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Executive summary

historical data of the countrys:

Gross Domestic Product

Financial Indicators
Fiscal Accounts
Balance of Payments Accounts
Foreign Debt

Analysis of the countrys

(1) institutions
(2) key political figures
(3) the stability of the government and prospects of the government and
(4) risks posed by external relations,
(5) economic strategy, and (main trade/trading partners)

An assessment of the countrys business environment relative to

the practical issues of labor, labor relations, corruption, infrastructure, ethnic
conflict and cross-border warfare.

Analyze current developments and link to economic consequences

Historical Analysis of Foreign Currency Exchange Rates
This section contains an analysis of the history of the exchange rates of the
currencies for the past 24 months (first/end of month only). Students will present a
summary chart of the history as an appendix. Additionally students will write an
analysis/explanation of significant currency fluctuations/ trends during the last 24month period. Analysis must be support with economic, political or other data