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Hula Hoop
awareness; balancing

Theme/Strand: Phys. Ed. Lesson: Body

Developed by: Susan James-Belanger

Grade level: 1/2 Split
Universal Design for Learning
2.3 Support decoding of text, mathematical notation, and symbols.
3.1 Activate or supply background knowledge.
3.2 Highlight patterns, critical features, big ideas, and relationships.
3.3 Guide information processing, visualization, and manipulation.
Action and Expression
Provide options for physical action.
4.1 Vary the methods for response and navigation.
5.3 Build fluencies with graduated levels of support for practice and performance.
6.2 Support planning and strategy development.
6.4 Enhance capacity for monitoring progress.

Optimize individual choice and autonomy.

Heighten salience of goals and objectives.
Foster collaboration and community.
Promote expectations and beliefs that optimize motivation.
Develop self-assessment and reflection.

GCO: K-1: Doing:
Students will be expected to:
-Demonstrate efficient and effective movement skills and concepts
-Demonstrate a functional level of activity specific motor skills
-Demonstrate efficient and effective body mechanics
-demonstrate an ability to cooperate with others
GCO: K-1: Knowing:
Students will be expected to:
-Understand how to maintain a personal level of functional physical fitness.
-Understand the importance of safety rules and procedures.
GCO: K-1: Valuing:
Students will be expected to:
- Develop positive personal and social behaviours and interpersonal relationships.
SWBAT (in student friendly terms): Students will respect others personal space, maintain body control
and control of the hula hoop at all times, and follow the rules of the gym and the game.
Assessment (formative/summative, self/peer)
What prior data is informing your instruction?
Previous knowledge of the terms of body movements and positions such as build body bridge with
tummy pointing to the sky.
Knowledge of the rules of the gym.
What assessment strategies will measure the learning from the outcomes?
There will be observational assessment used to evaluate how well students are able to follow
instructions, students skill level for balance and self-control, and student alertness.

Timeline / Elaboration
Before (APK)
Focus Question: Show of hands: How many students have used a hula hoop before?


Prior Setup: CD player and CD for music to be played during the activity. 1 hula-hoop per student.
Students will be met at the door and asked to sit around the center black circle of the gym. The teacher
of the class will review the rules of the gym, the use of equipment (do we throw the hula hoops across
the gym?), what do we do when I blow the whistle and/or stop the music? (Lay the hoops down and
freeze), ensure all laces are tied, review attention getter (music stopped/whistle) and what happens if
you dont follow the guidelines set forth by the teacher (go to the bench).


After reviewing the rules of the gym, check for understanding.

Explain the activity (see attached): Have each child get a hoop, lay it on the floor in a home space,
check for good spacing, and then try the following tasks:
1. Stand in your hoop and show me how you can balance on one foot; balance on the other foot,

Required Materials, Tools and Technology

1 hoop per child
CD Player
CD of instrumental music
Whistle (attention getter)
Special Concerns
Clear instructions on hoop safety (especially control) and what is expected, be aware of the student with
PDD (encourage support of EA to help Anaya maintain control of the hoop by standing on her inside to
catch the hoop if it falls or rolls away)
All students (including Anaya) will be able to participate in this activity because it easy to follow with
minimal instructions and guidelines, and only basic skills required.
In-Class Support
Host teacher, educational assistant, and myself.
16 hula-hoops (1 per student)
CD player and CD of instrumental music.
Whistle (attention getter)
* Note: There is no FM system in the school gymnasium.
Cross-curricular Connections
Music: there will be music playing during the hoop activities.
Timing was good. I stopped halfway through the lesson and let students get a drink. (There is a water
fountain right in the gym). The feedback from the students was very positive.