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Sitapatr School

Anuban Weekly Outline

Teacher: Chelsea

Class: Sunflower

Week: 17

This week we are learning:


Circle Time Review

As the school year is coming to an
end I would like to use circle time to
focus on phonics. I will ask the
students what is this? and I want
them to respond to me with the
letter's sound. We will play a game
where the students will have to feed
Mr. Puppet the correct letter.

Dates: February 23-27, 2015

Activity Time


Vocabulary: Circle, triangle, square, rectangle, oval, heart, diamond, star

Sentence Structures:
What is this? It is a circle/triangle
Is it a triangle? yes/No it is a circle
What colour is it?
This week we will play with the play dough and make shapes out. I will
call out a certain shapes and ask them to create it. I will give the students
helpful tips on how to construct these.
If time allows, we will also go outside and hunt for shapes on the
Twinkle, twinkle little star Pancake Manor Weblink
The shape song #1 Super simple learning songs cd 1 tr13
The shape song #2 Super simple learning songs cd 1 tr13
Shapes Pancake Manor weblink


New Letters and Sounds

We will review letters J, Z, X, Y, Z,

W, and V without the Jolly Phonics
flashcards. We will use Teacher
Rabbit to check comprehension.
The students will have to feed the
rabbit the correct letter. If time
allows I would also like to use my
finger puppets and get students to
match the correct letter to the
corresponding animal. For
example: the puppet Zebra is Z.

There are no new letters or sounds. We have already learned all of the Jolly Phonics letters. Now
we are practising recognition.

Writing Practice
There is no writing practice for this

Parent Follow Up / Useful

Websites / Homework: