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My name is Natasha Saunders and I go to Frogmore Community College.

I am currently a prefect and

a previous tutor representative within college both of which required me to go through a selection
process. I am now responsible for weekly lunchtime duties, have helped out at younger students
parents evenings and given several parent tours at open evenings as a result of these jobs. I always
take any responsibility Im given within college very seriously. Outside of college I was a member of
a performing arts club called Redz in which I performed at Camberley theatre and learnt a lot of
teamwork and leadership skills. I have also completed my Baden Powell award which is one the
highest awards in guiding. During the 2 years of accomplishing the award I believe I learnt and
refined a variety of skills that will prepare me for future opportunities. Not only this but I am
currently a St Johns Ambulance Cadet and in the process of completing my Duke of Edinburgh
I have taken the traditional core subjects of English and Maths as well as Triple Science which I
started at the beginning of year 9. For my other GCSEs I opted to take Geography, German, Further
Maths, Resistant Materials and I.C.T. I chose to do these subjects because at the time of me choosing
my options I was much undecided about my future career paths. The subjects I chose were not only
some of my most enjoyable but I thought they would keep my options very open for the future and
would provide me with a range of skills. Geography has taught me to be very systematic and
methodical in dealing with evidence and information whilst German has taught me to be more open
minded and to push myself to try new things. Further Maths has I believe really benefited me most in
my normal maths lessons as well as providing me with an extreme challenge to overcome. Further
Maths has required me to focus and has I believe helped me to be faster at learning new things. It has
also taught me more methods and skills to use when solving and answering questions. Resistant
materials has taught me to be more time manageable and has given me experience in individual and
group projects.
I have done very little Work experience as of yet however I have spent time at my mums work during
the half term. When I was there I filled out some financial reports for clients, I also readdressed letters
e.c.t and posted them. It was in my opinion very mundane work and from it I know Im not very
suited to working in an office at a computer all day. I also recently applied for several other jobs
however they all replied back exclaiming I needed to be 16. As of January I will apply for several jobs
as this is something thats important to me.
Outside of College I spend most of my time either involved in the arts whether it be; listening to
music, watching movies, acting or dancing. Each week as mentioned previously I used to attend a
local performing arts club called Redz. It is here I gained a lot of confidence, communication and
group work skills that I use every day. Because of this club I also performed at Camberley Theatre
and acted in several of their productions. I have also completed my Baden Powell award which is one
of the biggest awards in guiding. Throughout the process of completing this award I taught myself to
play the piano to an intermediate level. I also completed a 20km walk for Macmillan charity and
organised several fundraisers for my Baden Powell Adventure. As a St Johns Ambulance Cadet I
have learnt a lot of medical first aid knowledge and have had experience working with the public. In
my DofE I have refined many skills Ive learnt in Geography and will soon have more experiences
and skills e.c.t once Im further down the line of completing it.
In the future I plan to aim very high and get a University degree followed by a well-paid job. I would
eventually like to become a Doctor working either abroad in America or in Canada. To accomplish
this I need all A grade A levels in Chemistry, Biology, Maths and Im in the midst of deciding which
to accompany them with as my choices are either German or Psychology. From there I wish to attend
either Manchester or Bristol University in the UK or a selection of Colleges I have researched in the
U.S. I would also like to do a lot of voluntary work within hospitals such as through St Johns

Ambulance or local surgeries in the next several years to gain even basic skills required for the
profession I wish to join.