.?
To maintain peace between nations, build peace, prevent conflict, and give humanitarian
assistance. They also fight against terrorism, help with disaster relief, human rights, and
gender equality.
7. Identify at least two challenges that exist in following the U.N. principles.
American and Russia follow the foreign policy that they want regardless of what the U.N says.
This is bad because it makes the U.N. weaken. Another challenge is that most U.N work is
done in the Security Council, not the General Assembly. Also, Russia, America, Britain, France
and china all have the right to veto a decision of the Security Council.
8. What was the League of Nations, and how does it relate to the U.N.?
It was an international organization which was created to resolve international disputes. This
was like the U.N. because one of the U.N.s goals is to resolve international disputes.
9. In what ways was the League of Nations an example of early globalization?
Identify at least two.
The League of Nations was an example of globalization because it used a lot of
communication between all the countries involved. Also, they
Why did the League of Nations fail? Identify at least two reasons.
1. People thought that the League wasnt being fair and was only choosing certain countries
to ally with. The thought this because Poland invaded Russia and the League overlooked it.

2. When war started in 1939, they closed down and this was bad because they were
supposed to help.

11.In what year was the U.N. created? 1945 What was happening at that time? World
War II
12.How many countries originally joined the U.N.? 51
Why might the League of Nations be considered the forerunner of the United
They both shared the same goals.
What is the U.N.s Security Council, and what countries are involved in it?
The security council holds the main responsibility for the U.N. and what it does. There are 15
members who convene and determine whether or not there is a threat to peace. If there is a
threat to peace, they decide on how to deal with it. They also recommend new members to
the General Assembly. The five permanent members are China, France, United States, United
Kingdom and Russia.
Why might the structure and operation of the Security Council be problematic?
In other words, what principle does it appear to violate? Identify two issues.
1. The recommend countries to the General Assembly and people could be biased on certain
2. There are 60 member states who arent a part of the Security Council and they decide if
they can participate without a vote or not.
Who is the newest U.N. member, and what noteworthy nations are not members
of the U.N.? Why has U.N. membership grown?
South Sudan is the newest. In 2011/2012 Palestine tried to join, but due to lack of support
from the Security Council they didnt get in. The growth in the countries is why the U.N has
How is the U.N. funded?
Its funded by donations of the member states.
Identify and six organizational bodies of the U.N. Complete the chart with
information about their purpose as well as details you find interesting or
General Assembly

Interesting & Important Facts
This is the main policy making and representative organ of the
United Nations. Comprising all 193 Member States of the U.N., it
provides an unique form for multilateral discussion of international

Security Council

issues including peace and security.

The functions and powers of the Security Council is to maintain
international peace and security in accordance with the purposes of

Economic and
Social Council

the U.N.
They are the overall authority of the General Assembly and they
coordinate the economic and social work of the U.N.

International Court
of Justice (World

The role of the World Court is to settle legal disputes submitted by

states and to give advisory opinions on legal questions referred to it
by authorized United Nations organs and specialized agencies. The
court is composed of 15 judges, who are elected for terms of office
of nine years by the General Assembly and Security Council. The


official languages are English and French.

The duties are varied. They range from administering peacekeeping
operations to mediating international disputes, from surveying
economic and social trends and problems to preparing studies on
human rights and sustainable development. The staff also informs
the worlds communications media about the work of the United
Nations; organize international conferences on issues of worldwide
concern; interpret speeches and translate documents into the


Organizations official languages.

The trusteeship council was established to help insure that trust
territories were administered in the best interests of their
inhabitants and of international peace and security.

1. The U.N. also has separate organizations that work to meet its goals. List four
different groups or goals these organizations work to help or promote (NOT the
names of the organizations).
The World Health Organization (WHO) coordinates programs aimed at solving health
problems and the attainment by all people of the highest possible health; it works in
areas such as immunization, health education, and the provision of essential drugs.
The World Bank group provides loans and technical assistance to developing
countries to reduce poverty and advance sustainable economic growth.
The U.N. and the World Trade Organization (WTO) are the major entity of overseeing
international trade, cooperate in assisting developing countries exports through the
Geneva based International Trade Center.
The International Labor organization (ILO) formulates policies and programs to
improve working conditions and employment opportunities, and defines
international labor standards as guidelines for governments.
2. What is the title of the U.N.s leader, and who currently holds this position? How is
this position used to counterbalance the strength of some U.N. members?
The current Secretary General is Ban Ki-moon of South Korea, who took office on January 1 st,
2007. The Secretary General shall be the chief administrative officer of the organization,
but does not dictate his specific obligations.
3. What do you feel is the future of the U.N.? Does it have a place in todays world?
Why or why not? What can it do to improve its position? Write a 5-6 sentence
paragraph explaining your views.
I believe that the U.N will have a good future because the membership has been gradually
growing since the start up in 1945. They help keep a lot of peace and also bring countries
together. I think it has a place in todays world because there are so many problems and
disputes. I think the world should use them more to create peaceful resolutions for all the
arguments. Also, with ISIS being a huge problem, they could help with keeping peace.

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