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Community Church


March 2015
Keeping the Vision Alive
It is easy in the winter months to get a bit
discouraged with the cold weather and illness
that seems to have touched every family.
Canceling the times when our church
family can gather doesnt help matters
either. Nonetheless our Lord calls us to
press on and keep our vision alive.
One of the interesting things that has
happened this season has been the
Revive Indiana movement. We have had
no less than 3 visits during the week from
people that attend other area churches.
The group has prayed for the
congregation, and for Efrim and me. The
one that surprised most were high school
students who had an excused absence to

Sunday Worship 10:30am

Sunday Small Groups 9:30am
Wednesday Groups 6:30pm

Having Fun with

Some FCC Kids
participate. They were out encouraging us
churches to keep at it and share the message of
So how are you doing? Press through, keep
at it, dont let anything stop you. - Pastor Randy

Mark & Rebecca @

FCC Event

Community Meal
March 4th 5:30PM

Saturday February 28th 9:00AM-noon Youth/Adults Nerf War
Saturday February 28th 6:00PM Young Marrieds Bowling
Sunday March 1st 10:30AM Childrens Chorale
Tuesday March 2nd SOS Fundraiser @ Chick Fil A
Wednesday March 4th 5:30PM Community Meal
Sunday March 8th 10:30AM Communion (DST begins)
Saturday March 21st 4:30PM Young Marrieds Progressive Dinner

Sunday March 29th 10:30AM Palm Sunday

30046 CR 16 W, Elkhart, IN 46516

Missionaries Bruce
& Angie @ FCC

(formerly Jimtown North Elementary School)