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Lesson: Must & Mustnt

Time: 45minutes

Level: Advanced

Date: 19/2/2015

Materials: Whiteboard, markers, online PowerPoint presentation.

To ensure that advanced level students are able to:
1. Effectively use must and mustnt in speech and writing.
2. Understand the grammar protocols of using must and mustnt.
3. To use must and mustnt appropriate in situations.


Teacher: Areej Mughal



Anticipated problems for Teacher:

1. T may have Time Management problems because must is an auxiliary verb
and the lesson can be only a grammar based lesson where there will not be much
to do besides grammar and TTT.
Solution: T will use creativity to enhance the lesson by adding board discussions
and games to ensure that it stays student centered.
Anticipated problems for Students:
1.Ss may have to sit for a longer period of time because of the long grammar
Solution: T will make sure that Ss get to move around by playing a game that
requires S/S interaction.

Teacher Activity
T will come to the front of the class and talk about classroom rules.
T will use the key language of must and mustnt to give examples:
You mustnt run in class. You must listen to the teacher.

Lead in
(Engage stage,
Warm up)

10mins ST

T will ask Ss to talk about classroom rules.

T will elicit sentences using the key words: must& mustnt.
T will present a PowerPoint slide that will contain actions that one must and mustnt do.
However, they will just be images without label.
Ss will be required to point to the pictures and use complete sentences to answer if its something that we must do or mustnt
T will Ask Ss Gist questions about the classroom rules using must and mustnt.
-1.What does must mean?
-2. What does mustnt indicate?
-3. Must is a strong recommendation word? Yes or No?

T will present the grammar concept in a PowerPoint presentation used from an online site.
T will explain the definition must & mustnt
Must: It is used to express certainty or give a strong recommendation.
Mustnt: Used to prohibit actions


15mins T/S,

T will switch to the projector and open up the online based presentation and go through the 20 slide.
T will then present the grammar protocols of using must & mustnt in a sentence.


Basic Verb



Basic Verb

T will then ask CCQs relating to must & mustnt to confirm if the students understand:
-1.Which word is used to prohibit actions?
-2. Does must display certainty about something? Yes or no?


20mins S/S

T will divide the class into two and label one side as Team A and the other Side as Team B.
Twill will instruct the Ss as the following.
Ss will be playing a game called Categorize it.
Both teams will be required to send one teammate up to run to the board and touch the board. Whoever will touch the board
first; their team will get to answer the question. Ofcourse if the team gets the answer wrong, the other team can steal the
T will state a sentence like:
Run in the class.
Ss will be required to answer either must or mustnt.
T will ask ICQs to ensure that the Ss know how to play the game.
Whats the name of the game?
Which two keywords will you be answering with?


PPT used from: