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Ezekiel 21-40 Study Guide

Who or what is the sword of the Lord in this context? (21:1-7)
What did the LORD tell Ezekiel to do because of the coming judgments? (21:6,12)
What did the LORD tell the wicked prince of Israel to do? (21:25-26)
What example did the LORD use to show how He was going to pour out his fury on
Jerusalem? (22: 18-22)
Who did Oholah represent? Who did Oholibah represent? (23:4)
Into whose hands was Oholah delivered? (23:9) Who would judge Oholibah? (23:23-24)
What happened to Ezekiels wife after he spoke to the people in the morning? (24:18)
What was Ezekiel to the house of Israel? (24:24, 27)
Against what four nations was judgment prophesied in this chapter? (25:2, 11, 13, 16)
10. Who was the Lord going to bring against Tyrus? (26:7)
11. What all would fall into the middle of the seas in the day of the ruin of Tyrus? (27:27,34)
12. What are some phrases in this portion of scripture that some use as a description of
Satan? (28:12-17)
13. Who else did Ezekiel prophesy against? (28:21-22)
14. Where did the LORD say Israel would dwell? (28:25-26)
15. Why was the LORD going to make Egypt desolate and waste? (29:9)
16. When the LORD sets a fire in Egypt, who else will be destroyed? (30:8)
17. To what was the Assyrian compared? (31:3-9)
18. What would happen to the Assyrians? (31:10-16)
19. What would happen to Pharaoh, king of Egypt? (31:2, 18)
20. When is the blood required at the watchmans hand? (33:6-8)
21. To whom was Ezekiel set as a watchman? (33:7)
22. In what does the LORD have no pleasure? (33:11)
23. When do the righteous die? (33:18)
24. When do the wicked live? (33:19)
25. Who would be a shepherd to Israel? (34:11-16)
26. What kind of showers would the LORD send? (34:26)
27. Why was the LORD against Mt. Seir? (35:5, 12-13)
28. What was the LORD going to do for Israel? (36:25-28)
29. What will the heathen know? (36:36-38)
30. Where did the spirit of the LORD set Ezekiel? (37:1)
31. What was Ezekiel to prophesy to the bones? (37:4-6)
32. What was Ezekiel to prophesy to the wind? (37:9)
33. What did the bones represent? (37:11)
34. What did the two sticks becoming one represent? (37:16-22)
35. Who was with Gog that Ezekiel prophesied against? (38:1-6)
36. What will the LORD rain against Gog when he comes against Israel? (38:22)
37. Where will Gog fall? (39:4)
38. How long will it take Israel to bury Gog? (39:12)
39. What will the LORD pour out on the house of Israel? (39:29)
40. What was the man in the vision doing with the reed? (40:5)