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Sitapatr School

Anuban Weekly Outline

Teacher: Sarah

Class: Stars

Week: 17

Test Week

This week we are learning:

Circle Time Review
The children will be required to use
their morning routine English
speaking as part of the speaking
section of the test.
Hello/ good morning,
How are you?
How is the weather today?
Days of the week.

Dates: 23/02/15 - 27/02/15

Activity Time
Topics of vocabulary
Numbers 1-20
Little Creatures
This week the main focus will be getting all the children through their tests. The
test will consist of 4 parts
1) Vocabulary
2) Shapes
3) Phonics


4) Speaking (to include counting)

New letters and sounds

Phonics Activities
Part 3 is the phonics section within
the test. It covers letter sounds and
2 letter blended sounds. The
children will need to circle the
correct letter or pair of letters which
are called.

There will be no new information taught this week. This week will allow the
children to demonstrate all that they know.

Writing Practice
As part of the test the children will
need to identify and circle the
correct answers. The children are
used to writing and drawing circles
with the pencil but they will need to
concentrate and make sure that
their circles are neat and clear.

Parent Follow Up / Useful

Websites / Homework:
Hello parents,
Im sure you are all looking forward
to finding out how well your
children do in their test. I am so
pleased with all of the hard work
that they have put in throughout
this semester and I am confident
they will all try their best and
achieve a good score.
Have a great week.