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The Transitus started with Francis entering from the center of the quonset
hut. As he walks to the stage, a short narration of the story of his youth is
recited. Narration is about St. Francis way of life before he became a servant
of God.
And then here comes The Dream. Its an original song composed solely for
transitus that refers to the dream that unveiled St. Francis Mission - his
destiny. The dream was interpreted as a Dance but solemnly choreographed.
The Dream was danced by St. Francis himself partnered with Jovelyn
Evarretta who acted as Lady Poverty.
After this, an entrance song entitled Come Build my Church was played and
St. Francis and the Franciscan Brothers with some of the back-up casts
danced to the tune.
After the lively entrance, the curtains closed and there was a short silence to
maintain solemnity of the ceremony. And then a gospel was read.
Climax of the ceremony comes right after the Gospel reading. We will find
Francis lying on his deathbed with both hands and feet wrapped in white
bandage (the flow of this part up to Francis death is the same as last year
the only difference is this ones dubbed in English).
After Francis death, Sister Isabelita tackled about the current issue arising in
the middle east. She played 2 heart-breaking short films about the current
status of Syria. After that, there was a short silence for reflection and white
candles were lighted and blessed by Fr. Nilo, TOR; a Franciscan Priest (Third
Order) as sign of Unified prayer for Peace intended for our dear Christian
brothers and sisters in Syria who are about to be eradicated by the muslim
extremists. After the lighting of candles, everyone were requested to
participate in reciting the Unified Prayer.
After the unified prayer a burial procession was made by the cast while the
tune Francis is Dead was sung by the choir until the whole cast and crew
reached the stage. Then curtains were closed.
A short concluding Message was said by the narrator 1 and the curtains were
opened again revealing the now-living Francis and a more lively tune Francis
is Alive was sung the end