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Math 11 A&W Course Outline

Ms. Lindroos

Room C235

Email: lindroos_k@surreyschools.ca
Class Website: www.mslindroos.weebly.com
Welcome to Math 11 A&W! I would like to take this opportunity to personally welcome
you back to the Math Department at LA Matheson Secondary. The following course
outline explains how the class will be structured, my personal expectations of you as
Math 11 A&W students, and the marking scheme that you will be graded on this term.
Please take time to read this over with your parents so that you know what you
need to do in order to be successful! I look forward to working with you in Math 11
A&W this year!
Topics Covered:

Working with Graphs

Managing Your Money
Investing & Borrowing Money

Slopes & Rates

Scale Representations
Surface Area & Volume

Materials: You are expected to bring all materials to class, every class. !!
-3-ring binder with loose-leaf paper
-Scientific calculator

-Pencil and eraser


Course Evaluations:
" Term Mark:
Tests, quizzes and assignments will be grouped by chapter and weighted
Statistics (1 unit)
Numbers (2 units)
Geometry (2 units)
Algebra (1 unit)
Measurement (1 unit)
Skill Builders
" Final Mark:
Term Mark


Final Exam


Math 11 AW Classroom Policies & Expectations

Please note that regular attendance is crucial for success.
If you are absent, it is your responsibility to make sure your
parents/guardians phone the school or provide you with a note.
For any absences, it is the students responsibility to make up any missed
work. Check the class website and the What Did I Miss? folder.
Always be prepared to make up a missed test or assignment the very next
class , assuming the absence is legitimate and a note is supplied.
Each class starts with a 5 minute Skill Builder. You need to be on time to
complete the Skill Builders.
If you are late, sign in on the Late Log with the time of your arrival and
reason for being late.
On your third late, you will need to phone your parents/guardians to explain
why you are developing a habit of being late.
On your fifth late, you will receive an office referral.
Cell Phones/ Electronics
Be responsible with your electronics. I should never see a cell phone
during the lesson. If your parents need to get a hold of you in case of an
emergency, they can call the office.
iPods are fine during individual work time, but if they become a distraction or
they get in the way of your success, I will not allow them in class.
Class Work & Test Rewrites
Assignments need to be completed on a regular basis to ensure your success.
All assignments must be completed, checked for accuracy and signed off by
Ms. Lindroos. If assignments are not complete, you will not be permitted a rewrite.
Students must submit a rewrite application, signed by parents/guardians,
which documents review activities.
The score of the rewrite will be entered into the grade book.
Extra Help
I am available for extra help or assignment
make-ups Wednesdays at lunch or Thursdays
after school
Free tutoring is available Tuesdays after
school in B124
Peer tutoring is available in Study Hall after
school three times a week in the library. You
can drop-in or you can ask Ms. Lindroos for a